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especially welcome. Communications to holding about 350 people, with suit. J. Bragg, Hamstead Mount, Hands- able ante-rooms. As a matter of course, worth, Birmingham.

the ladies of the congregation took an

active interest in the project, and as a Bolton.—On Thursday night (April result of their labours a grand bazaar 29) a presentation tea party of a very was held in the Public Hall on Monday, pleasant character was held in the New Tuesday, and Wednesday, the 3rd, 4th, Jerusalem School Rooms, Higher Bridge and 5th inst. The hall was tastefully Street, the occasion being a presentation decorated with flags and flowers, and a hy the younger female members and large company assembled on Monday, at teachers of a beautiful hair-seated rock. three o'clock, the hour fixed for the for ing chair to Mrs. Smith, the wife of the mal opening. The articles offered for minister, and the presentation by the sale were of the usual miscellaneous young men of a tall and beautifully. character, the useful predominating. designed writing desk to the minister, The bazaar was opened by the singing Mr. G. H. Smith. The presentation of a hymn, and after prayer had been was made, on behalf of the young people offered by the minister (Mr. Deans), associated with the place, by Mr. William R. Gunton, Esq., of London, addressed Graham, who spoke of the high appre. the assemblage on the object of ciation, and the sincere and unanimous the bazaar, and the great necessity regard which Mr. Smith has already existing for immediate steps being taken won for himself from all connected with to relieve the scholars and teachers of both school and church. The evening's the school from their present uncomproceedings were rendered additionally fortable position. After urging the agreeable by the presence amongst them friends to be liberal in their purchases, of the Rev. Wm. Westall of Salford, for the business of the day commenced." many years the esteemed minister of This is followed by a description of the this Society, and the reverend gentle. several stalls, the Report concluding man's address, which was partially of a as follows :-“The bazaar was liberally retrospective character, mainly dwelt patronized by all sections in Brightupon the mutual duties of minister and singsea and the surrounding places, congregation. The address was of a who expressed their great satisfaction character calculated both to instruct and with the arrangements made for the delight, and was listened to with evi. comfort of visitors. Each evening selecdent interest. The evening was addi- tions of music, vocal und instrumental, tionally enlivened by various readings were given by the Misses Gunton, Tall

, and songs by Messrs. Firth, Fryer, Parker, Aldous, Day, Riches, Mrs. J. Spencer, Mason and Hargreaves. The Aldous, and Messrs. Adams, á. Went, usual vote of thanks to the chairman A. Bragg, and John Gees. On Tuesday terminated one of the most pleasant and evening hearty votes of thanks were tensuccessful meetings which the Society dered to these ladies and gentlemen, and has had for a long time.

to Mr. Gunton. The result of the effort

was that about £80 was transferred from BRIGHTLINGSEA.—The Colchester Mer. the pockets of the visitors to the boxes cury gives the following account of the of the ladies—a sum exceeding their Bazaar, recently held in this place, in aid highest anticipations. Two of the stalls of the School Building Fund :-“The were cleared to within 48. worth of their friends of the Sunday-school in connec. contents, and the other stalls looked tion with the New Jerusalem Church in desolate." Brightlingsea, having for the past two years found their schoolroom much over- BRISTOL. — This Society has been crowded, recently started a fund for the visited by Mr. Gunton, who delivered, purpose of securing increased accommo- on April 15, a lecture on “Geology and dation. Their first idea was to enlarge Genesis in harmony." A second lecture the present room, which stands behind in explanation of the sin against the Holy the church, but further reflection in- Ghost was delivered the following evenduced them to prefer utilizing a much ing, when it was found necessary to more eligible site bought at the same occupy the larger room of the Oddfellows' time the place of worship was erected. Hall, as the one rented for the occasion They propose to build a room capable of was not large enough ; many of the

