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[Paff Book-iv.]

Dispatch granted to the Barke Elizabeth Alizander Woodrop Master bound for Pemaquid November : ye 29th: 83.

Dispatch granted to the Sloope Happy Returne James Barry Commander for Pemaquid & New found Land Aprill 26th 1684.

Dispatch granted to the Sloope Blossum Stephen Heacock Coñander for Pemaquid May the 22d 1685.

Dispatch granted to the Sloope Primrose John Eurest Master for Stratford and off Pemaquid New Yorke July the 4th 1685.

Dispatch granted to the fleoop Lewis Francis Bassett Coñander for Pemaquid & New found Land (Sept 4 (?) 1685.]

Dispatch granted to the Sloope Adventurer Thomas Brookes Commander for Boston & Pemaquid, June 19th 1686

Lucas Andries Mafr of the floop Elias Enters the fd floop for Pemaquid with Contents of Loading. [June 20. 1681.]

Lawrence Sluce Enters the sloop Hopewell himselfe Master ffor Pemquid with Contents of Loading. [Sept 10. 1681.]

Stephen Hiskott ma' of the Sloop Blossome Enters the fd Sloop for Pemaquid with Contents of Loading [O& 21. 1681.]

The following paper having escaped the notice of the compiler of the Pemaquid papers, previous to the printing of the preceding documents, is now inserted. It has no date, and there is no fact by which we can determine it; it was found among the papers of 1692, but we are of opinion that it belongs to a prior period, as the authorities of New York had long ceased to exercise jurisdiction over the ter. ritory. It probably had its origin before 1689.

(New York collection of M. S. S. xxxviii, sec'y. office.) “New Harbour Petition to ye honorable Governor and Councell of Assembly at New York.

To the Right honorable Governor and Councell of Assembly at New Yorke.

The humble Petition of the inhabitants of New Harbour humbly showeth :

That, whereas yor petitioners have beene at great charge in building their habitations, and as yett have noe assurance of either house lots or the bounds of our place, which is a hindrance to our conveniencyes of planting or making an improvement etc. We humbly (pray) that there may be surveyors appointed for that purpose to lay out lands; likewise the ** of these customs may be taken off, because it never used to be paid by any ffishermen in this world as we know of, and it hinders the coasters coming to us to bring our supplies, and when they do come, the very name of these customs makes them sell their goods almost as dear again, as formerly they used, so that we finde it to be to all the country a grevious burden and to all the people called fishermen an utter ruin. And that Pemaquid may still remain the metropolitan of these parts, because it ever have been so before Boston was settled.

Wherefore your honors poore petioners humbly desire that the honorable Governor and Councell would please to take the premises in to your pious consideration, to order and confirme the lots, bounds and limits of this place to be laid out, and that we may enjoy the labors of our hands and have it for our children after us, and also that the customs may be taken of and raised some other way, and that Pemaquid may be the metropolitan place, and your honors petioners as in duty bound shall ever pray. Per order of the inhabitants, WM. STURT, Town Clerk,

at Pemaquid.

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