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inability to be present. The tea-room was attended by a pleasant party of and the church were decorated with seventy persons. After tea, the party flowers and plants, so as to more fitly removed to the church, where the or. accord with the rejoicing spirit that dination took place in the presence of a pervaded those present on the occasion. large congregation. The arrangement of The minister of the Society, as the the service observed at Birmingham was candidate for ordination, was presented repeated at Derby. The service was in front of the communion by two of the felt to be impressive and interesting: deacons, Mr. G. Haseler and Mr. J. Mr. Ashby, whose early training would Bragg, Dr. Bayley and Mr. Storry, indicate a pastorate in another Christian robed in white surplices, being seated community, has been led by deep con. within the communion. After the pre. viction, and at the cost of self-denial liminary portion of the service, con- and worldly sacrifice, to devote himself ducted by Mr. Storry, the choir sang to the ministry of the New Church. the anthem, “I will wash mine hands His services appear to be warmly apin innocency, O Lord, so will I compass preciated by his flock at Derby, the Thine altar,” etc. Dr. Bayley gave members of which seemed much inthe address to the candidate, and Mr. terested by the service. At the close, Storry asked the questions as to faith Dr. Bayley delivered a discourse from and doctrine, which were very impres- Zec. xiv. 8, 9, which was followed sively answered by Mr. Rodgers in the by a brief address by Mr. Storry, grounded form appointed by Conference. The on Matt. x. 7.10. At the close of the passages from the Word were then read service in the church the social meeting by Dr. Bayley, who, whilst the can. was resumed in the school-room, and didate knelt before him, placed both interesting addresses were made by the hands upon his head, and in the most newly-ordained and the ordaining mini. solemn manner pronounced the benedic. sters and by Messrs. Ward, Clemson, tion. The whole of the service, as revised, Austin, Cook, and Rev. C. D. Badland, abbreviated, and otherwise greatly im. M.A., who, although the minister of proved by the recent Conference, was another body, expressed his warm symused, and everyone present seemed to pathy with Mr. Ashby in his labours. feel its spiritual value. After the ordina- Mr. Joseph Deans. — The ordination of tion, Dr. Bayley addressed the minister Mr. Deans took place at Brightlingsca on his duties, especially counselling on the evening of Monday, November earnestness and clearness in heralding 15. The service of ordination was the truths of the New Dispensation, preceded by a tea-meeting in the schooland also urging due attention to those room, which was well filled by an in. pastoral duties which tend, when pro. terested party of friends. After tea, perly discharged, to cause the fruits of sixteen new members were added to the the ministry to "abound” as well as to society's roll, and short addresses de“ remain.” Mr. Storry followed with a livered by Mr. Deans and Rev. R. Storry, short address to the Society and con- who was present for the ordination, and gregation upon their especial duties—an had also preached the previous day to address which was marked by great large and attentive congregations. At practical wisdom, and was listened to the time of commencing the ordination with marked attention. The Congrega- service the large church erected a few tional Hymns, during the service, were years since for the use of the New sung in a manner which called forth Church in this town was nearly filled remarks from many friends as testifying with an attentive congregation. Mr. to the deep feeling which was present, Deans was accompanied to the front of the and at the conclusion of the evening communion by four of the leading memunanimous expressions of delight and bers of the congregation, one of whom thankfulness prevailed.

was our venerable friend, Mr. Griggs, Mr. Joseph Ashby.-- From Birming. who in days gone by has rendered ex. ham the ordaining ministers, Dr. Bayley tensive and useful services in the church. and Rev. R. Storry, proceeded to Derby The service was the same as in the case for the ordination of Mr. Ashby, which of the other ministers, and was followed took place on the evening of Friday, by a discourse by the ordaining minister November 13. Tea was provided in from Matt. x. 7-10, which was listened io the school-room before the service, and with marked attention by the congregation. Mr. Deans is the son of New that we shall be blessed in the extension Church parents of the third generation, of the Lord's New Church in this portion and has from early life contemplated of the globe.- I have the honour to be, the great work to which he has now Sir, your faithful servant,-G. MOCATTA, more fully devoted himself. His settle- Secretary to the “Sydney New Church ment at Brightlingsea seems full of Society.' promise for the progress of the church, which is increasing in numbers and LONDON AssociATION OF THE NEW rapidly filling the increased space af. CHURCH.—The next meeting of this forded by their new church. A com- Association will take place at Palace modious school-room has been erected Gardens Church, on Thursday, Decenon a plot of ground adjoining the church, ber 2. The first outcome of the action which will soon be ready for opening, and taken in Sunday School Education is a increased accommodation will thereby generous offer to illustrate a Juvenile he provided for the instruction of the Magazine. If the church in the south young, and the building up of the church and north can be united in this work, through their instrumentality.

