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with it; but it differs in being of more general

Rich honesty dwells like your miser, ar, in a import, as every union with oxygen, whatever poor house ; as your pearl in your foul oyster. Id. the product may be, is an oxygenation ; but The oysterwomen locked their fish up, oxydation takes place only when an oxide is And trudged away to cry no bishop. formed.

Hudibras, ΟΧΎMEL, η. 5. Gl. οξυμελι, εξυς, and μελι. Another mass held a kind of oyster shell, and A mixture of vinegar and honey.

other bivalves.

Woodward. In fevers, the aliments prescribed by Hippocrates,

There may be many ranks of beings in the invisiwere ptisans and decoctions of some vegetables, ble world as superior to us as we are superior to with orymel or the mixture honey and vinegar. all the ranks of being in this visible world ; though

we descend below the oyster to the least animated OXY MOʻRON, n. S. Gr. ožupwpov. A rhe- atoms discovered by microscopes. torical figure, in which an epithet of a quite

Where oyster tubs in rows contrary signification is added to any word.

Are ranged beside the posts, there stay thy haste. OXYRÖRHODINE, n. s. Gr. οξυρροδινον,

Gay. οξυς, and ροδον. A mixture of two parts of oil of roses with one of vinegar of roses.

Oyster HARBOUR, a bay in the north part The spirits, opiates, and cool things, readily com

of King George the Third's Sound, New Holpose oiyrrhodines.

Floyer on the Humours. land, discovered by Vancouver in the year 1791 ;

and so called from the abundance of oysters OYER and TERMINER, Fr. Ouir et Ter- there. It will only admit vessels of a middle miner ; Lat. Audiendo et Terminando. A com- size, the shallowness of the water on the bar exmission directed to the judges, and other gen- tending from shore to shore, on which were tlemen of the county to which it is issued, by found seventeen feet water only. Long. 118° virtue whereof they have power to hear and de

15' E. termine treasons, and all manner of felonies and trespasses. In our statutes the term is often gal, very dangerous to navigation ou account of

Oyster Island, an island in the bay of Benprinied Oyer and Determiner. OYES. Fr. oyez, hear ye.

its rising but just above the level of the sea, and

Is the intro- being surrounded by rocks. It abounds with duction to any proclamation or advertisement given by the public criers both in England and rock oysters, which the natives of the opposite Scotland. It is thrice repeated.

coast catch with hammers, and carry to ChittaFairies, black, grey, green, and white,

gong, Dacca, and Calcutta ; but it is dangerous Attend your office and your quality.

to eat them till they have been purged in salt. Crier hobgoblin, make the fairy O yes !

It lies nine miles S.S. W. of the north point of Shakspeare.

the Arracan River. O yes! if any happy eye

Oyster Suells are an alkali far more powerThis roving wanton shall descry;

ful than is generally allowed, and in all probaLet the finder surely know

bility much better medicines than many of the Mine is the wag.

more costly and pompous alkalies of the same class. OY'LETHOLE, n. s. See Eylet. It may

These shells produce very sensible effects on the be written oylet, from oeillet, Fr. but eylet seems stomach, when it is injured by acid humors. better.

OZAMA, a river of Hispaniola, formed by Distinguished slashes deck the great,

the confluence of the Isabella and Ozama, two As each excels in birth or state ;

streams which unite about a league above the His oyletholes are more and ampler,

capital, and fall down in a beautiful wood-girted The king's own body was a sampler.

channel, as wide as the Thames at Chelsea. In OYOLAVA, one of the larger Navigator's rainy seasons this stream is of great convenience Islands, in the South Pacific, in long. 121° 24 for bringing down provisions and produce. W., and lat. 14° S., separated from Maouna, or OZANAM (James), an eminent French maMassacre Island, by a channel about nine leagues thematician, born at Boligneux in Bresse, in wide; and, according to Perouse, Otaheite can 1640. His father designed him for the church; scarcely be compared with it for beauty, extent, but his mathematical genius showed itself so and fertility. When his vessel was within three early that he made that study his profession, leagues of the coast it was surrounded by canoes and taught that science at Lyons. In 1702 he laden with bread-fruit and other provisions, and was admitted into the Royal Academy of the island seemed very populous from the cen- Sciences; and died of an apoplexy in 1717. tral mountain to the shore.

