Review of England and Wales: in which the hist. events of every town, village, & place are briefly expressed ...

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1849 - 395 pages
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Page 293 - Good friend, for Jesus' sake forbear To dig the dust enclosed here. Blessed be the man that spares these stones And cursed be he that moves my bones.
Page 373 - ... connected with the new town, called Little Yarmouth, by means of a bridge. The old town had walls, and consists of four parallel steeets, and of about 150 narrow cross lanes, called rows. The best dwelling-houses are .situated along the quay, which is considered the finest in the kingdom, having in the centre a noble promenade, planted on each side with trees. The principal buildings are the old church, erected in 1123, and recently restored, several chapels, banks, a town-hall, theatre, assembly-room,...
Page 92 - The church is one of the prebends of St Paul's ; to the dean and chapter of which a certain precinct here belongs, for the probate of wills, and granting administrations.
Page 129 - ... siege, the inhabitants were compelled to pay ten shillings a head, besides a month's pay to the army, to save the town from plunder.
Page 223 - ... one of the most magnificent structures of the kind in the kingdom. It was begun about the year 1750, under the authority of government, and was intended to afford security to vessels in the Downs, that were driven from their moorings by stress of weather, many vessels having been lost for want of this accommodation, especially in the great storm of 1748.
Page 60 - III. by the service of finding a knight armed with plate armour in the king's army, when it should be in the territory of Kidwelly, in Wales.
Page 67 - Infpect:ion, are found to be a fort of white Marble, and lie upon the Surface of the Ground in infinite Numbers, and of all Dimenfions. They are loofe, deD 2 tached tached from any Rock, and, as Dr.
Page 224 - At King's Hill is held what is called the Lawless Court, where, on Wednesday morning after Michaelmas-day, the tenants are bound to appear at the first cock-crowing, and...
Page 233 - Edward III. died of grief for the loss of his heroic son, the Black Prince. Here also died Anne, queen of Richard II., who first taught the English ladies the use of the side-saddle. The palace was repaired by Henry V., who founded three religious houses near it, and in 1497 it was destroyed by fire ; but'Henry VII.
Page 24 - Peter-house is the most ancient, and King's College the noblest foundation in Europe, and the chapel one of the finest pieces of Gothic architecture in the world. CAMERA LUCIDA. Invented by Dr. Hooke, about 1674.— Wood's Ath.

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