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brance of my ways which be ναμνησει τας οδες με τας εν in Chrift, as I teach every Χριςτω, καθως πανταχο εν where in every church.

παση εκκλησια διδασκω. τ8 Now Tome are puffed 18 Ως μη ερχομενα δε up as though I would not με προς υμας, εφυσιωθησαν come to you.

τινες. * 19 But I will come to you I, Ελευσομαι δε ταχε shortly, if the Lord will, and

ill no, nor the rea, of ως προς υμάς, εαν. Ο Κυρίω. them which are puffed up, θηληση, και γνασομαι και τον but the power.

λογον των πεφυσιωμενων, αλ

λα την δυναμιν. . 20 For the kingdom of 20 Ου γαρ εν λογω η God is not in word, but in βασιλεια το Θεό, αλλ' εν power.

δυναμει. 21 What will ye? hall I 21 Τι θελετε; εν ραβcome unto you with a rod, δω ελθω προς υμας, η εν or in love, and in the spirit, of meekness?..

αγαπη, πνευματι τε πραοτητα»;

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View and Illustration of the Matters contained in this Chapter.
THE messengers from Corinth, as well as the members of

the family of Chloe, had informed the apoitle, that one of the brethren was cohabiting with his father's wife, in his father's life-time. In this chapter therefore, St. Paul reproved the whole

Corinthian my ways, which are in as an apofile of Christ, even as I teach Christ, even as I teach every where, and in every church; by every where in every which ye will know, that I never church.

accommodate either my doctrine or my practice, to the humours of

wicked men. 18 Now some are puf- 18 Now fome are grown infolent fed up, as if I were not as fancying, because I have sent Ticorning to you.

mothy, I am not coming to Corinth

myself, being afraid to come. . 19 But I will come to 19 But I will come to you foon, if you foon, if the Lord will, the Lord will, and all know, not the and Mall know, not the boafling of them who are puffed up, but speech of them who are their power to defend themselves puffed up, but the power. from the punishment which I will

inflict on them, if they do not repent. 20 For not by Speech 13 20 For not by the plausible talking the kingdom of God which ye Greeks call eloquence, is ESTABLISHED, but by the gospel established, but by the power power.

of miracles, and of spiritual gifts. 21. What do ye incline ? 21 To the false teacher, there. Shall I come to you with fore, and to his adherents, I say, a rod ? · Or in love, and What do ye incline? - Shall I come to In the spirit of meekness? you, with a rod to punish jou? Or in

love, and in the Spirit of meekness, be

cause ye have repented. .

led him to speak of his power of punishing obstinate offenders miraculously, as a thing which they knew he poffeifed, 2 Cor. x 6. xi. 2. 10. And as he speaks of it, not for the information of pofterity, but to terrify the faction, the evidence of his poffeffing that power, which arifes from his having mentioned it fo confidently on this occasion, is very strong

Corinthian church, for tolerating a species of whoredom, which was abhorred, even by the heathens, ver. 1.-And this scandal was the greater, that they were puffed up with pride, on account of the knowledge and learning of the teacher, by whose influence it was tolerated, ver. 2.-But to make the Corinthians sensible, that their boasting of a teacher who had patronised such an enormity was criminal, as well as to correct the enor


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