Fruits of Enterprize Exhibited in the Travels of Belzoni in Egypt and Nubia: Interspersed with the Observations of a Mother to Her Children

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Harris and Son, 1821 - Egypt - 250 pages

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Page 106 - the inner door is closed up with mud, except a small aperture sufficient for a man to creep through. Within this place sheep are kept at night. Over the door-way there are always some half-broken Egyptian figures, and the two foxes— BERNARD.—Stop, mamma, if you please :— two foxes ! What had foxes to do there ? MRs.
Page 245 - FOR YOUNG PEOPLE, PUBLISHED BY HARRIS AND SON, St. Paul's Church Yard. No. 1. POLAR SCENES exhibited, in the Voyages of Heemskirk and Barenz to the Northern Regions; and in the Adventures of Four Russian Sailors at the Island of
Page 220 - where the canal discharges itself into the lake. The hut was inhabited by a few poor fishermen, and the guide sent one of them for a boat, the only one to be had, but the shabbiest thing imaginable. It was composed of rough pieces of wood scarcely joined, and fastened by four other
Page 197 - believe the sufferings of those who have experienced what it is, are the greatest a human being can sustain. The eyes grow inflamed; the tongue and lips swell; a hollow sound is heard in the ears ; a faintness or languor takes away the power to move; some wandering tears escape from the eyes; the poor sufferer drops on the earth and
Page 39 - je suis perdu.'" as he thought he also should have fallen into the pit; but, on raising his head, he saw at a great distance a glimpse of daylight, towards which he advanced, and thus arrived at a small aperture. He then scraped away some loose sand and stones to widen the place where he came out,
Page 39 - went to give the alarm to the Arabs, who were at the other entrance. Being all concerned for the man who fell to the bottom of the pit, it was their noise Belzoni had heard in the cave. The place by which the interpreter had
Page 245 - Compiled for the Instruction of Youth, and translated from the German of M. CAMPE. Illustrated with thirty-six copper-plate engravings. Price 5s. or 6s. 6d. coloured. 2. THEODORE; or, THE CRUSADERS: a Tale for Youth. By MRS. HOFFLAND, Author of The Son of a Genius, &c. &c. Illustrated with twenty-four Plates,
Page 134 - was so much choked up with large stones, which they could not get out of the passage. Belzoni descended and examined the place, pointing out to them where they might dig, and in the course of an hour there was room enough for him to enter, through a passage that the
Page 77 - the bridge, it pressed only on the middle of the boat. OWEN.—And this slender bridge rested partly on the causeway, partly on the side of the boat, and partly on the centre of it. MRS. A.—On the opposite side of the boat
Page 62 - of an old castle, which stands on the south side of the island, and when he approached them, the women set up a loud scream. A person who was with him, a native of Nubia, could talk their language, and managed to pacify them, but could not entice more than one man

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