The History and Chronicles of Scotland, Volume 2

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Reprinted for W. and C. Tait, 1821 - Scotland
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Page 259 - OCHT lang eftir, hapnit ane uncouth and wounderfull thing, be quhilk followit, sone, ane gret alteration in the realme. Be aventure, Makbeth and Banquho wer passand to Fores, quhair King Duncane hapnit to be for the time, and met be the gait thre wemen, clothit in elrage and uncouth weid. Thay wer jugit, be the pepill, to be weird sisteris. The first of thaim said to Makbeth, " Hale, Thane of Glammis !" the secound said, " Hale, Thane of Cawder !" and the thrid said, " Hale, King of Scotland !" Than...
Page 260 - Duncane wer slane, he had maist richt to the croun, l>ecaus he wes nerest of blud thairto, be tennour of the auld lawis maid eftir the deith of King Fergus, " Quhen young children wer " unabil to govern the croun, the nerrest of thair blude sall regne.
Page 390 - In the mene time, the cais chakkit to suddanlie, but ony motion or werk of mortall creaturis. The preist, astonist be this wounder, went to the alter quhare the cais lay ; and, quhen he fand the arme in the cais, he cryit...
Page 260 - ... micht be ane quene : calland him, oft timis, febil cowart, and nocht desirus of honouris ; sen he durst not assailye the thing with manheid and curage, quhilk is offerit to him be benivolence of fortoun ; howbeit sindry otheris hes assailyeit sic thingis afore, with maist terribil jeopardyis, quhen thay had not sic sickernes to succeid in the end of thair laubouris as he had.
Page 98 - quhen this haly man Sanct Austine wes precheand to the Saxons in " Miglinton thay wer nocht onlie rebelland to his precheing bot in his con"temptioun thay sewit fische talis on his abilyement. Otheris alliegis thay "dang him with skait rumpillis. Nochtheles this derisioun succedit to thair "gret displesoure for God tuk on thaim sic vengeance that thay and thair "posterite had lang talis mony yeris eftir.
Page 299 - Sundry precedent men nathing approvit the gret liberal! tie of King David toward the Kirk, for he dotat the Kirk sa richely with the landis pertening to the Crown that his successouris micht not sustene thair Riall estait efter hym sa weil as thai did afore. .... Thairfoir the wise prince, King James the First (quhen he cum to David's sepulchre at Dunfermelyng) said, He was ane soir Sanctfor the Crown, as he wald mene that Kyng David left...
Page 294 - It is recorded in Boece's history that King Alexander I. of Scotland (1107-1124), driven on the island by a storm, found shelter with the hermit. The King, says Boece, was ' constraint be violent tempest to remane thre dayes, sustenand his life with skars fude, be ane heremit that dwelt in the said inche, in quhilk he had ane little chapell dedicat in the honour of Sanct Colme.
Page 3 - The History and Chronicles of Scotland, written in Latin by Hector Boece, Canon of Aberdeen, and translated by John Bellenden, Archdeacon of Moray and Canon of Ross.
Page 471 - ... David, for ane vailyeant and nobil knicht, ane Inglisman, movit of invy, said, " It is not mervel thocht Scottis be nobill and vailyeant; for thay wer gottin be our nobil eldaris, quhen thair faderis wer banist, and thair realme neir conquest. Than said...

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