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inspired, and to contain a spiritual must be in the nature of the human

The third of our leading doc. mind a diversity of faith so long as there trines is " The doctrine of Faith ; "and is a fragmentary culture.” We think the fourth is “The doctrine of Life.' there is need for all the churches that at But the creed of the New Church is con- present exist, and among others for the tained in the five Articles already given, New Church. Men will never be united and relate only to the acknowledgment in point of faith-they can only be one of the Lord Jesus Christ and to the con- in life. In life the Church of the Lord duct of life. Whether it be true or is one ; in life we are all brethren ; in false, we hold that, in consequence of life we illustrate the law of all naturethe loss of faith in the sole Divinity of variety in unity : and our benediction the Lord Jesus Christ, the first Chris- falls, like sunshine and rain, upon the tian Church has come to an end ; that good and the evil alike. a new Church has been established, The Rev. Dr. Tafel then offered up which holds, as its central doctrine, prayer. that the Lord Jesus Christ is the one The hymn, and only God—the Divine Father of in

“ The Church's one foundation finite love, the Divine Son of infinite

Is Jesus Christ the Lord." wisdom, and the Divine Spirit in His in- was then sung, after which the Benedic. finite proceeding, and that He is thereby tion was pronounced, and the assembly the one God, and the only Object of adjourned to the school-room in Sum. Christian worship. Round this doctrine mer Lane to tea, and for the evening we believe a new Church is being aggre- meeting. The room was most beautigated, and upon this fact, as a starting- fully decorated with ferns and flowering point, we believe that it will continue plants, and the tea-tables with cut for ever. The doctrine that there is but flowers. one God, and that this God is Jesus After tea the company adjourned into Christ, fed the hunger of the world the church, where organ music and eighteen centuries ago. It was new, anthems delighted the very numerous substantial, satisfying, ennobling; then audience, while the large room was reit was obscured by theologians, and arranged for the meeting. gradually faded out. And then history Mr. R. R. Rodgers occupied the chair

, repeats itself on a higher plane of and spoke of the happy events of the thought, and the faith is revived that day in a pleasant manner, offering much sees in the Lord Jesus our beautiful good counsel, and expressing many All-Father, descending to reveal Him. hopes for the future, when the Society self to the sensuous understanding of should assemble for worship in its new

Unencumbered by mediæval church. tradition, a New Church begins holding Mr. J. W. Tonks followed, in an able up this ancient, this newly-opened and eloquent speech. Dr. Tafel then tenet-a God not unknown and imper. addressed the meeting at considerable sonal, but known and personal, visible length upon the newness of the Church, for ever to heart, to hope, to reason, and especially opening out, in his earnest and conscience—God in Christ recon- and clear manner, the doctrine of the ciling the world unto Himself. Next Divinity of the Lord. His address was to the doctrine of the Lord comes listened to with the most perfect attenthe doctrine of life. If we have truth to tion, and a number of strangers to our tell, we do not forget the poet's warning, views who were present expressed them“Think not wine the better because selves deeply interested. drawn or served by thee.” Our mission Mr. J. Bragg having briefly spoken is to be of use, to do good, and to favour upon Foundation stones " and their all movements calculated to reform and correspondence, and some resolutions of regenerate society. In coming into a thanks—first to those friends who, in new neighbourhood, our mission is addition to their contributions to the wholly one of peace and good-will. In Building Fund, have given stained-glass offering light, we shall be wilfully windows; next to Mr. Bluore, the conhostile to no one ; but if the light should tractor, who at his own expense is facing happen to discover flaws, we must beg the tower and front of the church with our friends neither to blame the light Hamstead stone ; and next to Dr. Tafel, nor the giver. “We believe that there for his very acceptable services both


during the day and on the previous Charity,” were sent by post to all the Sunday, the Benediction brought to a leading public men, including clergy, conclusion one of the most interesting town councillors, dock board, &c. They and numerously attended assemblies of believe the effect has been to make the the Birmingham New Church Society name of Swedenborg more respected, ever held.