an eminent use may be accomplished. Mr. Redman Goldsack.-Of Mr. Goldsack's ordination we have no informa- Harvest THANKSGIVING SERVICES. — tion beyond the fact that it took place These services, so popular in the Church soon after the Conference, Rev. Dr. Bay- of England, are being introduced into ley being the ordaining minister. some of the societies of the New Church,

A correspondent writes as respecting SYDNEY (New South Wales). — The these services at Argyle Square, on 3rd following letter will be read with interest: October;—“Despite incessant and heavy - 3 Gresham Street, Sydney, New South rain, our congregations at both our Har. Wales, August 1875. To the Secretary vest Thanksgivings yesterday were good, of the General Conference of the New and upwards of eighty friends receiver Church in Great Britain.-Dear Sir and the Sacrament. The chancel was most Brother - In accordance with a resolu. tastefully decorated with sheafs of wheat, tion passed by the members, I have the barley, oats, etc.; and a liberal and pleasure of informing you that the beautiful display of fruit-grapes, pines, “Sydney New Church Society' was apples, pears, etc., all tended to remind formed on the 24th of June last. A us how good our bountiful Lord is to as printed form of its rules and bye-laws is all. The fruit is to be given to a neighenclosed. It is our earnest wish to con- bouring Hospital, an application which nect ourselves with your body, in order is beautifully appropriate." to strengthen our, at present, numeri- The Manual of the New Church, Sumcally weak organization, and by means mer Lane, Birmingham, for November, of the powerful and loving aid and sym- gives the following account of a similar pathy which we hope you may see fit to service :-“The Harvest Thanksgiving grant us, we may, even from so small a Services were held October 10th, when the beginning, be enabled to spread the Church was beautifully decorated with Heavenly Doctrines of the New Church wheat, fruits, flowers, and plants. Many widely.

and hearty thanks are due to those friends Our Society consists of eighteen mem- who provided, by purchase or by loan, bers, truly a feeble gathering for this so many choice contributions, and equal the metropolis of the oldest of the Aus- gratitude is due to the ladies, whose tralian Colonies. Yet there are several tasteful arrangement made fruits and receivers around us whom we may hope flowers doubly beautiful." soon to enrol among our members ; and it is very observable that there are num- BLACKBURN.-On the 12th of Septembers, of various creeds, who are dissatis- ber the Rev. P. Ramage preached the fied with the teaching they have hitherto Annual Sunday School Sermons. The received, and who are searching after morning's service was specifically astruth. Our hope is high, that by a signed for the children, who had prezealous effort to spread the New Church pared and sung a varied selection of Writings, and still more by securing the music for the occasion, and during an ministrations of a powerful expounder interesting address Mr. Kamage, in a and preacher of New Church Truth, our homely, pleasant manner, recited two or buinbers will continually increase, and three historical facts illustrative of the


ways of Divine Providence in preserving prudent advocate of the doctrines of the children from harm and want, and also New Church, and a lucid expounder of showing how little incidents were fre- Divine Truth, "A workman that needeth quently made instrumental of good. not to be ashamed.” The sermon in the afternoon was from 2 Samuel xxiii. 14 to 16, and was dis- LONDON (College Chapel, Islington). — tinguished by clearness of perception of A course of Sabbath Evening Lectures the true meaning of the Bible. The has been delivered in this church by the evening's sernion was based on Deut. Rev. W. Bruce, on the following subxi. 10 to 12, from which a delightful jects :—“The personal and typical and encouraging picture was given of character of David and of Solomon ;” the good land of holy affections and “The personal and representative chapurified thoughts, as indicated in the racter of Elijah and Elisha ;” “ The symbolic language of the text. At the symbolic character and religious teachclose of this service hearty and numer. ing of the Book of Job;'

“The Parable ous congratulations of satisfaction were of the Prodigal Son; or the tenderness heard from many as the congregation of Divine Love, and the efficacy of departed, and there cannot be a doubt sincere Repentance ; “The Parable of but good results will follow Mr. Ramage's the Rich Man and Lazarus ; or, Death visit. The total collections amounted to the great leveller of all outward distinc£13, 10s.

