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vigorous, and constant opposition to these outrageous claims, an opposition which stoutly asserted its own orthodoxy, which always caused itself to be respected, and which even sometimes gained the upper hand; now, in this nineteenth century of ours, and while it is growing old, this same opposition has been put out of court, and judicially extinguished within the Papal Church, by the recent Decrees of the Vatican. And it is impossible for persons accepting those decrees justly to complain, when such documents are subjected in good faith to a strict examination as respects their compatibility with civil right and the obedience of subjects.” In support of this statement eighteen propositions are given from the Encyclical and Syllabus of Pius IX., the original passages being given in the Appendix.

The publication of this work has created, as was perhaps to be expected, an intense commotion among the adherents of the Papacy. Archbishop Manning, Mon. Capel, and several of the bishops and dignified clergy, have issued replies. Lay members have also taken part in the defence, several expressing their dissent from the modern developments of Papal doctrine. The questions raised have also been extensively discussed by the public press, the pretensions of this modern Babylon being brought into more prominent remembrance than usual, and with consequences which cannot fail to be beneficial.

SCIENCE AND RELIGION.—Among the learn that the lecture, which has been various replies which have been elicited very extensively reported by the news. by the Address of Professor Tyndall to papers of the localities in which it has the last meeting of the British Associa- been delivered, and which has been tion for the Promotion of Science, held highly praised by them, has been deat Belfast, one prepared by the Rev. livered at Bradford, Leeds, Bolton, John Hyde of Manchester has been Failsworth, Accrington, Chester, Prescreating considerable impression in ton, and Derby, one of the Preston Lancashire. Immediately after the papers devoting two columns, and andelivery of the address, Mr. Hyde other nearly two columns, to the report. announced a discourse on the subject Many persons have expressed gratitude “Science and Religion,” to be delivered to various friends that the philosophy on a Sunday morning in the Peter of the New Church supplies so satisfacStreet Church, Manchester. The dis- tory a series of reasons for the common course was reported at some length in faith of all believers in Revealed Rethe leading Manchester journal, The ligion. We understand that the lecturer Examiner and Times. Mr. Hyde sub- has been repeatedly urged to allow the sequently developed the discourse into a lecture to be published, but that he has lecture, reviewing from the standpoint of declined, on the ground that the arguNew Church philosophy the objections ments contained therein are already of Professor Tyndall. * In this lecture he published in the work, Character: its sought to show that all such objections Elements and Development, which has leave religion a matter of the recently appeared. emotions, as a principle of life, and as a power in the human soul-totally un. “SUPERNATURAL RELIGION."- The touched ; that such objections do not appearance of the work Supernatural disturb the solid bases on which Natural Religion, and the comments which it Theology rests, that they do not banish has elicited, have been deemed by the God out of the world ; that they do not Peter Street Society, Manchester, to shake the foundations of Revealed Theo- afford a favourable opportunity for prelogy ; that all knowledge concerning senting to the public the New Church science may be eagerly welcomed by the teachings upon subjects involved in Christian believer as showing creative the contentions of that book. Accord. processes, as illustrating modes of Divine ingly a series of four discourses was operation, and as throwing valuable advertised to be delivered by the minislight on the proper method of interpret- ter of that Society, Mr Hyde, on the ing scripture ; that all that modern following subjects : “Man's wants as an science shakes is modern and current immortal-i.e. supernatural-being ;" interpretations of the Bible, leaving the “Jesus Christ "God manifest in the Bible intact and unassailable. We flesh;'” “The Lord's miracles illustra.