people who came to hear the first lecture cism permitted at close, when done in a having failed to gain admission. The good spirit, is very interesting, and is larger hall, which will hold about 300 calculated to improve the tone and people, was comfortably filled on Friday quality of the papers delivered, and to evening, and also Sunday morning and strengthen all. The papers closed on evening, when two sermons were de- March 18th, and the session was brought livered; the first on the “Divinity of to a close by the now “ Annual Social the Word;" the second on the "One God, Assembly, on the evening of Friday, the Creator, manifest in the Lord Jesus." April 2nd, when over forty ladies and Much interest was taken in these lec- gentleman were present. The Secretary, tures and sermons, questions were Mr. Manson, had got up a beautiful asked, and letters written to Mr. Gun- programme of select pieces of music, etc., ton, more especially on the subject of carefully executed on piano, etc., by the atonement. The largest gathering ladies and gentleman of the Society, of people was on Sunday evening. and a most useful session was brought to The large congregation listened with in. a close by a most pleasant entertain. tense interest for two hours, and many ment. loitered behind to ask for more information. After this late hour (8.30) HULL.—The anniversary services of 120 volumes of The Future Life and this Society were held on Sunday, May Spiritual World, and a bundle of Dr. 2nd, when two sermons were preached Bayley's Serinons were sold. These by Mr. G. M. Pulsford of Sheffield. meetings were the most successful ones The subjects discussed were, in the ever held in Bristol, and good missionary morning, “The building of the Lord's service was done ; but the dragon has house (Haggai i. 7, 8); and in the been giving us some work to do since, evening, “Heaven and its Delights” by following us up with its flood each (Ps. xvi. 11). The attendance was good, Friday evening since, debating the sub. and the congregation delighted with jects of atonement and resurrection. We the preacher's clear elucidation of his have been able, however, to hold our subjects. On the Monday evening own, and have made favourable impres- following, the Society's annual tea meet. sions on the mind of strangers who came ing was held, when eighty sat down to to listen. We find Unitarians and tea, provided by the ladies. After tea sceptics as well as the well disposed are a public meeting was held, which was our confederates in these debates ; pro- numerously attended. Speeches suited bably by their being more in the rational to the occasion were made by Mr. plane than those of faith alone. We are Bastow, who was in the chair, Mr. inclined to look upon the interest taken Pulsford, and by several members of the in New Church teaching in this westerly Church. Four members have recently part of England as an indication that been added to the Church, one of whom the Lord is making progress with the has been a preacher in another denomi. New Church, and that there are many nation, and promises to be useful in anxious inquiring minds ripe for the disseminating the doctrines of the New Reed of truth. As yet the Bristol Church. The Society is now looking Society is but feeble, and its subscribing forward to the opening of their new members few, or we should decide to church, which is approaching completion. have these meetings every quarter, both The increase of their members, and the for the increase of our numbers and for interest of all in the work in which they the spreading of the truth to others. are engaged, is a happy prelude to their

entrance on their new habitation, in EDINBURGH.—During the last session which we hope for them increased of the “Edinburgh New Church Recrea- activity and usefulness. The Committee tion Society," a large number of subjects of the Society desire to tender their best on scientific and literary questions have thanks to the friends who have so been introduced by members of the generously contributed to the bazaar, Society, and discussed at their fort which has added £130 to the building nightly meetings. The interest in the fund. Society increases, and its meetings are looked forward to with pleasure. The LONDON Camberwell. – The South Society is open to any one, and the criti. London Press of April 24th gives the fol.

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lowing notice of one of the series of that Mr. Broadfield's services and worth sermons to children : At the New are thus recognised. The names both of Jerusalem (Swedenborgian) Church, the donor and of the artist are at present Flodden Road, Camberwell, on Sun- unknown. The portrait is considered day, the disposition of the congre. very satisfactory and is well executed; gation presented a somewhat novel as- it is placed in the vestry of the Church, pect, the whole of the front seats being and will doubtless be viewed with in. occupied by children, on whose behalf terest by visitors to Manchester on the the ordinary occupants of those sittings occasion of the Meeting of Conference in were temporarily dispossessed. The August next. occasion was the delivery of a sermon, addressed especially to the young-a St. HELIERS, JERSEY.—The New practice which is gradually being adopted Church continues to make most satis. in almost all religious bodies--the pre. factory progress under Mr. E. M. sent being the third of such discourses Pulsford, a gentleman who has proved preached in this place of worship. The himself eminently well qualified to lead theme selected by the preacher (Mr. the cause in Jersey. Though slowly, Austin, the minister of the church) was converts are continually being made to the attractive Bible narrative of “The the faith of the New Jerusalem. One Little Captive Maid,” by whose direction of those who have most recently be. Naaman, the Syrian, resorted to the come receivers, has published and prophet Elisha in order to be cured of extensively circulated among the mem. his leprosy.


