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Page 874 - (PC) Church History of the First Three Centuries. Translated from the Third German Edition. Edited by the Rev. ALLAN MENZIES. Two Vols., 8vo, 21s. 2. Baur (FC) Paul, the Apostle of Jesus Christ: his Life and Work, his Epistles and Doctrine. A Contribution to a Critical History of Primitive
Page 542 - injunction—"Neither shall ye build house, nor sow corn, nor plant vineyard, nor have any, but all your days ye shall dwell in tents;" and Mr. EW Robertson points out that— "One of the laws of the ancient
Page 113 - lateral veins. Nay, this is not all. Mr. Wallace says— " We find representations of leaves in every stage of decay, variously blotched and mildewed and pierced with holes, and in many cases irregularly covered with powdery black dots gathered into patches and spots, so closely resembling the various kinds of minute
Page 316 - A member of the family will never kill an animal of the species to which his kobong [animal-namesake] belongs, should he find it asleep; indeed, he always kills it reluctantly, and never without affording it a chance of escape." Joined with this regard for the animalnamesake considered as a relative, there goes belief in its guardianship; and hence arises the faith
Page 14 - super-organic products, material and mental, constitute a further set of factors which become more and more influential causes of change. So that, involved as the factors are at the beginning, each step in advance increases the involution, by adding factors which themselves grow more complex while they grow more powerful
Page 538 - deal. Were this the fit place, some pages might be added respecting a possible future social type, differing as much from the industrial as this does from the militant—a type which, having a sustaining system more fully developed than any we know at present, will use the products of industry neither for maintaining a militant organization
Page 428 - actions, it is requisite that impulses, adjusted in their kinds, amounts, and times, shall be conveyed from part to part. This requisite is fulfilled in living bodies by molecular waves, that are indefinitely diffused in low types, and in high types are carried along definite channels (the function of which has been significantly called
Page 750 - Indian, though better in health, was so enraged against me that he refused to stir; for he declared that, with great want of consideration for his weak health, I had taken him out during the night, and had made him drag the
Page 367 - called thunder; the glare of the torches in his dwelling was denominated lightning ; and when the people saw them in the evening, as they passed near his abode, instead of saying the torches were burning in the palace, they would observe that the lightning was flashing
Page 781 - the numerous coffins, implements, arms, and trinkets, protected by superstitions terrors, continued to be undisturbed for centuries. No boat ventured to cross over without the observance of a religious ceremony, derived from heathen times, to propitiate tho spirits of the caverns, who were believed to punish the omission of it with

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