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To the Politicians of England I dedicate this little work, which has been written, if not with ability, at least con amore. It matters little who is the Author of the work; there are two reasons why it is secured from illiberal criticism : the first, that it has no tendency towards any party, but treats of the theory, not the “branchingoff lines” (to use a fashionable railway term) of politics; secondly, the Author has gained much public, and not a little private, praise for a Novel, written upon a political question, which consideration sets the Author's

mind at rest.

Perhaps it would have been as well to have said “Political Fame," by a “M.P.” but whether the M.P. would stand for Member of Parliament, or Meddler in Politics, is a query which we will not reveal.

Read my book, Politicians, and believe that it is written in the spirit of sincerity.

Great authors, how I envy ye your toil,
Ye have the labour, but ye have the spoil ;

As the Romans to their warlike nation

Triumphs granted, mine be the ovation,
The lesser triumph, but some laurel bloom
To deck
my brow, and scatter o’er


tomb; And let dear England breathe the Author's name With some small praise accorded to my Fame.

I write no tales of great and startling crimes,
I write no satires on our modern times,
I breathe no names to court the public ear,
But by man's reason guide my own career ;
The Homerides inheriting their name,
Upon one man the many bought their Fame;
Alone I stand, eclipsed by ruling stars,
As little heroes bow to one great Mars.

Then I will write, and dream that I am great ;
Great in that Fame, the Gorgon of my fate.
Then wise men bow before your blushing Muse,
Forgive her* too~the subject that she choose ;
Lords and Commons, hear my Delphic voice,
The glorious theme will sanctify my choice,
As Sybarites disturb not your repose,
Nor blame like them the harshness of a Rose.

* It is more polite to call the Muse her.

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