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Ornamental painting embraces the executing plain whites. The pa n.ers' charges are regula. of friezes and the decorative parts of architecture ted in London by the surveyors, and their reguin chiara obscura, or light and shade on walls lations are made from an average of the price of and ceilings. It requires, in the first place, a the best materials of every kind; but painting is ground to be well painted of the tint it is pro- frequently offered to be done at from fifteen 10 posed to remain, and exactly drawn into the twenty per cent. less than the price so regulated. width it is intended to be left on such a ground But, perhaps, no branch of trade requires more exso formed. The ornament to be painted is to act description than painting, as oil and colors be drawn out neatly with a black-lead pencil, may be purchased of all degrees of purity: hence and then to be painted and shaded, to give it its painting, like the gold of the jewellers, will vary due effect.

in its quality, or fineness, as it varies in the ratio Such kind of painting is often painted on slips of its alloy or adulteration. of paper, or Irish cloth, and pasted up after- We add, from Mr. Elmes's Dictionary of the wards ; some artists also, to facilitate their work, Fine Arts, a copious list of books on painting. and when the ornament is of a similar pattern all In the work of Junius, De Picturâ leterum, through, do it by what is termed stinselling ; book 2, chap. iii. sect. 3, and in the Bibliotheca this method consists in drawing out a certain Græca of Fabricius, book 3, chap. xxiv, sect. 10, length of the pattern to be painted very accurate- are catalogues of Greek authors who have writly on paper, and then pricking a large sized ten upon painting; of which, however, few have needle in regular distances all round the pattern reached our times. Among this number are the through the paper, which they afterwards lay Icones of the two Philostrates ; which have smoothly against the wall to be ornamented and been translated into French under the title of strike its outer surface, which has been pricked Les Tableaux de Plate Peinture, &c., by Blaise through with a small linen bay containing pow- de l'igenere, corrected and augmented by Th. dered chalk : the powder enters the apertures in Embry, Paris, 1615, 1617, in fol. An excellent the pattern, and fixes itself against the wall, ex- commentary upon this work may be found in a bibiting the exact outline of the ornaments which Memoir of Count Caylus, inserted in the twentythe painter immediately fixes by painting it on ninth volume of Mémoires de l'Académie des the wall; by this means a great saving of his Belles Lettres. To some editious of the works time is accomplished. Some paintings in this of Philostrates are added a work of Callistrates, manner are heightened with gold ; this is per- entitled Exopaois (that is, explanations or deformed after the ornament is painted in, as it is scriptions). termed, by the process known as gilding in oil. The ancient work which gives the most detailed

Letter or inscription uriling is performed by accounts of the art of painting among the an persons known in the trade as letter-writers. cients is the Natural History of Pliny, who, in The process is similar to ornament painting, ex- speaking of minerals, takes occasion to speak of cepting the superior ability and taste required in colors, and their use in painting; in which subthe one, whereas the other is a mere mechanical ject he treats of the history of ancient painting, operation. The letter writer sketches out in in several chapters of the thirty-fifth book. pencil the words he has to write, and afterwards. These chapters have been published separately, corrects the outline by the color which he ap- and commented upon by Durand, in a work enplies with a camels' hair pencil. When the let- titled Histoire de la Peinture ancienne, published ters are to be gilt, the process is similar, and as at London in 1725, in fol. M. Falconet has the letters are painted, they are covered with also published a translation of the thirty-fourth, leaf-gold, and when completely covered it is left thirty-fifth, and thirty-sixth, hooks of Pliny, to fix itself by the drying of the painting on which with notes, Amsterdam, 177., 8vo. These chapit has been laid. After which a sponge and wa- ters of Pliny have also been commented upon, ter is used to clear away the superfluous gold; several articles inserted in the Memoirs of the the whole is then covered by a coat of good oil Academy of Inscriptions and Belles Lettres. (An varnish. Letter writing is charged by the inch, English translation of the whole work, by P. viz. the height of one of the letters being taken, Holland, was published in 2 vols. fol., London, will, by being multiplied by the number on the 1634.) whole inscription, denote exactly the quantity of Count Caylus bas given, in the nineteenth voinches which has been written. T'he price varies, lume of the same work, Eclaircissemens sur inasmuch as shadowed letters are a halfpenny quelques Passages de Pline qui concernent les an inch more than plain ones, and gilt letters Arts dependans du Dessin; and, in the twentyare treble the price of either. Twopence an fifth volume, three Memoirs, entitled Réflexions inch is about the average price of inscription sur quelques Chapitres du trente-cinquième letters.