as the

Mr. Austin paraphrased bers of the Wesleyan body, to which he the simple story in a manner well formerly belonged, a pamphlet giving a calculated to interest his youthful full statement of his reasons for joinhearers, and, while doing so, from time ing the New Church, and adducing to time pointed out, in a quiet but numerous texts from Scripture in sup. effective style, the practical teachings of port of his new views. It was arranged his text. These latter, though urged in in the winter that, as terms suited more especially to the com- weather became favourable, Mr. Pulsprehension of the juniors of the congre- ford should deliver a series of lectures gation, were yet, as the preacher re- at the small town of St. Aubin's. A conmarked, not wholly beneath the con- venient room near the railway station sideration of the seniors. The building was accordingly secured, and Mr. Pulswas very well filled, to which result- ford preached for the first time on Sunespecially in the case of the children—a day afternoon, May 2nd, from the text, lovely spring morning no doubt greatly “ The Kingdom of Heaven is like unto assisted. Another issue gives a similar leaven" (Matt. xiii. 33), to a nunernotice of one of the usual services at this ous and attentive congregation. The church. The public press is thus be- number that attended on the follow come the means of giving extended pub- ing Sunday was still greater, and it is licity to the church and its instructive confidently hoped that the attendance services.

will go on increasing. This effort on

behalf of the Church seems to be viewed MANCHESTER. — Peter Street. - This with great discomposure by certain Society has during the past month been parties at St. Aubin's, who have posted presented with a life-size portrait in oil numerous placards about the town and of its respected and valued friend, John its neighbourhood with the heading Broadfield, Esq. The donor desires thus“ Beware of false prophets." But the to testify his high appreciation of the friends of the New Church are in no eminent virtues of Mr. Broadfield’s pri- wise dismayed at this sign of hostility, vate character, as well as of his services as they believe the chief effect of it will to this Society, and of his warm and be to direct the attention of the publie active interest in all that concerns the to the fact that the New Church docwelfare and progress of the New Church. trines are being preached in the neigh. It is confidently believed that a large bourhood, and to induce many to number of the readers of the Intellectual come whose attention would otherwise Repository will desire to unite with the not have been aroused. Society in its hearty appreciation of this gift, and in its feeling of gratification WIGAN.—The first effort to reduce


the debt upon the schools in connection bazaar, and inspected the school-rooms. with the New Jerusalem Church, War. They expressed themselves highly derington-lane, Wigan, has been made lighted with the general arrangements. by å bazaar of useful and faucy goods There was a tea-party on Thursday evenbeing held in the schoolroom; and ing at the schools, which was numerously thanks to the assistance of several attended. The proceeds of the bazaar friends living near and far, and to the amounted to about £450. countenance given by several ladies liv. ing in Wigan, the attempt to reduce the Rev. T. CHALKLEN.-Sir,- I think debt by the process now so universally it due to Mr. Chalklen-whose feelings adopted in this country, was attended have been severely tried since his with success more than the most san- residence in Jersey, and who is leavguine could have expected. The princi- ing the island, -to make it known, pal room where the bazaar proper was with your permission, that I have held was filled with stalls and tables, had the pleasure of presenting him upon which were displayed fancy and with a testimonial on behalf of many useful goods in great variety, there Jersey friends who honour him, and being in the same room, in addition to sincerely regret his departure. The the usual concomitants of a bazaar, a following is a copy :display of cups on which there were

To the Rev. Thomas Chalklen. views of the New Jerusalem Schools, and a number of bright medals, a re- “SIR,- In the name of many New markably artistically executed floral Church friends, allow me to hand over to painting by Miss Éliza Millard, and you a purse of twenty sovereigns, given, many other attractive articles. Mr. J. firstly, as a proof of our esteem for your Lancaster, ex-M.P. for Wigan, under Christian and manly character while whose auspices the opening ceremony among us; and, secondly, as was conducted, was accompanied by slight compensation for the sale of your the Mayor (Mr. J. Burrows), the Revs. household goods, and consequent loss inJ. Hyde, J. Keeley, and P. Ramage, the curred when coming to us. President of the Bazaar Committee, Mr. “We all unite in affectionate regards J. Johnson, the Treasurer, Mr. R. Mid- for you, and on your now leaving us dlehurst, and the Secretary, Mr. Thomas wish you God-speed.-Believe me, yours Lowe. The proceedings were com- faithfully,

