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Page 56 - If any man says I love God and hates his brother, he is a liar. For he who loves not his brother, whom he sees, how can he love God whom he does not see?
Page 44 - P. essemus we might be, esses thou mightest be, essetis you might be, esset he might be, essent they might be.
Page 78 - Plur. amamus we love, amas thou lovest, amatis you love, amat he loves. amant they love.
Page 44 - FUTURE ero, / shall be erimus, we shall be eris, you will be eritis, you will be erit, he will be erunt, they will be PERFECT fui, / have been...
Page 77 - Plur. a-ma'-te, or am-a-to'-te, love ye, a-man'-to, let them love. INFINITIVE MOOD. Present, a-ma'-re, to love. Perfect. am-a-vis'-se, to have loved. Future, am-a-tu'-rus es'-se, to be about to lovt PARTICIPLES.
Page 43 - I am. sumus, we are. es, thou art. estis, you are. est, he is. sunt, they are. IMPERFECT. eram, I was.
Page 81 - I ivas loved. ama-ba-mur, we were loved. ama-ba-ris or -re, you were loved, ama-ba-mini, you were loved. ama-ba-tur, he was loved. ama-ba-ntur, they were loved.
Page 45 - PERFECT fuero, / shall have been fuerimus, we shall have been fueris, thou wilt have been fueritis, you will have been fuerit, he will have been fuerint, they will have been SUBJUNCTIVE...
Page 24 - Singular. N. Nub-es, a cloud, G. Nub-is, of a cloud, D. Nub-i, to a cloud, A. Nub-em a cloud, V. Nub-es, O cloud! A.
Page 43 - I was. eramus, we were, eras, thou wast eratis, you were, erat, he was. erant, they were. FUTURE.

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