John C. Hermance's Dispatch Air-tight Cooking Stove, Patented June 13, 1844

Front Cover
The Firm, 1848 - Stoves - 12 pages

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There is a copy of this book in the New York State Library. Here are my notes on it.
Physical description: 12 p. : ill. ; 19 cm. Note: Cover title. Note: "May 25, 1848."
[Cover p. 1] "Sold wholesale and retail in the City of Albany, by the Subscriber. Manufactured and sold by PILLING, CONDEE & Co., Schenectady; & DWIGHT HITCHCOCK, Glensfalls (sic), N.Y. Also, manufactured by Messrs. WARWICK, LEYBRANT & Co., and sold for the Philadelphia trade by NORTH & HARRISON. -- John C. Hermance
For Sale by [in ink] -- Amza Fuller, ... Albany N.Y. [pix -- blurry]
Th attention of manufacturers, dealers and purchasers of Cooking Stoves, is solicited to the examination of the following:
The production of a successful Cooking Stove has, for a number of years past, engaged the attention of manufacturers and dealers in the article, to the fullest extent, and stimulated to action the inventive powers of mechanical ingenuity, and induced numerous men of genius and scientific
mechanics, to devote their time to the accomplishment of the important object.
[from here abbreviations need to be expanded, but it's readable enough already]
Th result hs bn sn & realised by th pub, in th appearce of an endless catalogue of Cookg Stoves, varyg as widely in form & princ, as in thr adaptn to th wants of th country, & conseqt want of succ upon intro; whl th few improvets considd valbl, obtd in th result, hv bn subjs of univl imitn by others & by thr sameness in constrn & apparent princ & merit, prodv of a fatal competn; & th succ of th vars Stoves (in intro) mr dependt upon th popy & efforts of th vars mfrs & dealers, thn any real advantage over others. {QUOTE}
p. 4 Hermance started out selling Buck, Hathaway & other lge oven Cookg Stoves -- "th pioneers in th change since tkn place in th market in th mfr of lgr & mr perfect ovens, & a mr durbl constrn thn ws realized in th premium & other Cookg Stoves in genl use. Th advantage of lge oven, then &
still most effv & pop, ws in th shape secured, as then supposed, by patent, & conseqy, in efforts to obtn this obj, other vars forms wr adopd, nn of wh wr th lge & convenient shape, or opd upon as sure a princ to effect th equal distribn of heat. To these attempts at imitn & evasion of patent, may be attribd th introdn of fuel saving & other imptt advantages not contained in th abv named stoves.
Th combinn & perfecn of th abv shaped lge oven, w th addn of a smaller oven, fr purps requirg difft degrees of heat, w th mr compact form & advantage of fuel savg & adaptn to use, w wood or coal, together w th other improvets in th mr recent styl of stoves, is mr thn realized in th combinn of th whole, most simply effecd, in th constrn of th Cookg Stove known as th Dispatch, & now offered to th pub in a new arranget of beautiful paterns (), w th fullest conf of possg gtly superior advantage sover other Cookg Stoves in th mkt, in thr mfr, sale, or use ... Thousands of delighted purchasers [& testimonials] ... th most liberal & excl privs are offered in its mfr, & dealers wl be supplied from such arrangets, & those now md, upon th most advantageous terms...
p. 5 DESCRIPTION -- "a simple combinn of hot air chambers, arranged under & in rear of th fire-box, thereby preventg th too direct applicn of heat to th front of th ovens, th heat also servg in its passage to heat th ts of th oven formg th hot air flue ... most evenly & perfectly" (& indirectly lower
oven) ... equal distribn of heat ... In th abv valbl combinn & arranget of Hot Air Chambers, is embodied th whole secret of our success & merit of th Dispatch Cooking Stove. ... [patent 13 June 1844] In imitn of th abv highly pop arranget, many awkward & complicd Cookg Stoves hv md thr appearce fr experiment, w those unforty in thr mfr, th pub who may be induced to purchase them. Thr hist is well known. Mfrs, dealers & purchasers shd

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