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A frugal meal, then calm repose,

Refreshing bed, and welcome sweet :
Forgetfulness of all our woes

Is offered in this lone retreat.

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But I must go

and taste the wine,
To food I mightily incline.
To-morrow with the dawn of day
We haste upon our destined way.
Oh! never fear, at rising day
You'll find me ready on the way;
First bless this safe and calm abode,

Then trudge right merrily the road.
Both. Rejoice we in the lucky fate

That brought us to this humble gate,
T'was sure kind providence that led
Our weary steps to food and bed.
Be quick, our harvest let us reap
Be quick, for supper, bed and sleep.
Supper! Oh, the charming sound
And bed I ever pleasant found;
And sleep has always charms for me,
Unless 'tis sleeping in a tree:

For danger ever be prepared
Nor trust your life to chance,
Good faith with caution should be shared,
And hope with vigilance,
Tho' greatest perils should surround
They all to courage yield,
The murderous arın is feeble found,
An honest heart, a shield.

Drink about my jovial boys,
Labor done, we toil no more ;..
Nothing like our social joys
When our daily work is o'er.

Women and wine, and away with old care,

The devil take wisdom and sorrow, ;
Of love and of liquor I'll have my full share.

So live, and a big for to-morrow.

Macpherson, Printer, Russell Court, Covent Garden.

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TO CORRESPONDENTS. We are thankful to a Subscriber for his Letter respecting the Outline Engravings of Sculptures in the British Museum.

The Erratum Mr. N. complains of will be noticed in our next.

" THE SIGHTS THAT HAVE BEEN SEEN.” Extracted from a sketch formerly published, called “ The sighes

I bave seen. It contains a comprehensive view of leading events, and will be read by young people with equal consternation and surprise.--"The sights we have seen,will appear in a future Number.

I have seen A King imprisoned by his soni-Victor, King af Sardinia, in 1732.

I have seen Five-Emperors massacred"-Peter III. John VI. Paul I. Emperars of Russia; Selim III, in July 1808, and. Mustapha IV. Nov. 17, 1808, Emperors of Constantinople.

I have seen Five Kings assassinated" - Joseph King of Por. tugal; Louis XV. Louis XVI. Louis XVII. Kings of France ; and Gustavus III. King of Sweden, in 1792.

I have seen Six Kings deposed”-Stanislaus Poniatowsky, King of Poland; the King of Sardinia, on the 10th Dec. 1798; Ferdinand IV. King of Naples ; Charles IV. and Ferdinand VII. Kings of Spain, in May. 1808, and Gustavus IV. King of Sweden, arrested the 13th March, 1809, by his uncle (the Duke of Sudermania) who was elected King in his stead, on the 15th of June following:

I have seen Five Republics annihilated"-Holland, Sweden, Venice, Genoa, and Lucca.

I have seen A great Kingdom effaced from the map of Europe” Poland.

Macpherson, Printer, Russell Court, Covent Gard:n.

"I have seen England lose, in eight years, half North America, after possessing it for more than a century. I have seen her, verifying the sentiments of an ancient, (that the empire of the sea gives that of the land) take the Cape of Good Hope and the Island of Ceylon from the Dutch ; Malta, Egypt, and several colonies from the French. I have seen her dictate the law to the King of Denmark, at Copenhagen, and carry her victorious arms into the most remote parts of the world. I have seen this same England, in 1780, resist the combined efforts of Europe, of America, and of the Northern Powers who formed an armed neutrality against her maritime dominion. I have seen her, in the revolutionary war, often destitute of allies, and alone opposing the enormous power of France, of Italy, of Denmark, and of Russia."-After the Treaty of Luneville.

so I have seen the son of an English gentleman (Lord Clive, from 1747 to 1767. He died in 1774) go out to India, as writer to a mercantile company (but quitting this service when very young to embrace the military life) afterwards rising to the head of the army, dethrone a powerful Prince in the east, place another on his throne, conquer a part of Hindostan, and raise the British dominion in that quarter to the pre-eminence which it now enjoys,

I have seen, what has no example in history, A little Corsican gentleman conquer Italy, force the Emperor of Germany to make a disgraceful peace-the-Peuce of Campo Formio, 'on the 17th October, 1797. The preliminaries were signed April 17, 1797, at Leoben)—take Malta in two days—Egypt in a month return from thence, and place himself on the throne of the Bourbons--and all in less than four years (from May 1796 to Nov. 1799.) I have seen him transport his army and artillery, in the midst of winter, over the most difficult pass of the Alps, and, in a single battle--(at Marengo, on the 14th of June 1800, after having passed the great St. Bernard)-decide at once the fate of Germany and Italy. I have seen this same Corsican gentleman order the Pope to Paris, in 1804, to crown him Emperor of the French, and afterwards depose this same Pope, and deprive him of the temporal possessions which his ancestors had enjoyed for more than a thousand years-( In December 1809:) I have seen him declare himself King of Italy. I have seen him braving a formidable league which was directed against him, march to Vienna, and even into Hungary, in six weeks give the law three times to the Emperor of Germany--(by the Treaties of Campo Formio, 1797, of Luneville, 9th Feb. 1801, and of Vienna, 14th October, 1809)--coinpel him to abdicate the Imperial Crown of the Cæsars, deptive' him of a part of his dominions, force the Emperor of Russia twice to retire-(at Austerlitz, the, 21 Dec.

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