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A LITERARY find of the first impor

tance has been made public by William A. Speck, curator of the Speck collection of Goetheana in the Yale library, in his announcement that he has discovered the author of "Letters of Charlotte,” the celebrated imitation of Goethe's "Sorrows of Werther," which has remained anonymous

The author's name, W. James, is signed to a letter secured by Mr. Speck from an English bookseller, addressed to Cadell, the famous eighteenth century publisher, who later brought out the "Letters to Charlotte." In it the writer proposes that Cadell publish the book, and suggests haste, as he wishes to return to his home in Hertfordshire.

for 150 years.


'HE American Art Galleries will start

the book sales of the New Year on January 11 and 12 with selections of books and autographs from the private libraries of the late Edmund Penfold and William

The Publishers' Weekly

Jan.2, 1926. .

Korsbaneret. Lindvall, C. A. $1; 75c.

Augustana Laboratory manual of


coll chemistry. Hatschek, E. $2 Blakini Letters to an infidel. Smith, M. J. $1.25

B. He Liber miraculorum. Rockwell, W. W.

G. E. Sted Life and letters of John Burroughs, Barrus, C. $12.50

Houd Life insurance fundamentals. Lovelace, M. $3.25

Ηα Life of W. T. Stead, The. Whyte, F. $

Hough Life of William Madison McDonald.

W. O. BI Little journeys around old Philadelphia. ton, G. $1.75

Peter RA Living pictures. $1 Christopher Pub. H Livingstone (David). Kleeberger, J. 78

Gospel Trumpet Love bridge, The. Taylor, M. I. 750.

Chelsea H Man's fairest hope. Gwaltney, L. L. 75

S. S. Bd. of So. Bapt. Conven", Morning's at seven. Allen, C. S. $1.75

Christopher Pub. Hd My church. Nothstein, I. O. 75C.; 400.

Augustana Neta. Hurd, W. E.


Christopher Pub. H New theory of force, A. Mann, W. E.

Christopher Pub. H!

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