tive rather than evidential of His AUSTRIA.— We have received a cir. work ;” “Christ born, Christ crucified, cular from our brethren at Vienna of Christ risen, Christ glorified.” The which the following is a translation :line of argument pursued by the preacher “Beloved Brethren and Sisters in the in the course was, that there is an over. New Church, -For the development whelming balance of proof in favour of and strengthening of the New Church man's immortality ; that if man is im. on the Continent it would be most im. mortal, his paramount want is a revela- portant and useful if the numerous tion from God; that if immortal, man Society of the New Church in Vienna, is supernatural, and the supernatural which has a minister in its midst, were being thus a fact, supernatural revela- to obtain recognition as a Church. tion addressed to this supernatural If, on the one hand, this Society could creature is not only not impossible, but fulfil all the requirements of the State supremely probable ; that the revelation with regard to Churches, yet, on the needed was not only from God but the other hand, it is wanting in almost every revelation of God, and that God has respect in material means, without met this want by having revealed or which no recognition as a Church can “manifested” Himself in the Person be obtained, and even the existence of of Jesus Christ ; that the miracles our Society is in danger. As regards wrought by the Saviour illustrated His the means of the Society 1600 fl. were abiding and universal work rather than bequeathed to it in the month of furnished evidences of His Divine mis. November 1873 by Mr. Peter Smetana, sion ; that therefore the position as- who passed into the other world at the signed to the miracles by divines of the beginning of this year. To this chief Anglican communion was erroneous, capital is to be added a fund of 368 fi. and, consequently, the attack on that founded by voluntary subscriptions of position by the author of " Supernatural some members of the Society: These Religion missed its object, and left two funds are according to the wishes Christianity unassailed ; and the last of the founders to be used only for the discourse of the series was an attempt building or purchase of a house which to present a broad and comprehensive shall serve as a meeting-house. The view of what the Gospels declare con- means of the Society are, as may easily cerning th birth, sufferings, death, be seen from the above, too small to exeresurrection, ascension and glorification cute such a plan. The members of the of the Humanity which God had assumed Society will certainly do their utmost. and made perfect, apart from all glosses, As yet 400 f. have been already received metaphysical notions, theories of har- by means of subscription from some of the mony, and other superadditions. The members. We are sorry to say that our preacher urged that the evidence in Society cannot attain the end 'it has in favour of the resurrection of the Saviour view, as most of its members are without was overwhelmingly sufficient, and in means. Only by the help of our distant establishing this the greatest of all the friends could, at a time perhaps not far miracles, all others of His miracles, as distant, the building so necessary for us well as the miracle of the incarnation, be in the possession of the Society. The were constructively established and founders of the fund we have mentioned sufficiently proved. He contended that, hope, certainly not in vain, that the inasmuch as it is a certain fact that man friends of the New Church from far and was once brought into existence without near will, when they know this, follow the instrumentality of either a human their example. Great pleasure every father or a human mother, it cannot be one will certainly feel who can say, 'Í styled impossible that a Divine human too have contributed means for the buildbeing should have been born into the ing, etc., of the Vienna Meeting-House, world without the instrumentality of a by which the existence of the Society is human father; and that this was the ensured.' We fervently urge all our claim which the Gospels made for the brothers and sisters to increase the fund humanity of Jesus, the Christ,” the of which we have been speaking. Let Anointed Humanity that “came forth people think that in this manner great and proceeded from God.” The series service may be rendered to the New of discourses appeared to deeply impress Church of the Lord. ---By decision of the the numerous and intelligent audiences General Meeting of the Society of the which listened to them.

New Church in Vienna in October 1874.

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- PEISKER, Minister ; NEUMAYER, be made to the ministers of all denomi. Chairman, MITTERMULLER, Treasurer; nations throughout Victoria, Australia. MARESCH, Secretary.

For this purpose Mr. Speirs has received N.B. - Any subscriptions will be through the Colporteur of the Melbourne received with thanks ; (1) by the Chair. Society a first order for copies, and man, A. Neumayer, IV. Wieden Haupt- further orders will be given every half strasse No. 47, Vienna ; (2) by the year. That this last and thoroughly Treasurer, Mr. Mittermüller, IX. Alser. comprehensive work of Swedenborg will grund, Spitelauergasse No. 10, Vienna.” by these multifold means reach the most

accessible portion of the ministry of AUSTRALIA.—The Report of the Sixty. other bodies there is little doubt ; as fourth Annual Meeting of the Sweden- even, in answer to the advertisements of borg Society represents Mr. C. W. the Swedenborg Society, applications for Smith as saying that “there was a the work have been received in addition large New Church Society in Melbourne to those from our own islands, from in a highly prosperous condition; there Madagascar, India, Canada, the United was another in Brisbane, Queensland, States, France, Sweden, and even from and there would be one at Adelaide." A Melbourne itself, which is now undercorrespondent residing in Adelaide thinks taking its own share of this estimable that Mr. Smith must have made some work. The offer has revealed a large mistake in the names of places in this amount of sympathy for, and an acremote region. There has been a Society guaintance (imperfect though it shows in Adelaide for over twenty-six years. itself to be) with, our doctrines which Indeed, the Adelaide Society was the cannot but be gratifying to us; and first formed Society in the Southern without doubt the present wide disHemisphere, and within the last three semination of this work must tend to years has built its second place of correct the erroneous views and dispel worship, a neat little Gothic Church, the prejudice, which have done so much at a cost of nearly £1200, and is only to deter from their more general recep£350 in debt. Our correspondent seems tion. The circumstance of its being a somewhat surprised that the inaccuracy gift made in a most unusual manner, was not at once corrected, and says that, itself proves to applicants that our in his judgment, large and prosperous views are held by earnest men ; makes condition will not apply to any New them more eager to learn what they are, Church Society on this side of the and helps to secure for them all we in globe."