tions, and Eternity the revealer and re

warder of Good and Evil.” These subDONCASTER.—“The New Church " jects were discussed with the well-known has not any Society or meeting-house in ability of the preacher, and afforded this town, and is only represented by a delight to the lovers of spiritual truth few individuals who have not yet formed by their lucid expositions and interestthemselves into a distinct body, but are ing style of treatment. unceasingly labouring to extend a steady and evidently an increasing influence. KERSLEY.-At a public meeting of Several copies of the “ T. C. R.” have members and friends of this Society, held been circulated, and there is a growing on Monday evening, September 20, Mr. inquiry after a knowledge of its doc. John G. Woodman was presented with trines. On Wednesday and Thursday, several testimonials as an acknowledg. Oct. 27th and 28th, it was the privilege ment of the valuable services rendered of those inquirers to listen to two popu- by him in the capacity of organist and lar lectures by Mr. H. Cameron of Leeds, conductor of the musical arrangements who in an eloquent and masterly manner of the church. From the report of the discussed, firstly, “The historical evi meeting which appeared in the Farndences of the New Testament;" secondly, worth Journal of Oct. 2, we are able “The internal evidences of the Old Tes- to give the following particulars :tament, and what constituted it the “After tea Mr. William Partington, inspired Word of God.” The congrega. who was unanimously elected chairinan, tions were small, but certainly of those expressed sympathy with the object of who desired to hear the Word of God the meeting, and stated that the remissexpounded more perfectly, it having ness of the society had often occurred to been announced on the bills that “Ques- him when at their annual meetings Mr. tions will be allowed at the end of each Woodman's services had not been aclecture, and that all who have doubts of knowledged ; it was no doubt an overthe Bible being the Word of God are sight, but now they were met to exparticularly invited to attend.".. This press their gratitude to him, and the attracted sincere seekers for truth, and testimonial, though small, would no at the close of each lecture several ques. doubt be accepted with as good a spirit tions were asked, to which the lecturer as it had been given. He concluded by gave the most explicit and satisfactory calling upon Mr. William Howe, who answers, eliciting the warmest thank's recapitulated many of the valuable serand expressions of high admiration even vices rendered to the society by Mr. from his keenest critics. Mr Cameron Woodman, which extended to a period is an able lecturer, evidently an exten- of three apprenticeships. He alluded sive reader of great and good works, and particularly to the training of the chil. knows how to apply his great resources dren in the Sunday school for the most effectually. He is a bold but Christmas recital two years ago, on which occasion about one hundred the Kersley New Church Society, Sepvoices sang a selection of music, in. tember 20, 1875, William Howe, James cluding choruses from the Messiah, in a Tiplady, John B. Greenhalgh, Robert manner which reflected great credit upon Cooke.' Mr. Woodman, and which left a happy 6 Mr. J. G. Woodman, in responding, remembrance upon all who were privi. expressed his sincere thanks to all who leged to be present. In asking Mr. had contributed towards the testimonial. Woodman to accept the purse of gold, Whatever he had done at Kersley had contributed by the members of the not been done with a view to recomchurch, and the teachers and scholars of pense, for he was sufficiently recomthe Sunday school, he stated that the pensed to know that his services had society did not give this as an equivalent contributed to the enjoyment and into his services, but simply as a very struction of others. He would always small acknowledgment of them. He look upon the address with pride, it also presented the following address, would remind him of the happiest which was beautifully illuminated :- moments of his life, and would be a 'An address presented to Mr. J. G. pleasant memento of the services he had Woodman, on the occasion of his leaving rendered at Kersley. Kersley. Dear Sir,-We, the teachers, “ The remainder of the evening was scholars, and friends of the Kersley New spent very pleasantly, the choir renderChurch Society, in presenting you with ing several choice glees. this address and the accompanying “On Thursday, June 24, a very inpurse of gold, desire to express our sense teresting meeting took place in the of the great obligatiou we are under to school. The singers connected with the you for your long and faithful services church for many years back invited Mr. as conductor of the musical services of Woodman to a party, at which they the church (a period, which together presented to him twenty-five handwith your connection with the choir as somely bound copies of the various a singer, exceeds twenty years), and for oratorios, to mark their esteem and your untiring zeal in everything which gratitude for the labour and patience he was calculated to conduce to the fur- bestowed when generously imparting therance of true religion and the spread instruction to them." of the glorious truths which it is the privilege of New Churchmen to possess. LONGTON.—The following report of We would note your services as secretary this Society was presented to the in the Sunday school, which office you Conference, and is handed to us for undertook at a time when you were publication in the Magazine :- “I busily engaged in improving the musical have pleasure in stating that the services of the church, and we would Longton New Church Society is proalso note your patience in training the gressing slowly but firmly. Several scholars to sing on special occasions, young men are reading and taking great with the greatest credit to yourself and interest in the doctrines of the Church, satisfaction to the congregation. The and if only two or three in a year instruction received at the singing receive them, and apply them to real classes, which have from time to time life, there is cause for rejoicing, both on been established under the instruction their account and ours. Mr. F. Smith of your much respected and lamented has visited Longton, and preached the father and yourself, will long be grate. Anniversary Sermons to good congregafully remembered by those who were tions. Mr. Henshall has again paid privileged to receive such instruction. visit there, and remained in the neighÎn conclusion we ask your acceptance of bourhood a few weeks, during which this testimonial as a small recognition time he visited Stoke, Hanley, and for services which cannot have a value Burslem, and did good service.