He was of a mild and serene temper, and a OY'STER, n.s. Belg. oester ; Lat. cheerful disposition. His works are very numeOY'STERWENCH, ostrea; Gr. ospeov.

Arous, and have met with approbation. The OY'STERWOMAN,

well-known shell fish: the principal are, 1. Practical Geometry, 12mo. 2. oyster wench and oyster woman are women em- A Mathematical Dictionary. 3. A Course of ployed in the sale of this fish; and generally, Mathematics, 5 vols. 8vo. 4. Mathematical and any low woman.

Philosophical Recreations, the most complete I will not lend thee a penny,

edition of which is that of 1724, in 4 vols. 8vo. -Why then the world's mine oyster, which I with 5. An Easy Method of Surveying. 6. New Elesword will open.

ments of Algebra, a work much commended by Shakspeare. Merry Wives of Windsor, M. Leibnitz. 7. Theoretical and Practical PerOff goes his bonnet to an oysterwench. Shakspeare.

spective, &c. Vol. XVI.

2 E





P, a labral consonant, is formed by a slight like a necklace, pass over the summit, and precompression of the anterior part of the lips; and sent a very remarkable appearance, which gives 25 contundent by the Gierman and Weslo with name to the mountain. Two of them, placed h. It has an uniform sound; but is sometimes near the central and highest point, are called the inute before 1; as accompt, receipt; but the Diamond and the Pearl. The Pearl is ahout znute p is in modern orthography commonly 100 feet above the summit of the hill, and the

P is used, 1. as a letter; 2. as an circumference of its base is nearly a mile. T. si reviation ; 3. it was anciently used as a nu- Diamond is larger. See CAPE OF Good Hope. meral 1. As a letter, P is the fifteenth of the L’AAN (Peter), a Dutch physician, born at polibet, and the eleventh consonant. The Amatcrdam in 1504. He became eminent it sound is formed by expressing the Treath sorue- Leyden, where he wrote several Latin treaties Bat nuore suddenly than in forming the sound on medicine, and died in 1710. üb; in other respects these the sounds are PABAY, a small island of the Hebrides, Tantis much alikt. When p stands before t or about eight miles from Barray, nearly a mile and sito sound is lost; as in the words palms, a half lony, one broad, inhabited by three famiPychology, ptolemaic, puisan, dc. When lies. jiláceaed before he they both tos+ther have the PABBA, a small island of Scotland, two miles Sound of 1; as in philosophy, physic, &c. P from Shr, about a mile lons, and three-fourths and Bare so like cach other, that in ancient in- of a mile broad. It is used only for pasuring skripuons, and old glossaries, these two letters cattle. In one place are indications of iron ore; bare often been confounded. Several natious and many of the rocks are of the finest linestone, still pronounce one for the other. The lielsh and exhibit berful petritactions. At its northand Germans say, ponum vinum for bonum ern extremity are the remains of a chapel.

Among the Latins, as ofien as an s L'ABBIT, one of the isles which compose the followed, the b was changed into a p, as scrilo, district of Larris, Inverness, Scotland.