Livre de Pline. In the second of these memoirs Painters' work is measured by the yard super- the reflections of the author are particularly dificial, of nine square feet, and the painter is al- rected to the kind and manner of ancient paintlowed to take his dimerisions over and into every ings; and in the thurd the character and manner part where the brush bas passed. Sash frames of the Greek painters. The twenty-fifth volume are valued at per piece, and sash squares at per contains also a Memoir of M. de la Nauze, upon dozen, as well as window bars, balusters of the manner in which Pliny has treated the art of stairs, stay bars, &c. Painting done on new pamung. M. Quatremere de Quincy, the learned stucco is allowed one penny per yard more than author of part of the Encyclopédie Méthodique, when on wooden work, and colors are charged and of Letters from London, in 1818, 10 ( 'anova, an additional penny more than when done in on the Elgin Marbles, announced in 1805 a


new translation of this book; but we are not Trattatello della nobilissima Pittura, e della sua certain that be published it.

Arte, della Dottrina, e del Modo per conseguirla Among modern works upon painting we will agevolmente, da Mich. Ang. Biondi, Ven. 1549, first mention those which are written in Latin; 8vo.: a little and very superficial work. Il among the principal of which are :-L. Bapt. Disegno del Anton. Franc. Doni, dove si tratta Alberti, de Pictura, libri iij. Basil, 1540, in 8vo. della Scoltura, Pittura, de Colori, de Getti, de MoAmong the best translations of this work are, degli, con molte cose apperținenti a quest' Arti, one in Italian, published in Venice, 1547, 8vo.; Venegia, 1549, 8vo.:-a useful little work stored one in French by Jean Martin, among the works with excellent directions. Della nobilissima of Alberti upon architecture, Paris, 1553, fol.; Pittura, e della sua Arte, del modo e della Dotand one in English, in the edition of his work trina di conseguirla agevolinente e Presto, da upon architecture, by Leoni, 1726 and 1739, 3 Biondo, Venice, 1549, 8vo. Introduzzione alle vols

. fol. Also, Joh. Molani de Picturis et Ima- tre Arti del Disegno, thirty-five chapters (for an ginibus Sacris, libri ii., Leovard, 1570 and 1594, account of which see Vite de Pittori da Vasari. 8vo. Robert Fludd, or De Fluctibus, Tractatus L'Aretino, Dialogo della Pittura, di Lod. de Arte Picturæ, Francof., 1624, fol. Jul. Cæs. Dolce, nel quale si raginao della Dignità di Bulenger, de Pictura, Plastice, et Statuaria Ve- essa Pittura, e di tutte le Parte necessarie che a terum, printed in his Opuscula, Ludg. Batav. perfetto Pittore si acconvengano : con Esempi 1621, 8vo.; and also separately under the same di Pittori ant. e Mod. e nel Fine si fa menzione title, in 8vo. 1627, as well as in the ninth volume delle Virtù e delle Opere del divin Tiziano, of Trésor de Gronovius. Of this work Thomas Venice, 1557; of which there is a more modern Malie has given an English translation, London, edition, with a French translation (printed at 1657, fol. ”It is merely a nomenclature of the Rome, 8vo.), and a long preface by the transvarious articles used in painting, and of the man- lator; also an English translation published in Der in which they are prepared. The next in London, 1782, 12mo. Osservazioni nella Pitchronological order is the work of Franciscus tura, di M. Cristofane Sorte, Venice, 1580, 4to. Junius (Francis Dujong, or Young), entitled de Lettera di Bartolomeo Ammanati, sopra le PitPictura Veterum, Amst. 1637, in 4to. A new ture men che oneste, Firenze, 1582, 4to. Il edition of it, much augmented and corrected, Riposo di Raffaelo Borghini, in cui si favella was published by Grævius at Rotterdam, in 1694, della Pittura e delle Scoltura, et de più illustri fol., which is reckoned preferable to the first. Pittori e Scultori, antiche e moderni, Firenze, At the end of the work is a list of ancient artists, 1584, in 8vo.; of which there has been a new in alphabetical order, which is, perhaps, one of edition, augmented and corrected by Antonio ihe best parts of the work.

