Original Poems: For Infant Minds

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Page 5 - Heydey! and what's the matter now?" Cried grandmamma, with lifted brow. Matilda, smarting with the pain, And tingling still, and sore, Made many a promise to refrain From meddling evermore. And 'tis a fact, as I have heard, She ever since has kept her word.
Page 113 - THE POPPY. HIGH on a bright and sunny bed A scarlet poppy grew, And up it 'held its staring head, And thrust it full in view. Yet no attention did it win, By all these efforts made, And less unwelcome had it been In some retired shade. Although within its scarlet breast No sweet perfume was found, It seemed to think itself the best Of all the flowers around.
Page 59 - ... charity kind ; Fire is not so warm as the feelings that glow In the friendly, benevolent mind. By fire rugged metals are fitted for use : Iron, copper, gold, silver, and tin ; Without its assistance we could not produce So much as a minikin pin. Fire rages with fury, wherever it comes ; If only one spark should be dropt, Whole houses, or cities, sometimes it consumes, Where its violence cannot be stopt. And when the great morning of judgment shall rise...
Page 106 - The Dog will come when he is called, The Cat will walk away, The Monkey's cheek is very bald, The Goat is fond of play. The Parrot is a prate-apace, Yet knows not what he says ; The noble Horse will win the race, Or draw you in a chaise.
Page 114 - Down in a green and shady bed A modest violet grew; Its stalk was bent, it hung its head, As if to hide from view. And yet it was a lovely flower, Its colors bright and fair!
Page 55 - For my own part, I know I receive much from man, And for him, in return, I do all that I can.
Page 4 - I know that grandmamma would say, ' Don't meddle with it, dear ;' But then she's far enough away, And no one else is near ; Besides, what can there be amiss, In opening such a box as this?" So thumb and finger went to work To move the stubborn lid; And presently a mighty jerk, The mighty mischief did; For all at once, ah...
Page 52 - BESIDE a green meadow a stream used to flow, So clear, one might see the white pebbles below ; To this cooling brook the warm cattle would stray, To stand in the shade on a hot summer's day. A cow, quite oppressed...
Page 115 - ... the food, John never was found in a murmuring mood; For this he was constantly heard to declare, Wha't he could not prevent he would cheerfully bear. "For why should I grumble and murmur?" he said, "If I cannot get meat, I'll be thankful for bread; And though fretting may make my calamities deeper, It never can cause bread and cheese to be cheaper.
Page 106 - Yet knows not what she says ; The noble Horse will win the race, Or draw you in a chaise. The Pig is not a feeder nice, The Squirrel loves a nut, The Wolf would eat you in a trice, The Buzzard's eyes are shut.

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