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J. Kay, jun. & Company, 1829 - 103 pages

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Page 9 - For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach except they be sent?
Page 64 - SOCIETY. heeded by Presbyterian churches, and they will come forward and take charge of a great host of laborers for the vineyard of the Lord. But suppose now, when they do this, the Congregationalists should say ; " See, the Presbyterians are filling our country with their pupils and friends. They have a great Society, great Seminaries, many Scholarships, and great zeal for Presbyterianism ; and if we wait much longer, they will be too strong for us, and Congregationalism will be driven from the...
Page 94 - Directors competent to decide, if they have no beneficiaries within their limits, whether they should send their surplus funds to the East or to the West, to the North or to the South.
Page 77 - That the churches are as much obligated to pay salaries to those who are preparing for the ministry, as to pay salaries to pastors. " Whenever any man devotes his whole time and talents to the service of any community, at their request, it is obligatory on that community to provide for his support.
Page 62 - And cannot this be said of every good institution which adorns Society, or blesses mankind ? Nay, cannot Christianity itself be abused, and has it not been, to the destruction for time and eternity of millions and millions ? But shall there be no Christianity, because it may be abused ? Shall there be no endowed Academies, Colleges, and Theological Seminaries, because they may be abused?
Page 41 - ... they are rich or poor. Would the Reviewer say, that a church struggling with poverty, and not adequate to maintain its own pastor ; or that an individual in circumstances of indigence, who belongs to any church, should contribute money or labour to help educate the son of a rich member of the church ? This cannot be done ; it ought not to be done.
Page 27 - ... are drawn, described, and urged in a manner which satisfies the most ardent feelings and wishes of my heart. I fully concur with the writer, also, in the directions which he gives, as to the manner in which our spiritual wants are to be supplied. It is true, that our first duty is, to raise our humble and earnest cries to the great Lord of the harvest, that he would multiply the number of laborers; and equally true, that the Christian church is under the highest obligations, while she prays for...
Page 59 - ... their passions or their prejudices are armed against them. What then is to keep the Theological Seminary at Princeton from ultimately turning apostate ? Is it the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church ? How can we any more put our trust in this, than the good people of Scotland could in theirs ? Once, men of God filled nearly all the pulpits in their land ; but what has been the fact for a century past...
Page 63 - To my certain knowledge, it is habitual with those who now hold that office, to recommend to all the young men who go from New England into the boundaries of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian church, to unite with the Presbyteries, and not to hold on upon Congregationalism.
Page 19 - ... made in the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church, to change some important feature in her discipline or doctrines, and that the Directors of the American Education Society were known to think favourably of these changes — what would be the consequence ? We all know how wonderfully interest influences the opinions even of good men, and how prone they are to coincide in sentiment with those on whom they are dependent.

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