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THE text of this edition is that of the Folio of 1700, published two months before Dryden's death. The only liberties that have been taken in reprinting it are the modernization of the spelling of common words, and the retaining of vowels now silent in pronunciation, which are represented in the Folio by apostrophes. The notes at the bottom of the pages are merely explanatory of difficult passages in the text. Whenever fuller information has been necessary, as with regard to the proper names and the large number of astrological references, it has been given as a whole in the appendix. The appendix also contains selections from Chaucer and Dryden to which it is hoped the ambitious student will refer. The introduction presents the chief points of Dryden's life and of his characteristic method and manner in the poem.

For many kind suggestions during the progress of the work I have been indebted to Professor James W. Bright of Johns Hopkins University.


February 10, 1897.

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