The Life of Mahomet: With Introductory Chapters on the Original Sources for the Biography of Mahomet, and on the Pre-Islamite History of Arabia, Volume 4

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Smith, Elder and Company, 1861 - Arabian Peninsula

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Page 209 - And a declaration from GOD and his apostle unto the people, on the day of the greater pilgrimage, that GOD is clear of the idolaters, and his apostle also. Wherefore if ye repent, this will be better for you ; but if ye turn back, know that ye shall not weaken GOD : and denounce unto those who believe not, a painful punishment.
Page 238 - Lord hath ordained to every man the share of his inheritance ; a testament is not lawful to the prejudice of heirs. The child belongeth to the parent, and the violator of wedlock shall be stoned. Ye people, ye have rights demandable of your wives, and they have rights demandable of you.
Page 46 - But to the rest speak I, not the Lord: If any brother hath a wife that believeth not, and she be pleased to dwell with him, let him not put her away.
Page 251 - It was essential to the permanence of Islam that its aggressive course should be continuously pursued, and that its claim to an universal acceptance, or, at the least, to an universal supremacy, should be enforced at the point of the sword.
Page 279 - After a little he prayed in a whisper : ' Lord, grant me pardon, and join me to the companionship on high.' Then at intervals : ' Eternity in Paradise ! ' ' Pardon ! ' ' Yes ; the blessed companionship on high !
Page 45 - O prophet, when believing women come unto thee, and plight their faith unto thee, that they will not associate anything with God, nor steal, nor commit fornication, nor kill their children, nor come with a calumny which they have forged between their hands and their feet...
Page 34 - Mahomet and his followers retire from us this year without entering our city. In the coming year, he may visit Mecca, he and his followers, for three days, when we shall retire therefrom. But they may not enter it with any weapons, save those of the traveller, namely, to each a sheathed sword.* The witnesses hereof are Abu Bakr" ^-cf * I have mainly followed the Secretary of Wackidi, p.
Page 204 - He had offered up, he said, his blood unto its master for the sake of his people : he blessed God, with his dying breath, for the honour of martyrdom ; and he prayed his friends to bury him by the side of the Moslems who had fallen at Honein. When the tidings reached Mahomet, he lauded the memory of Orwa.
Page 180 - A written treaty was often granted, guaranteeing the privileges of the tribe, and not unfrequently a teacher was sent back with the embassy to instruct the newly converted people in the duties of Islam and the requirements...
Page 153 - Medina, it hath been reported to me that ye are disconcerted, because I have given unto these chiefs largesses, and have given nothing unto you. Now speak unto me. Did I not come unto you whilst ye were wandering, and the Lord gave you the right Direction? — needy, and He enriched you? — at enmity amongst yourselves, and He hath filled your hearts with love and unity ? ' He paused for a reply. ' Indeed, it is even as thou sayest,' they answered ; ' to the Lord and to His Prophet belong benevolence...

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