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be pursued by the administrator for obtaining it; and after the same was obtained, in what manner he should proceed for getting in the deceased's effects, and administering the same by paying debts and distributing the surplus to such as were entitled thereto; likewise to whom the real estate would descend; how far the same might be liable to the ancestor's debts; the title an husband had thereto by the curtesy of England, and a wife with respect to dower. And herein care was also taken to explain the customs of the city of London and province of York, and to shew how those varied from each other, and both of them from the law of the nation in general; in what manner distribution was to be made amongst children, some of whom had been advanced in their parents' lifetime; and the effects of such advancement, both by the customs, and common and statute law.

The reception, and universal approbation, this impression met with from the Public in general, and gentlemen of the profession, incontrovertibly testified its merit very shortly after it came out of press, in March 1785; near fifteen hundred copies thereof being sold in the course of a few months after; and the sale of three other editions, from the 25th of March 1786, to the 23d of January 1788, was an indisputable testimony of its utility, and the addition made thereto, of that part entitled, “ The Disposal of a Person's Estate by Will and Testament;" whereon, as well as on the former subjects, very considerable improvements having been made in the seventh and subsequent editions, the work is rendered far more extensively useful than before.

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