It has a scripsi. St. Jerome observes, on Daniel, that conical appearance, and rises to a high ptaki the Hebrews had no P'; but that the phe served Its diameter, at the base, may measure about them instead ; adding that there is but one word two miles and a half. This island, once feriile in the whole Bible read with a P. viz. apadno. in corn, has its south side now covered with 2. As an abbreviation, P stands for Publius, sand drift, and exhibits the most desolatt apl'ondo, de. P.A. DIG. for Patricia Dignitas; pearance. Towards the south-west, indeed, it is P.(. for Patres Conscripti; 1. T. for Publii partially sheltered, and still productive; bui on Tulus; P. P. for Propositum, or l'ropositum the north-west again, where exposed to the setpublice; P. R. for Populus Romanu»; '. R. S. spray, scarcely any legetation remains. for Prtoris sententia; P.R.S. P. for Proses LABLO, a small lake of Quito, in the province provincie. P.J., among astronomers, is fre- of Otabalo, on which is situated a settlement of quntily used for post meridiem, or afternoon; this name. Forty miles east of Quito. It is and corneumes for post mane, after the mornin, also the name of other settlements of South j.e. after midnight. On the French coins, Pdes America. note those that were struckatljion. In the lialian

Lat. pabulum. Afturde music, P stand for piano, or sofily; and P. P. P. LARULA'T10X, N. S. for piani-imo), or very softly Among pohy- P'A B'ULOUS, adj.

is the act of feedils or lin, Pstands for pugil, or the eighth part of

I l'aB'ULUM, 1.s.

procuring food : pabua handful; P. E. partes quales, or equal parts lous, alimental: pabulum, food; support; mainof the ingredients; P. P. siznities pulvis patrun, tenance in regard to food. or Jesuit's bark in powder; and ppl. praparatus, We doubt the air is the pabulrux supply of fire, pro pared.

a mineral, P was used much less that fame is properly air kindled. arom the ancients to signify the same with the

Broune's l'ulgar Err uts. C, viz. 100; though Baromus thinks it rather

PACAJES, a province of Peru, bounded north 100d for seven. When a dash was added a-top by Chucuito and the great lake, north-east by of T', it stood for 400,000. The Greek of signi- Omasuayos, east by La Paz and Sicasica, south foedd eighty.

by Oruro, Paria, and Carangas, and south-west PA, a city of China, in Sechuen, of the second and west by the lofty chain of the Andes. Its rank. It stands in long. 100° 21' E., lat. 31° length from ihe bridue of the Desaguadaro, which 31' N

divides it from Chucuito, to the province of PA, a fortified city of China, of the second laria, in fifty-six leagues, and its greatest width rank, in Pe-cho-lee, fifty miles south of Pekin. forty. The climate is cold, and the population; Also a town of Thibet, 450 miles east of Lassa. chietty Indian, very thinly scattered. 'A mine of

PAARDEBERG, or the Dore Mountain, a talo, vibich supplies the whole of Peru with windivision of the district of Drakentein, Cape of dou ligliats, in its only remarkable production. Good Hope, so nan ed from the number of zebras PACAMOROS VIGI AB-0360, or San Juan that were formerly found here. Its chief produce de Salinas, vulgarly called De Bracamoros; is wheat.

il province and Government of Quito, bounded PAARLBERG, a mountain in the territory of north by the territory of Zamora and the province the Cape, to the north of the peninsula on which of Lová, west by Piura, south by the river AmaCape Town is situated. A chain of large rocks, 200, and east by Indian territories.

This pro

L'ABULAR, C. in aliment :

3. As


vince is thinly peopled, but has rich gold mines. A Pace is a measure taken from the space The pastures and iobacco are excellent. It also between the two feet of a man in walking ; yields wax, cotton, and the finest cacao.

usually reckoned two feet and a half, and in PACASMAYU, a river and bay of Peru, in some men a yard or three feet. The geometrical the province of Saria, which flows down the pace is five feet ; and 60,000 such paces make mountains of Caxamarca, runs west, and falls 1° on the equator. into the Pacific. In its mouth are caught excel- Pace (Richard), a learned Englishman, born lent fish. Lat. of its mouth 7° 24' S.

