Cavern Researches,: Or, Discoveries of Organic Remains, and of British and Roman Reliques, in the Caves of Kent's Hole, Anstis Cove, Chudleigh, Berry Head

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Simpkin, Marshall and Company, 1859 - Paleontology - 78 pages

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Page 15 - ... a comb, or for making nets for fishing, is not clear. There was only this solitary one found, and two of the former, but several of the first, with a quantity of bone chips. All three bore marks of polish.
Page 32 - In a tooth thus formed for cutting along its concave edge, each movement of the jaw combined the power of the knife and saw ; whilst the apex, in making the first incision, acted like the two-edged point of a sabre. The backward curvature of the full-grown teeth enabled them to retain, like barbs, the prey which they had penetrated. In these adaptations we see contrivances which human ingenuity has also adopted in the preparation of various instruments of art.
Page 16 - These abounded in by far the greatest number. Small irregular splinters, not referrible to any of the above divisions, and which seem to have been struck off in the operation of detaching the latter, not unlike the small chips in a sculptor's shop, were thickly scattered through the stuff, indicating that this spot was the workshop where the savage prepared his weapons of the chase, taking advantage of its cover and the light.
Page 16 - Having taken a general survey of the surface of the floor we returned to the point from which we set out, viz., the common passage, for the purpose of piercing into the materials below the mould. Here, in sinking a foot into the soil (for of stalagmite there remained only the broken edges adhering to the sides of the passage, and which appeared to be repeated at intervals), we came upon flints in all forms, confusedly disseminated through the earth, and intermixed with fossil and human bones, the...
Page 7 - The earth was of a reddish brown, unctuous to the touch and from the presence of a profusion of recent bones bore evident marks of frequent disturbance — On tumbling it over, the lustre of the enamel soon betrayed its contents. They were the first fossil teeth I had ever seen, and as I laid my hand on them, relics of extinct races and witnesses of an order of things which passed away with them, I shrank back involuntarily — Though not insensible to the excitement attending new discoveries, I...
Page v - Perhaps the richest cave-depositary of the fossil bones of Bears hitherto found in England is that called Kent's Hole, near Torquay. The natural history, with a special account of the organic riches of this cave, will be given in the second volume of the 'Reliquiae Diluvianae,
Page 33 - Cavern that we had yet examined .... but here, in this grotto, they swarmed in countless multitudes. Not only had their tiny remains penetrated into every cleft and crevice of the rock, but they insinuated themselves even into the chambers of the large bones. The...
Page 35 - The earth upon which it moulded itself is nearly through [99] its whole extent excavated away, for it was found more convenient to undermine than to break it — it continues nevertheless to span over the chamber like a natural vault over a gulph— The crust is thickest in the middle — towards the sides it thins away — for opening the excavation the same means were employed as to break up a mass of ancient masonry. Flint blades were detected in it at all depths even so low as to come in contact...
Page 14 - The floor of the entrance, except that it had the appearance of being broken up, offered nothing remarkable to detain us ; — we shall have occasion to return to it presently. Not so the lateral branch by which it communicates with the body of the cavern on the left ; at this point so great was the obstruction, from the accumulation of mould and a fallen ledge of rock lying across the way, that those who then visited it will not have forgotten their accomplishing the passage on all fours.
Page 4 - the mystic gate of obstacle ; ' the ' oven mouth;' and possibly one more arcane memorial, sufficiently satisfied my mind upon the Temple of the extensively worshipped, and thousand-named Deity, Belin. But upon this subject no more at present...

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