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by the fear of subjecting himself to a suspicion of having made too liberal use of the opportunities of private friendship. What has been given he hopes will prove not uninteresting

New YORK, July 18th, 1850

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DANIEL WEBSTER was born on the 18th day of January, 1782, in the town of Salisbury, New Hampshire. His earliest ancestor, of whom the family has any certain knowledge, was Thomas Webster. He was settled in Hampton as early as 1636. The descent from him to Daniel Webster can be found recorded in the Church and Town Records of Hampton, Kingston, (now East Kingston) and Salisbury.

The family came originally from Scotland, two centuries ago and more. It is probable, however, from certain circumstances, that they tarried in England awhile, before emigrat ing to a new world. They did not bring over with them all the distinguishing peculiarities of their countrymen ; the Scottish accent had become a mere tradition, in the time of Mr. Webster's father's father. The personal characteristics of the family are strongly marked: light complexions, sandyhair in great profusion, bushy eyebrows, and slender rather than broad frames attest the Teutonic and common origin of the race.

Dr. Noah Webster,—the compiler of the Diction

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