about 1482. Henry VIII. made him secretary PACCALONGANG, a European town and of state; and he was admitted prebendary of fort on the north coast of the island of Java, York, archdeacon of Dorset, and dean of St. 282 miles east of Batavia. It is the seat of a Paul's, &c., during his absence on foreign embasresident, a few Dutch families, and a numerous sies. Falling under the displeasure of Wolsey, population of natives and Chinese. The great he was so ill treated as to drive him mad, and road across the island passes through this place; was thrown into the Tower on his complaining to and near it is a forest many miles in extent, the king. After being confined two years, he which is so unhealthy that about 4000 people was enlarged, resigned his deaneries, and died in perished in cutting that part.

retirement, at Stepney, in 1532, after having PACE, n. S., v. n., & v. a.) Fr. pas ; Italian written several works. He was much esteemed PA'CED, adj.

3 pusso ; Lat. passus. by the learned men of his time, especially Sir Step ; manner of step or walk; gait ; gradation; Thomas More and Erasmus. degree of celerity; a measure of five feet; a PACHA, a title of honor and command in the particular movement of a horse: to move regu- east, synonynious with bashaw. See Bashaw. larly or slowly; to measure by steps : paced, is

PACHETE, or Pacuer, a zemindary in the having a particular gait.

province of Bengal, now incorporated in the He soft arrived on the grassie plain,

surrounding districts of Ramgur, Birbhoom, And fairly paced forth with easy pain.

and Burdwan. In 1784 Pachete, Chuta, NagSpenser.

poor, Palamow, and Ramgur, contained, accordTo-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow,

ing to 'major Rennel's mensuration, 21,732 Creeps in this petty pace from day to day,

square miles, of which 16,732 were nearly To the last syllable of recorded time;

The revenue was 161,216 rupees. PaAnd all our yesterdays have lighted fools

chete is bounded by Chuta Nagpoor, and RamThe way to dusky death.

Shakspeare. Macbeth.

gur, containing a jungly territory of about 2779 Where is the horse that doth untread again square miles, which was once a frontier territory His tedious measures with the unbated fire

towards the western confines of Bengal, and That he did pace them first ?

Shakspeare. still retains much of the sterility and barbarism If you can pace your wisdom

of the neighbouring regions to the south. The In that good path that I would wish it go,

climate is very unhealthy. The principal towns And you shall have vour bosom on this wretch.

are Pachete, Rogonauthgunge, and Jauldah,

which, with the zemindary, were formerly held Remember weli, with speed so pace, To speak of Perdita. Id. Winter's Tale.

by the Rajpoot Narrain family. The chief proNor her winged speede,

ducts of this province are rice and cotton. The faulcon gentle could for pace exceed.

Pachete, a town in the province of Bengal,

Chapman, the capital of the zemindary of this name, 126 His teachers were fain to restrain his forwardness; miles north-west from Calcutta. that his brothers, under the same training, might PACHODECARHOMBIS, in the ancient syshold pace with him. Wotton's Buckingham. tem of mineralogy, a genus of fossils, of the class

The violence of tempests never moves the sea of selenitæ. The word is derived from the Greek above six paces deep.

naxos, thick, oeka, ten, and popßos, a rhombus, Wilkins's Mathematical Magick.

and expresses a thick rhomboidal borly, comHe mended pace upon the touch.

posed of ten planes. The characters are that They rode, but authors having not Determined whether pace or trot;

the selenitæ of it consist of ten planes; but, as That's to say, whether tollutation

the top and bottom in the leptodecarhombes are

broader and larger planes than any of the rest, As they do term it, or succussation. Bleasuring land by walking over it, they styled a the great thickness of this genus, on the condouble step; i. e. the space from the elevation of one trary, makes its four longer planes in all the foot to the same foot set down again, mediated by a bodies of it, meeting in an obtuse angle from its step of the other foot; a pace equal to five foot ; a sides, its largest planes. There are four species. thousand of which paces made a mile.