and the doctrines he taught more tole

rated. The Committee think that if the CLAYTON-LE-MOORS.-Whit Monday last-mentioned book could be largely is always a great day at Clayton-le- distributed over the country, it would Moors, for on that day the various Sun- act powerfully for the good of the day-schools of the township walk in Church. procession through the streets, and considerable interest is evinced by the in- LONDON (Argyle Square).-The an.' habitants in their proceedings. As it is nual meeting of the Mutual Improve also "The Fair,"and the weather this year ment Society was held in the Schoolwas exceedingly fine, thousands from the room on Friday evening, June 11th. surrounding country flocked to the neigh- Tea was provided at six o'clock ; and at bourhood to spend the day. By seven seven the chair was taken by the Rev. o'clock the township was fully awakened, J. Presland. The Reports of the Secand all seemed bent on making the most retary, Treasurer, Librarian, and the of the auspicious day. At such a time the Secretaries of the Theological and EloNew Church is not behindhand. For se- cution Classes were read and adopted. veral Sundays previous to the day two of Cordial votes of thanks were passed to the teachers had bestowed much time and the late Secretary, Mr. Gregory (now care in teaching the scholars to sing the residing at Newcastle), and the retiring hymus commencing. “ None is like Treasurer; also, to the Church ComJeshurun's God,” " . There is a land of mittee, for the use of the rooms; and pure delight,” and “Oh, may I find a last, but not least, to the President of home," as it is customary for each Sunday- the Society, the Rev. John Presland. school to sing at the residences of some In the course of remarks upon the past of its prominent members. Our pro- operations of the Society, special attencession, to the number of 240, left the tion was directed to the value of the school at 9.30, headed by the Enfield Monday evening Theological Class, and Brass Band, before which walked Dr. the desirableness of the members and Pilkington, Mr. Tansley, and the Rev. P. friends of the Society taking advantage Ramage, who had kindly come over from of its lectures, readings, and conversaKersley to take part in the proceedings. tions. This class was most ably con. They marched through the streets of the ducted for some time by Mr. Skelton town, singing at four different places, (of Camberwell), and is now in the and then back again to school, where hands of Mr. Keene, whose name is they were refreshed by a plentiful supply sufficient to recommend it. Two new of coffee and buns. The rest of the day members of the Society were elected, and was spent in recreation, which all seemed the Committee and Officers for the en

suing year. Mr. Hyde was elected

Secretary, and Mr. Durham, Treasurer. LIVERPOOL.—A Committee which was The business having been disposed of formed for the purpose of sending the soon after eight o'clock, a lecture was works of Swedenborg to the leading men delivered by the Rev. J. Presland, enof the town, having joined the Local Com- titled, “Poetry and Parody." The mittee of the Auxiliary New Church Lon- lecturer read several humorous parodies don Missionary Society, they wish to on some of the well-known poems of make known what has been done, in the Wordsworth, Longfellow, Tennyson, hope that they may induce the Societies and others, and caused incessant amusein other towns to engage in the same ment and laughter. The meeting work. A few years ago a copy of the “Fu- throughout was very enjoyable, and ture Life” was sent to each Protestant closed at half-past nine. clergyman; then six tracts on the most important doctrinal subjects were sent LONDON (Palace Gardens Church). — to the same; and in 1874-5, 800 copies Two organ recitals were given in this of the small edition of "The New Jeru- church by Mr. King Hall, the first on salem and the Heavenly Doctrine and Tuesday evening, May 25th, the second

to enjoy



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on Tuesday evening, June 8th. The Efforts have been made, during this course performance consisted of choice of years ; talented ministers have preach. and varied selection from the works ed; advertised lectures, many and vari. of the best composers, which were most ous, have been given, and tracts have excellently executed, and elicited from been, from time to time, numerously cirthe audience expressions of great plea- culated, yet the visible effects are almost