the first instance can desire-an im.

partial consideration. MELBOURNE, VICTORIA.-It is pleasant to learn that the great work inaugurated LONDON—New Church College. -Our in America about a couple of years ago, friends will be glad to learn that success and which still continues there, of continues to attend this Institution, offering to furnish copies of the True and that, with increased numbers, the Christian Religion gratuitously to all school is assuming a more New Church clergymen and ministers sufficiently character. Of the forty-one pupils now interested to apply for the work, has set attending twenty-five are the sons of an example which is encircling the globe. New Church parents, and are regularly A good example is never without in- instructed in the catechism and other fluence ; but the alacrity with which it forms of doctrine. The boarders, of has in this case been followed in other whom there are ten, have the additional countries---first in Germany and after- advantage of attendance at our Sunday wards in Great Britain--shows that not school. As a step towards the enlargeonly the example but the method have ment of secular operations, evening met with general approval. The last lectures on science and art have been instance in which it has been adopted sanctioned. These are efficiently conis in Australia, where a gentleman who ducted by Mr. Calmady Richardson has from time to time shown his devo. (a duly qualified lecturer), and are well tion to the cause by many large donations attended. The great desirableness of to institutions ofthe New Church here, has establishing similar classes has long determined that a similar offer of gratis been felt. With rooms admirably copies of the True Christian Religion shall adapted for such purposes, with almost

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every needful appurtenance, and situated that eateth will have everlasting life.” where such services would be eminently Man hath a spiritual as well as a natural useful, it is hoped that all the members body, and both require nourishment. of the Church will do something by The spiritual body has to be nourished kindly suggesting, recommending, or with spiritual bread, which is truth otherwise assisting this scheme for in- from the Word, and this leads him into creasing the advantages that the College the affection of good ; and there is no may and ought to be the means of con- doubt but a good life is absolutely ferring upon many. Those who have necessary in order to attain salvation. this matter most at heart look upon the In the evening, Mr. Potts selected as his prosecution of this idea as an advance text John iii. 19-21—" And this is the towards the introduction of other classes condemnation, that light is come into for day-students, and the fuller working the world, and men loved darkness of one department after another, till the rather than light, because their deeds. Institution truly justify its appellation ; were evil,” &c. From this text the and, from the excellence and high rev. gentleman showed how important principle manifested in the results light is for our advancement, and if we attained, prove itself worthy of the faithfully use it it will lead us to virtue New Church in the estimation of all. and happiness ; but warned those hear