PACHUCO, a town and province of the inThe first pace necessary for his majesty to make is tendancy of Mexico. It has a magnificent to fall into confidence with Spain. Temple.

parish church; and the royal coffers, where the Revenge is sure, though sometimes slowly paced ; Awake, awake, or sleeping sleep thy last. Dryden.

treasurer and accomptant reside, were formerly

here. The trade in silver is the principal of the The beggar sings, ev'n when he sees the place Beset with thieves, and never mends his pace. Id.

place. The ground on which it stands is 8141 Hudibras applied his spur to one side of his horse, feet high, forty-five miles north-east of Mexico. as not doubting but the other would keep pace with

PACHYMERUS (George), a Greek historian it,

of the fourteenth century. He wrote a History The moon rose in the clearest sky I ever saw, by of the East, which merits the more credit from whose solemn light I paced on slowly without inter- the share he had in the transactions he records. ruption. Pope. It commences with the year 1308.












PACIFIC, adj. Fr. pacifique, paci- groups of islands, which seem, as it were, the PACIFICA'110., 11. s. fier; Lat. pacificus, summits of vast mountains. Separately consiPACIF'ICATOR,

pacifico. Peaceable; dered, this ocean receives but few rivers ; the PACIFICATORY, adj. making peace; mild; chief being the Amur from Tartary, and the Pacier, n. S. gentle: pacification is loan-ho and kian-ku from China, the principal Pacify, 0.0.

J the

of making American rivers running east. As the boundary peace : pacificator, he who makes peace : paciti- of the Russian empire, the Pacific washes the catory, tending to make peace: to pacify is to shores of the government of Irkutsk, from appease; quell anger, resentment, or desire. Tschukotskoy Noss, or Cook's Straits, to the

Menelaus promised Ptolemy money, if he would frontiers of Chim; or from the mouth of the pacify the kiny.

2 Mac. iv. 45, river Aimakan, that is, froin 63° to 45° Ni lat. The Most High is not pacified for sin by the mul. It is divided into two great parts. That lying titude of sacrifices.

Ecclus. xxxiv. 19. eastwards from Kamtschatka, between Siberia While the dog hunted in the river, he had with- and America, is eminently tyleid the Eastern or drawn to pucrjy with sleep his over-watched eyes. the Pacific Ocean ; that on the west side from


Kamtschatka, between Siberia, the Chinese A world was to be saved by a pacification of wrathi Mongoley, and the Kurilly Islands, the sea of through the dignity of that sacrifice which should Okhotsk. Again, from the place where the river be offered.

lle sent forth with to the French king his chaplain, Anadyr falls into it, it is called the sea of chusing him because he was a churchman, as lest Anadyr; about Kamtschatka, the sea of hantsorting with an embassy of pucification. Bucon.

schatka; and the bay between the districts of He set and kept on foot a continual treaty of Okhotsk and Kamtschatka, is called the sea of peace ; besides he had in consideration the bearing Okbotsk, the upper part of which is termed the blessed person of a pacincatur.

l'enjinskoye Mare as it approaches the mouth In his journey he heard news of the victory, yet of the river Penjina. See our articles GEOGRAhe went on as far as York, to pacity and settle those PITY and OCEAN

PACK, 1. S., V.11., & v.n.) Fr. parqut, God now, in his gracious pacific manner, comes to Pack'-CLOTH, 1. S.

Ital. pacchetto; treat with them. Hammond's Fundumentals. Pack'er,

Swed, and Belg. Returning, in his bill

PACK'LI, n. S. & v.a. An olive leaf he brings, pacitie siyn!