nil. We believe we are not singular

in our experience ; but, if not, we have NEWCASTLE - UPON - TYNE. - New all the more reason for asking, How is Bridge Street, late Percy Street.—The this? Have we missed our aim by New Church Society in this town hav. mistaking the means to effect it? Is ing recently sold their Temple in Percy there a more acceptable way which is Street, now assemble for worship in one hidden from our ken ; or, are we striv. of the Halls of the Mechanics' Institute, ing after the unattainable in the present in New Bridge Street, under the leader state of the world ! These are moship of Mr. Henry M‘Lagan. The So- mentous questions, especially to us in ciety, in February last, inaugurated the our transition state. It were well if opening of their new place of meeting by they could be satisfactorily answered, a course of lectures on some of the pro. for it is not good that we should spend minent features of New Church theo. our strength for nought and in vain. logy, which were publicly announced by Thomas RIDDELL, Secretary. hand-bills, and, the Institute being in a central position, there was a marked NEWCASTLE-ON-TYNE- Nun Street. improvement in the attendance. It is -On Whit Monday about forty mem. intended to build a new place of wor: bers and friends of this Society made a ship in a more eligible part of the town, pleasant excursion to Whitley and Cul. when a suitable site and sufficient lercoats, where they took tea, and enmeans are procured. In the meantime, joyed the afternoon, some from the with the view of gathering together the neighbourhood joining them. By ar. members and friends of the Church, and rangement a service was held in the promoting mutual sympathy and good evening in the open air. The weather will amongst them, a social soiree was was very fine, and the scenery beautiful. held on Wednesday, the 19th of May Many visitors and a good number of last, when about ninety sat down to fishermen assembled. A lecture was tea, which was kindly presided over by delivered by the Rev. W. Ray on the several ladies of the congregation, great questions — “Who is the Re. After tea, the meeting, then consider. deemer? “What is Redemption?" ably increased in numbers, was ad- and “When can a man be said to be dressed by the Leader and others, in saved ?" The discourse was based upon illustration of the leading doctrines of Psa. cxxxvi. 1, &c.,"O give thanksunto the New Dispensation. The addresses the Lord of lords, who hath remembered us were interspersed by music, harmoni. in our low estate, and redeemed us from ously rendered by several talented the hand of our enemies, because His members of the Society and their friends, mercy endureth for ever. The attend and, altogether, a pleasant and enjoy- ance was excellent, and unabated atten. able evening was spent. The Society tion was manifest for nearly an hour. here is somewhat isolated, and the mem- The singing was good, many of the bers have few opportunities of meeting Primitive Methodists and others joining, with New Churchmen from places more hymn-books having been brought for favourably circumstanced, who might the occasion. At the close several came influence them for good by their sym- forward to solicit information. One pathy and advice, but they are fully gentleman (a preacher) commenced a alive to their responsibilities, and of discussion, which lasted a considerable their duty to spread a knowledge of the time, during which the numbers in. glorious truths of the Church amongst creased, his subjects being, “ Justifica. the inhabitants of this populous town, tion by faith alone,"A Trinity of the most of whom are ignorant of their Persons in the Godhead," “ The medi. import. This Society has been in ex. ation of Christ between God and us," istence here for upwards of fifty years, and especially the personality of the yet the most lamentable ignorance pre- Holy Ghost. In the estimation of nearly vails as to its principles and its aims. the entire audience these difficulties

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seemed to be cleared up by the lecturer. and commodious Church as successful He announced himself to preach on the as possible. It is their earnest hope, following Sunday at the same place. and they are doing their utmost at preTracts were offered to any who desired sent to realize the hope, to raise at least further information on the New Church £250 by collections at these services, doctrines, and Mr. Ray's promise to which will not be impossible if they rerepeat his services was received with ceive that help from the friends of the much satisfaction.