He set upon them, and we most fervently preached three Sundays at Longton. hope and pray that yourself and family A few more hooks have been added to may long be spared to exercise the same the Library.” influence for good in the sphere to which you have removed that has marked your MIDDLETON. There was a teacareer in the past.--Signed on behalf of meeting in the New Jerusalem School the teachers, scholars, and friends of on Wednesday evening, Nov. 10th,

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when the gathering was made the occa- Church, the Mall, Kensington, by the
sion of a presentation to Mr. Thomas Rev. Dr. Bayley, Henry Higham, son
Greaves, late superintendent of the Sun- of the late James Highamn of Faversham,
day school, who is compelled to leave to Alice, eldest daughter of the late Alfred
the town on account of ill health and to Erby, of Oxford Street, London.
reside at Southport. About 100 sat
down to tea. Afterwards Mr. John

Holt occupied the chair, and made a few On the 5th of October, at Heywood,
remarks on the object of the meeting. Miss Sarah Dawson departed this life,
He then called upon Mr. Mitchell, who in the fortieth year of her age. Our
in an able and interesting speech pre departed friend was a descendant on her
sented Mr. Greaves with a photograph mother's side from those who first in-
of the principal female teachers of the troduced New Church teaching into
Sunday school in a group, and a handsome Heywood, and in her love of the doc-
Bible. Mr. Greaves suitably acknow. trines worthily followed in their steps.
ledged the gift. Addresses were also For some time she had charge of the
delivered by other friends.

infant department of the day-school,

and was distinguished by the kindliness New CHURCH ALMANAC AND YEAR- of her manner and the uprightness with Book, 1876.—“We cordially recommend which she discharged the duties of her to favourable notice this little publica. office. While her health permitted, she tion, compiled for the London New attended also her class in the SundayChurch Association, by Mr. Austin, school ; and it was only as necessity was minister of the Camberwell Society, be laid upon her that she retired from these ing the Fourth Annual Calendar which uses and confined herself, first to the the Association has published. In addi- services of the Church, and next to her tion to the matter usually found in works private devotions at home. Her chaof this kind, it contains many well. racter was one of strictest integrity and selected passages from Swedenborg and uprightness. Her love of the truth was standard New Church authors, together marked. She was a constant and dewith much special information regarding vout reader of the Word, and she our various places of worship, institu- realized its strength and comfort. She tions, &c.; and, under the date of each sustained a long illness with patience Sunday, the proper lessons for the day and meekness, and passed away in peace. according to the Calendar in the New ful hope of the future before her. Liturgy–which lessons it is intended to Departed this life at his residence, use, after Christmas, in the public ser. Middlesboro'-on-Tees, October 26th, Mr. vices at Argyle Square Church. As a Richard Broughton, aged 55 years. useful manual for the library or office His illness was brief and his end unex. table, and a handy and convenient pected. Previous to his acquaintance medium for introducing much valuable with the doctrines of the New Jerusalem, New Church truth to the notice of those he had for some time been favourable to unacquainted with our principles, this Secularism, but on receiving the teachAlmanac deserves, and, we trust, will ings of the New Church he became a receive, a liberal support.”—From The zealous advocate and defender of the Argyle Square Manual.

same. About ten years ago he was pub.

licly baptized into the faith and life of Birth.

the New Dispensation by the Rev. W. On October 28, at 44 Crompton Street, Ray, at Newcastle. He began at once Derby, the wife of Rev. J. Ashby of a

to use all possible means to organize a society in his town, in which he suc

ceeded. Divine worship was held first Marriages.

at his house, when Mr. G. H. Smith At Argyle Square Church, London, on frequently officiated, afterwards at more October 26, by the Rev. Dr. Bayley, commodious rooms, until he had the assisted by the Rev. J. Presland, the pleasure of stating, “The New Jeru. Rev. Isaiah Tansley to Clara, elder salem Church has a permanent footing daughter of William Rodenhurst, of Lone in Middlesboro'.” Mr. Broughton was å don.

generous and sincere New Churchman, On October 29, at Palace Gardens of an energetic and persevering character,


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