(pack; Dan.pachike

PICKHORSE, 11. S. ( villain! to have wit at will upon all other occa

A bundle; bale; sions, and not one diverting syllable now at a pinch


band; set; numto pacify our mistress.


ber: hencea given Nor William's power, nor Mary's charms,


number of cards Could or repel, or pucity his arms.

or hounds, party of people, &c.; any great David, by an happy and seasonable pacification, number: to pack is to bind mp for carriage was took off from acting that bloody tragedy. or despatch : hence to unite selected persons

in a design ; sort cards in a particular manPacific OCEAN, Mare Pacificum, or South ner: to tie up goods; go after, or remove, in Sea, in geography, that vast ocean which sepa- haste; conceri measures (generally applied in rates Asia from America, originally called Paci- an ill sense): a packet is a small pack or bundle; fic from the moderate weather which the first particularly of letters; the vessel which carries mariners, and particularly Magellan, who sailed a mail baz: 10 packet is used by Switt for 10 in it, inet with between the tropics; and it was bind up parcels : a packhorse is, a horse of burcalled the South Sea, because the Spaniards den; a horse used for carrying packs: pack; crossed the Isthmus of Darien from north to saddle and packthread a sarkille and thread, used south. With regard to America it is also some- to carry and tie up packages: packwax, an anitimes called the Western Ocean. Far from this mal secretion. ocean being less infested with storms than the New farmer thinketh each hour a day, Atlantic, no sea is subject to rougher storms in Until the old farmer be pucking away. high latitudes; but Magellan happening to have a very favorable wind, and not meeting pack, a conspiracy, against me.

You panderly rascals! there's a knot, a gang,

Shakspeare. with any thing to ruffle him when he first traversed this vast ocean in 1520, gave it the name

He cannot live, I hope, and must not die, which it has retained ever since. Maty adds,

Till George be packed with post horse up to heaven. that the wind is so regular here that the vessels

Enos has would frequently go from Acapulco to the Phi- Packt cards with Cæsar, and false played. Id. lippine Islands, without shifting a sail. The general trade winds in the Pacific Ocean are To cross my friend in his intended drist, similar to those of the Atlantic, blowing con- Than, by concealing it, heap on your head stantly between the north and east in the A pack of sorrows. Id. Merchant of Venice. northern tropic, and between the south and east

Rogues, hence, avaunt! in the southern. Near the west coast of America Seek shelter, pack.

Shakspeare. their limits are strictly confined to the tropics, Go puck with him. Id. Timon Anuronicus. or even within them, but they widen as they

In the dark move onwards towards the coast of Asia.

Groped I to find out them, This ocean fills the largest ity of the globe, Fingered their pucket, and in fine withdrew. occupying nearly half of its surface from the

Shuukspeare. eastern shores of New Holland to the western of

Ere you were queen, ay, or your husband king, America; and it is diversified with several I was a packhorse in his great affairs.




I rather chose


Your beards deserve not so honourable a gravo as horse who is driven constantly forwards and backto stuff a butcher's cushion, or to be entombed in an wards to market, should be skilled in the geography ass's packsaddle.

of the country.

About his shelves

Several parts peculiar to brutes are wanting in Remnants of packthread, and old cakes of roses, man; as the strong aponeuroses of the neck, called Were thinly scattered. Id. Romeo and Juliet. packwax.

Ray. There be that can pack cards and yet cannot play Brutes, called men, in full cry packed by the well; so there are some that are good in canvasses court or country, run down in the house of comand factions, that are otherwise weak men.

mons, a deserted horned beast of the court. Bacon's Essays.

Wycherley. Themistocles said to the king of Persia, that The pack taken together, composed of fifty-two speech was like cloth of Arras, opened and put cards, is palpably a symbol of the solar year, conabroad, whereby the imagery appears in figures; sisting of fifty-two weeks, referring to time in genewhereas in thoughts they lie but as in packs. Bacon. ral; and however dealt out, in its speedy revolution,

There passed continually packets and dispatches affords a document, that even in our pastimes we between the two kings.

Id. Henry VII. should be mindful of its transient and brief duration. Girding of the body of the tree about with pack

Whyte's Poems, notes. threud, restraineth the sap. Id. Natural History. It is wonderful to see persons of sense passing

The wind no sooner came good, but away pack the away a dozen hours together in shuffling and dividgallies with all the haste they could. Carew. ing a pack of cards.