ing him that this very light might be a ALLOA.-At the annual meeting of great curse to them if it was either the New Church Societies in Scotland, ridiculed or ignored. There was a good held in Edinburgh on the 22nd October attendance in the forenoon, and in the last, it was resolved, as stated in our last evening the beautiful and comfortable number, to form a Union of the Societies place of worship was filled to the door of Glasgow, Paisley, Edinburgh, Alloa, by a highly gratified audience. We and Dunfermline, associated with the could have wished that one hundred isolated receivers of New Church doc- times the number had heard the remarks trines, to be called “The Scottish As- of the preacher in the evening, they sociation of the New Church,” having were so truthful, and at the same time for its object the spread of the Heavenly so plain, that any one of the least Doctrines of the New Jerusalem, by capacity could have had no difficulty in means of Lectures and Missions in the understanding them. leading towns throughout Scotland, and also by any other means which may BACUP.-One of the great questions seem suitable, to create an interest in of the day amongst theologians is that the Doctrines of the New Church. A of the immortality of the soul. The committee was appointed to carry out subject is being discussed all over the the views of the meeting. Its first country, but perhaps nowhere with measure was to adopt a scheme whereby, greater warmth than in the valley of during the ensuing winter, Ministers and Rossendale. Rather over two months Leaders of already formed Societies will since a Baptist minister in Bacup exchange pulpits and make missionary delivered a lecture, setting forth the visits to isolated receivers. In accord doctrine that the soul of man is not in ance with the above resolution, the itself immortal, that it dies and is pastors of the churches in the places men- buried with the body, that at the Resurtioned exchanged pulpits on Sabbath rection day the souls and bodies of all last. Mr Drysdale, Alloa, occupied the men will be raised, that then God will pulpit in Paisley; and Mr. Potts, endow those “who believe in Jesus Cathedral Street Church, Glasgow, Christ” with immortality, but will cast officiated in Alloa. In the forenoon Mr. the unbelieving into hell, where they Potts chose for his text Matt. iv. 4— will be punished for their former sins “Thou shalt not live by bread alone, and then annihilated. This lecture has but by every word that proceedeth out caused an extraordinary number of reply of the mouth of God." He explained lectures to be delivered in Bacup and that there were two kinds of bread, the neighbouring towns. Episcopal, namely, that which is necessary for the Baptist, Methodist, and Unitarian sustenance of the material body, and ministers have come to the defence, but without which it could not live, and have all manifested the weakness of that bread which the Lord said “He orthodoxy to do battle with modern heresy. One of the Methodist min- this Society was held on Friday the 6th isters, having declared that God does Nov., when sixty-two persons sat down not inflict, but permits, the punish- to tea, and a very pleasant evening ments of hell, has, it is reported, been was spent, interspersed with music and prohibited from delivering any more speeches. The meeting was presided lectures on the subject. The Committee over by Mr. J. E. Waller, and addresses, of the Bacup New Church Society, re- given by Messrs. Waller, William garding the present as a seasonable Palmer, Lee, Eyles, Walter Palmer, and opportunity to invite attention to the Hart, also by Messrs. Gibbs, Chivers, view held by the New Church, invited Beattie, Wethey, Baxter, and Wilmot, Mr. Boyle to deliver a lecture in the visitors from Bath, Clifton, and neighCo-operative Hall, on “the Immortality bourhood. Mr. J. E. Waller, the leader of the Soul, independent of faith in of the Society, was presented with a Jesus Christ." This he did on Tuesday testimonial, consisting of the Arcana evening the 3rd of November, to an Cælestia, including the Index. It is attentive audience of about 500—the hoped that, by every one attending well Rev. J. Jefferson, Baptist Minister of to duty, this Society will make good Rawtenstall, occupying the chair. At progress and be the cause of conveying the conclusion of the lecture, an intelli- the Heavenly Doctrines to many. gent member of the Wesleyan body moved a vote of thanks to Mr. Boyle for CHESTER.—The Manchester and Salwhat he regarded as “a most masterly ford Missionary Society determined to treatment of the subject." On the follow up the excellent impression motion being put to the meeting it was produced at Chester by the lectures. carried with acclamation. There is no delivered there in the spring of last doubt that good has been done to the year, by the delivery of four lectures in cause of the New Church in Bacup by the month of November last. The this small effort. Mr. Boyle is also at handsome and commodious Town Hall present delivering a series of lectures on was secured, and the Revs. John Hyde Sunday evenings, on Genesis and and P. Ramage were engaged as the Modern Science, which have hitherto lecturers. Mr. Ramage chose as his been well attended by intelligent people. subjects “Christianity : the Religion of

Good Sense and the Want of the Age,” BRISTOL.—The Bristol Society has and “ The Contradictions of the Bible : taken a lofty room at the Oddfellows' how to reconcile them." Mr. Hyde Hall in Rupert Street, which is capable selected “Science and Religion ” (a of seating from eighty to a hundred Review of Professor Tyndall's Address at persons. Since this was opened in Belfast), and “The Resurrection of Man, October last there has appeared some not the Resuscitation of the Natural signs of life and activity. For several Body, the Christian's Hope.” Although years past this society has been without the attendance was not so numerous at a place of worship, but they have met this course of lectures as was the case privately once a fortnight at Messrs. in the spring, it was very encouraging ; Palmer and Hart's, for the purpose of the same persons generally attending Divine worship; and a Sunday-school the whole

The Lancashire was also conducted by Mr. J. Lee at his Colporteur assisted in these lectures, house. The members of the Bristol and performed much valuable service Society have long felt the necessity of by the distribution of notices, the circuhaving a proper place to meet in, and lation of tracts, and the sale of New when the above room was offered at a Church literature. There is a pleasing very moderate rent they very gladly group of New Church friends in Chester, availed themselves of it. Services are who, it may well be hoped, will have conducted by Mr. J. E. Waller, morn- been stimulated by these missionary ing and evening, and the attendance is visits to establish a weekly meeting for considerably beyond their expectations. reading and conversing upon the docThe Sunday-school also meets in the trines of the New Church, to which same place at 2:45 P. M., and is super. inquirers may occasionally or regularly intended by Mr. J. Lee, there is also a be invited, so that the good seed that Bible Class in connection with the has been sown may be helped to bring Sunday-school. The anniversary of forth fruit.


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