New Church which they expect, and

which their earnest and self-denying RAMSBOTTOM.— The Society in this labour deserves. town has been favoured with a visit from the Rev. P. Ramage, who preached RHODES.—The sermons on behalf of their annual Charity Sermons on Sun. the Sunday - school at Rhodes were day, May 9th, in the Co-operative Hall, preached on Sunday, May 2nd, by Mr. to large and appreciative audiences. It J. R. Boyle. The subject of discourse is gratifying to report that the preacher's in the afternoon was the Transfiguration eloquent discourses gave much satis- of our Lord before His three Disciples, faction to the general public, and espe- Peter, James, and John; and in the even. cially to persons belonging to various ing, the Angel standing in the sun and denominations in the town, who were calling to the fowls of Heaven to come to present at the services. That there is a the Supper of the great God. The ser. good feeling existing among the different mons were clear and impressive, and religious bodies here is shown in the fact were well received, both by the friends of that for some years past there has been å the school and the strangers who were manifest desire to help each other on present at both services. The church in these annual occasions by securing large the evening was crowded to overflowing. audiences and good collections. A very The children, assisted by the choir, successful scholars' service was also held under the leadership of Mr. R. Clarkson, in the morning of the same day, when who conducted the singing, and Mr. G. Mr. Jonathan Robinson delivered an ap- H. Briggs, who presided at the organ, propriate address to teachers, scholars, sung some very beautiful hymns and parents, and friends. This service gives anthems with very pleasing effect and an opportunity for the little people to good taste. The collections amounted contribute their offering, which they to over £26, of which sum the teachers always do with a pleasure and an eager- and scholars contributed £10, 14s. ness delightful to witness. The collections of the day amounted to £48, 10s., WORSLEY, near Manchester. - The a sum rather below that of the previous Eccles Journal of June 5th gives a year, owing, no doubt, to the great de- lengthened report of a soiree held in mand there is upon the Society by the the new school-room, in aid of the expense incurred in the erection of their Building Fund, from which we make new church and schools. These new the following extract :-" The Chairbuildings are now near completion, the man, Mr. Thomas Mackereth, F.R.A.S., opening services being arranged to take in opening the proceedings, gave a brief place on Wednesday, the 4th of August, sketch of the rise and progress of the when the Rev. Dr. Bayley, and the Rev. New Jerusalem Church at Worsley. R. Storry will officiate at the dedication He said he had been connected with the of the church. Other services will fol. little society for the past sixteen years, low, particulars of which will be duly and during that time he had watched announced on the wrapper of the In- with anxiety and interest its gradual tellectual Repository. As these services and steady progress. The Society was will take place on the Sunday before and instituted, he believed, at the close of the Sunday after the approaching Con- the last century-about the year 1780 ference session, it will give great en- — by the good and revered Rev. John couragement to the Society if members Clowes, M.A., Rector for sixty-two of the Conference will avail themselves years of St. John's Church, Manchester ; of the opportunity of visiting Rams- who at that time became a believer bottom, which is at an easy distance in the doctrines of Emanuel Sweden. from Manchester, and assist them to borg, the result being a strong desire to make the opening of their beautiful spread a knowledge of these doctrines wherever he had an opportunity. The the loan of the room. The number of good man made no secret of his dis scholars still increased, and at length it covery, and his name was soon blazed was found to be inconvenient for the about Manchester as a Swedenborgian. work, and an effort was made to emGreat curiosity was excited, and his bellish the chapel and raise funds for a house was frequented with people seek- new building at the rear of the chapel ing information. Societies began to be for Sunday school purposes. An organ formed in the neighbouring towns and was also purchased, costing £150. That villages for the study of the new doc. was paid for. A determined effort was trines, and a number of friends wel. again made to carry out the idea recomed him to the village of Worsley. ferred to, namely, to erect a commodious At that time a small number of sincere school-room, and he was proud to state, minds assembled together to listen to willing hands set to work, and that was the then new doctrines propounded by the room in which they were assembled, Mr. Clowes in a small room near the built at a cost of £500, of which, church. He (the speaker) remembered he was thankful to inform them, £440 some twenty-six years ago preaching in had been paid, leaving about £60 to be that room-which was more like a cosy provided for. Their efforts that even. little parlour—for the first time to a ing were to raise a sum of £10 to help few people. The last time he preached to wipe off the remaining debt, and, there, there was a gentleman present, from the large numbers that had so Mr. William Clarke-who also worked kindly come forward with their prewith an earnestness in the highest de. sence and support, he was confident gree commendable to further the new their aim would be accomplished. He doctrine and its teachings. Mr. Clarke and his friends had every reason to be informed him that they were about to grateful for the support accorded, and form a Sunday-school, the same being hoped they would all during the evennow used as a place of worship. The ing enjoy themselves by appreciating the work was commenced with a true Chris. programme that had been drawn up for tian zeal, and cost between £200 and their edification." £300. The good work, so well begun, The evening was spent with musie presently became a delight ; the friends and recitations of a high order of excel. engaged in the accomplishment of the lence. An address was also given by work felt that what they were achieving the Rev. W. Westall, who narrated was to bring people to a knowledge of many evidences of progress in the the truth as it was shadowed forth by Church. The evening passed pleasantly Swedenborg, the author of a profound away, and appeared to yield enjoyment and original philosophy, who proved to the numerous assembly. that wherever there is love and wisdom, there is God; wherever there is love, GENERAL CONFERENCE.—The Secrethere is Jesus; wherever there is wisdom, tary announces that the yearly Circulars, there is Christ; whoever loves good together with the copies of “ Queries ness, loves Jesus. When he came to and Forms,” were sent to the several reside in Eccles, a number of the friends Societies on the 25th of June. If, in at Worsley requested him (Mr. Macker. any case, they have failed to reach their eth) to give his services to assist the destination, he will be glad to be in

He complied with the request, formed at once. All applications and and commenced a service, his hearers notices of motion intended to be laid not numbering more than ten or fifteen before the ensuing Session must be in adult people. God prospered their the Secretary's hands not later than the small beginning, and their numbers 12th of July, or they cannot be included became too many for the size of the in the “Statement of Business" which room. They then determined to erect a will be prepared for the August number Sunday-school, which had since been of The Intellectual Repository. converted into a place of worship. For All Ministers and Representatives in. that purpose a sum of £350 was raised tending to be present at the next Conamongst themselves. After accom- ference, are respectfully requested to plishing that, the Guardians were ap- communicate with Mr. Broadfield, Cheetplied to for the use of a room for a Sun- wood, near Manchester, as early as posday school ; the request was complied sible, so that the necessary arrangements with, and they were deeply thankful for may be made for their accommodation.


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