Addison. That this so profitable a merchandize, riseth not What we looked upon as brains, were an heap of to a proportionable enhancement with other less be- strange materials, packed up with wonderful art in neficial commodities, they impute partly to the the skull.

Id. eastern buyers pucking, partly to the owners not His horse is vicious, for which reason I tie him vending the same. Id. close to his manger with a packthread.

Id. Had sly Ulysses at the sack

The expected council was dwindled into a convenOf Troy, brought thee his pedlar's pack. ticle; a packed assembly of Italian bishops, not a

Cleaveland. free convention of fathers from all quarters. The marigold, whose courtier’s face

Atterbury. Ecchoes the sun, and doth unlace

Women to cards may be compared, we play
Her at his rise, at his full stop

A round or two, when used we throw away,
Packs and shuts up her gaudy shop.
Id. Take a fresh pack.

Granville. That brave prancing courser hath been so broken I can compare such productions to nothing but and brought low by her, that he will patiently take rich pieces of patchwork, sewed together with packthe bit and bear a packsaddle or panniers. Howel. thread.

Felton. Upon your late command

The judgo shall jobb, the bishop bite the town, To guard the passages, and search all packets, And mighty dukes pack cards for half a crown. This to the prince was intercepted. Denham.

Pope. Never such a pack of knaves and villains, as Bickerstaff is more a man of honour than to be they who now governed in the parliament.

an accomplice with a pack of rascals that walk the Clarendon. streets on nights.

Swift. Our knight did bear no less a pack

Poor Stella must pack off to town, Of his own buttocks on his back. Hudibrus. From purling streams and fountains bubbling, When they have packed a parliament,

To Liffy's stinking tide at Dublin.

Id. We'll once more try the expedient ;

People would wonder how the news could come, Who can already muster friends,

especially if the wind be fair when the packet goes To serve for members to our ends. Id.

Id. A poor merchant driven on unknown land,

My resolution is to send you all your letters, well That had by chance packed up his choicest treasure sealed and packeted.

Id. In one dear casket, and saved only that. Otway. So many greater fools than they,

The bunch on a camel's back may be instead of a Will pack a crowded audience the third day. packsaddle to receive the burden. More.

Southern. His packets returned with large accessions of ob. The savage soul of game is up at once, jections and advertisements.

Fell. The pack full opening various. "Thomson's Summer. If they had been an hundred more, they had been

PACORUS, the eldest of the thirty sons of all sent packing with the same answer. Stilling fleet.

Orodes, king of Parthia, who defeated Crassus, Resolved for sea, the slaves thy baggage pack, Each saddled with his burden on his back.

and took him prisoner, and took Syria from the Dryden.

Romans. He supported Pompey and the reTwo ghosts join their packs to hunt her o’er the publican party; but was at last killed by Bassus, plain.


A.A.C. 39. See PARTHIA. The fury fires the pack; they snuff, they vent, PACOS, in zoology, a species of camel, And feed ibeir hungry nostrils with the scent. Id. known among many by the name of the Indian

Pack hence, and from the covered benches rise, sheep, or Peruvian sheep. See CAMELUS. This This is no place for you.

creature has been accounted a sheep, because But whea they took notice how stupid a beast it its hair is so long as to resemble wool, and it is was, they loaded it with packs and burdens, and set prodigiously thick, its head and neck alone

L'Estrange. A thief kindled his torch at Jupiter's altar, and of our largest sheep. Its body is clothed in the

having more wool on them than the whole body then robbed the temple : as he was packing away with his sacrilegious burden, a voice pursued him.

same proportion with a woolly hair equally fine.

PACT, n. s. Fr. pact; Lat. pactum.

Both the substantives are It is not to be expected that a man, who drudges op in a laborious trade, should be more knowing in Pactit’ious, adj. S used to signify a bargain the variety of things done in the world, than a pack- or covenant: pactitious is, settled by covenant.




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