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THE flattering Sale of Three Thousand Copies of this little Work, since the period of its first Publication, has induced the Publishers to take every means in their reach, to render it deserving a continuance of such gratifying favor. The present Edition will, in consequence, be found to contain nearly one half more Information and Amusement, than any previous one.

A Series of Superb Embellishments have been executed expressly for its Illustration; and the Publishers now confidently present it to the Public, as beiug by far more complete and useful than any Work of the kind that has hitherlo appeared.

Leamington Spa, 1824.

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WARWICKSHIRE derives its name from the Saxons, who called it Weringscire, which signifies a station of soldiers. This county, which lies partly in the diocese of Litchfield and Coventry, and partly in that of Worcester, is included in the midland circuit. It is 47 miles in length and 30 in breadth, and contains-l city; 15 market towns; and 274,392 inhabitants; extending in length 50 miles, 30 in breadth, and containing 629,760 acres.

It sends six members to parliament; viz.

For the County of Warwick :
Francis LAWLEY, Esq.

For the Borough of Warwick :
CHARLES Mills, Esq.

For the City of Coventry :

LEAMINGTON BANK. Messrs. TOMES, Russell, Tomes, and Russell, Bath

street.-Bank open from eleven A.M. till half-past two.

Bankers at Warwick. Messrs. TOMES, Russell., TOMES, and RUSSELL;-draw on

Messrs. Ladbrooke, Gillman, and Co. London.-Office

hours, nine till four. Messrs. WHITEHEAD, WESTON, and GREENWAY ;-draw on

Messrs. Glynn and Co. London.--Office hours from nine till half-past one; and from three till six in the evening

Weekly Newspaper. The Warwick and Warwickshire General Advertiser ; pub

lished Saturday Afternoon, by H. Sharpe, Bookseller, Warwick.


Postmaster, Mr. R. HOPTON. The Mail which a short time since did not arrive till twelve o'Clock, is now, by a very judiciou; alteration, brought

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here by eight in the morning, and returns at half-past six in
the afternoon.

The Time of arrival and departure for the different Mails,

is as follows:-
London Royal Mail, in at eight in the morning, departs

for London at half-past six in the evening.
North and WEST MAILS, brought on horseback from

Stratford, arrive at half-past eleven in the morning, and
departs at half-past two in the afternoon. By this Mail

Letters for Cheltenham, Bath, Oxford, &c. are to be
NORTH, IRISH, and Scotch Mails are brought from

Birmingham by the London Mail, and are delivered at

seven in the evening.
Letters addressed to London, must be put in the Office

before six o'clock in the evening, or by paying a penny,
till half-past six. Letters for Cheltenham,

&c. must
be in the Office by two o'clock, and the Scotch and
Irish letters any time overnight, or before seven in the


Royal Baths and Pump Room.

Warm Baths

...........£0 3
for Children

0 2 Cold Baths

0 1 Shower Bath, Warm

0 2 Cold Baths

1 Exclusive of the Gratuity to the Attendant.

The Baths open at all Hours.

0 6 0 6




Drinking the Water and Promenade in the Pump Room.
One Person for the Season.

Two Persons of the same Family

1 11 For a Family

2 One Person for a Month..

0 10 Two of the same Family

0 15 For a Family

1 1 One Person for a Week

0 3 6 Exclusive of the Gratuity to the Pumper. *** A Band attends at the Pump Room, from half-past seven to half--past nine o'clock every morning, Sundays

6 0 0


excepted ; and it is open every day from seven till three, except during the time of divine service on Sundays.

Terms at Mr. Wise's Biths.
Douche d'Eau, Shower, or Warm Bath ... £0 3 0
For a Child ........................................ 0 2 0
Cold Bath

0 1 6
Bathing by Candle Light, an extra

0 0 6 Drinking the Water, per Week............... 0

Exclusive of the Gratuity to the Attendant.



6 6

Mrs. Smith's Original Bath.
Warm Bath

......... £0 2 6
Child's ditto

0 1 Shower ditto........

0 2 Cold Shower Bath

0 2 6 Drinking the Water, per Week

Ladies and Gentlemen who make use of these Baths or Board in Mrs. Smith's house, are not charged for drinking the Water.



Mr. Robins' Baths.
Marble Bath ....£0 3 0 Child's Bath ... £0 1
Wood Bath .... 0 2 6 Cold Bath.....

0 1 0 Drinking the Water, per Week

..0 2 6 Exclusive of the Gratuity to the Attendant.

Imperial Sulphuric Medicinal Fount;

and Ladies' Murbli Baths,


DRINKING THE WATERS : A Family for the Season

. £2 0 0 Two of the same Family

1 10 0 One Person

0 0 A Family for a Month

1 0 0 Two of the same Family

0 15 0 One Person

............................ 0 8 0 for a Week

............. 0 2 6 Baths open at all hours. Warm Bath

0 3 0 Cold Bath.........

0 1 6 No Gratuity required for the Attendants.

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