Miscellanea Scotica: I. Life of Archbishop Sharp. Donald Munro's ... Description of the Western Isles. II. Martin's Voyage to St. Kilda. Buchanan's Chamæleon. III. Account of the murthoure of King James I. of Scotland. Supplement to the feuds and conflicts of the clans. Buchan's Description of St. Kilda

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sold, 1818 - Scotland

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Page 74 - But and if ye suffer for righteousness' sake, happy are ye: and be not afraid of their terror, neither be troubled...
Page 99 - Because thou hast let go out of thy hand a man whom I appointed to utter destruction, therefore thy life shall God's judgment against Ahab go for his Ufe, and thy people for his people.
Page 20 - Pendants seemed to him the most ridiculous of all things; he condemned periwigs mightily, and much more the powder used in them; in fine, he condemned all things as superfluous he saw not in his own country. He looked with amazement on every thing that was new to him.
Page 2 - I remember the allowance for each man PER DIEM, beside a barley cake, was eighteen of the eggs laid by the fowl called by them Lavy, and a greater number of the lesser eggs, as they differed in proportion ; the largest of these eggs is near in bigness to that of a Goose, the rest of the eggs gradually of a lesser size. We had the curiosity after three weeks...
Page 19 - ... that such big houses of stone were made with hands; and for the pavements of the streets, he thought it must needs be altogether natural, for he could not believe that men would be at the pains to beat stones into the ground to walk upon. He stood dumb at the door of his lodging with the greatest admiration; and when he saw a coach and two horses, he thought it to be a little house they were drawing at their tail, with men in it; but he condemned the coachman for a fool to sit so uneasy, for...
Page 107 - Erishe is alsmeikle as to say in English the bay Castle. In this ile ther is twa paroche kirks, that ane southe callit the kirk of Bride, the uther northe in the Borrowstone of Buitt, with twa chappells, ane of them above the towne of Buitt, the uther under the forsaid castle of Kames. On the north and northwest of this ile, be half myle of sea, lyes the coast of Ergyle ; on the east syde of it the coast of Cuninghame, be six myle of sea.
Page 133 - ... his back, is als black as jett, with fines like to a salmont. Into this north heid of Ywst ther is sundrie covis and holes in the earth, coverit with heddir above, quhilk fosters maney rebellis in the countrey of the north heid of Ywst.
Page 119 - Within this ile of Colmkill, there is ane sanctuary also, or kirkzaird, callit in Erische Religoran, quhilk is a very fair kirkzaird, and weill biggit about with staine and lyme. Into this sanctuary ther is three tombes of staine, formit like little chapels, with ane braid gray marble or quhin staine in the gavill of ilk ane of the tombes.
Page 18 - ... the Kyng withall, was his hand all upon heghe nalid fast to that tree, and so was he had thorough oute the towne. That edoone the hangmane was commandid, with that same knyfe, to kut of that hand from the arme. After that he was nalid nakynd, as he was first borne of his modir, drawen thurghe the towne withowte coerture of any parte of his body, as nature brought hym forth from his modirs wombe, and yn the same wise ladd thorgh all the stretes of that towne ; and the tourmentours on every side...

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