F. TENNYSON." menced with the singing of the hymn, “Help us to help each other,” at the GENERAL CONFERENCE.— The Secre. conclusion of which prayer was offered tary announces that Applications and up by the Rev. P. Ramage. Addresses Notices of Motion intended for insertion were delivered by Rev. J. Hyde, the in the yearly circular, must be in his Mayor (who said

“ he had heard from hands not later than Monday, the 14th various sources of the large amount of of June. Applications for Societies to be good which had been accomplished by received into connection with Conthe schools,") and Mr. Lancaster, who in ference, and for ordination of ministers, the course of his address, said :

are specially included in this require“Labour, when properly applied, was ment: also such Notices of Motion as never cast away. He regretted that the contemplate alterations in the Rules. debt was so large, but at the same time those connected with the schools had

Birth. shown great courage in adapting themselves to such a large expenditure. He

On April 25th, at 128, The Grove, hoped that they would be rewarded, and Camberwell

, S.E., Mrs. Charles Higham, that they would have the consolation of of a son. knowing they had worked out a scheme for a noble end. He thanked his Wor.

Obituary. ship the Mayor for his countenance and Departed this life, on the 8th of April, presence, and said he felt sure it would at Brightlingsea, in the 78th year of his give satisfaction to the town at large.' age, Mr. Shadrach Martin. Deceased

During the day Thomas Knowles, first joined the New Church Society in Esq., M.P., accompanied by the Mayor the year 1816, and from that time was and Mr. Ralph Darlington, visited the ever an admirer of the doctrines of the New Dispensation. Intellectually dis. ly that all the efforts of medical skill cerning the truth, beauty, and reality of were fruitless, and he died on Friday a brighter and purer life beyond, he morning, in the 41st year of his age, enjoyed a perfect resignation to the will deservedly regretted by all who had of“the Lord. He was for a long time a the pleasure of his acqaintance. He member of the committee, and trea. was a native of Radclitfe, and was a surer for the sacramental fund, and ever member of the firm of Messrs. James willing to perform any office for the Heywood and Sons, with which he was benefit and advancement of the New connected for upwards of twenty years, Church. The immediate cause of death and was, in fact, the principal working was an apoplectic fit; he retired to rest partner. He was also a member of the in his usual state of health (which Whitefield Local Board, and at the owing to his advanced years was not very time of the failure of the Radeliffe and good), and a short time after he was Pilkington Loan and Investment Com. taken and expired almost before his pany he was appointed one of the liqui: loving partner could summon assistance. dators of its affairs. To this task be He has left a large family, all of whom devoted a great deal of time and energy, have grown up receivers of the truth of and it was mainly through his indoni. the Heavenly Doctrines of the New table perseverance that the handsome Jerusalem. A discourse relative to his dividends, amounting in all to 13s. Ad. death was delivered by Mr. Deans on in the pound, were secured to the de. Sunday, 18th April, from the words positors. Independently of the many “Be ye also ready, for in such an hour other claims which he had upon the as ye think not the Son of Man cometh. gratitude of his fellow townspeople

, for The Bury Times of May the 8th these achievements alone his name de. gives the following notice of an esteemed serves to be perpetuated. He was member of the Society of the New warm-hearted, generous benefactor, a Church, at Stand Lane, Radcliffe. Mr. strict and consistent teetotaller, a true Ellerbeck was a member of the Com- friend, and a thorough Christian. In mittee, and at the time of his death was demeanour he was genial, kind, and ex: also one of the deacons. On Tues- ceedingly courteous towards all, and his day the remains of Mr. Richard Brown gentlemanly manner and ever-present Ellerbeck, of Blackburn Street, Rad- desire to exercise charity and do good in clitfe, were interred in the burial-ground all things had endeared him to the attached to the New Jerusalem Church, hearts of a wide circle of sorrowing rela. Stand Lane. Just a week previous he tives and acquaintances. With Mr. appeared to be in his usually good health, Ellerbeck life was not a state of rest, but but he was seized with a violent attack of of incessant occupation, a continual diarrhæa, under which he sank so rapid. circulation of action and being."


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