Maria Biscioni, Firenze, 1730, 410.; and a much Among the Latin works which treat of the later one in 3 vols. 8vo. Parere sopra la Pittutheory and practice of the art, we find :

-Spe- ra, di M. Bernard Campi, Pittore Cremonese, culum Imaginum Veritatis occultæ per Symbola Cremona, 1584, 4to. Discorso d’Allessandro et Emblemata, Auct. Jac. Mosenio, Col. 1661, Lamo intorno alla Scoltura et Pittura, Cremona, 1681, 8vo. De Graphice sive Arte Pingendi; 1584, 4to. Trattato dell'Arte della Pittura, ne' which is the fifth chapter of the work of Ger. J. quali si contiene tutta la Teorica e la Prattica di Vossius, entitled de Natura Artium. Joannes essa Pittura, da Giovanni Paolo Lomazzo, Mil. Schefferi, Argentinensis, Graphice, id est de Pittori, div. in vii. libri, Milano, 1584 4to. Arte pingendi, Norimb. 1669; Upsal, 1699, The same work is also to be found under the 8vo. This is an interesting little work, and is following title, Trattato dell' Arte della Pittura, well written. De Inanibus Picturis, Diss. Joa. Scoltura, et Architettura, da G. P. Lomazzo, Mil. Fr. Jungeri, Lips. 1679, in 4to. By picturæ Pitt. div. in vii. libri ne' quali si discorre della inanes' the author appears to mean those paint- Proporzione, de' Moti,' de Colori, de' Lumi, ings which represent imaginary beings, or scan- della prospettiva, della Prattica, della Pittura, é dalous subjects. Dissert. de Pictura, Auct. finalmente de le Istorie d'essa Pittura, con una Hulderic. Sigism. Rothmaler, Jen. 1692, 4to. Tavola de' Nomi de tutti le Pittori, Scultori, De Lectione Poetarum recentiorum Pictoribus Architetti, e Matematici, antichi e moderni, commendanda, Programma, Joh. G. Jacobi; Milan, 1585 and 1590, in 4to. There is an Hal. 1766, 4to. De pictura contumeliosa, Diss. English translation of this work by Haydok, Joh. Lud. Kluber, Erl. 1787, in 4to. Car. London, 1598, fol. ; and a French translation of Hodoby de Hoda, Ars delineandi Coloribusque the first book, which appeared at Toulouse in localibus adumbrandi, 1790, 8vo. Car. Adol. 1649, in folio. To this work we must add: Du Fresnoy, de Arte graphica, Paris, 1658.-A another by the same author, entitled Idea del poem on the art, with the French version by De Tempio della Pittura nella quale si discorre dell' Piles

, of which Dryden published a prose trans- Origine e del Fondamento delle cose contenente lation in 1694; Wills, an English painter, a del trattato, dell'Arte della Pittura, Milan, 1571, metrical translation without rhymes ; and again in 4to. De' veri Precetti della Pittura de GioMason, in 1782, a translation, with notes by Sir vanni Bat. Armenini da Faenza, lib. ii. ne Joshua Reynolds.

quali con bell'Ordine d'utili e buoni AvvertiAmong the works written in Italian are, Dis- menti per chi desidera in essa Farsi con prescorso eruditissimo della Pittura, con molte se- tezza eccellente si dimostrano i Modi principali grete Allegorie, circa le muse, published in the del disegnare e del dipingere, di fare le Pitture Instituzione al comporre in ogni Sorte, di Rima, che si convengono alle Condizioni de' Luoghi e &c., of Mar. Equicola, Milan, 1541, 4to. Dia- delle Persone, Ravenna, 1587, in 4to., and Ingo de Pittura, di Paolo Pino, Ven. 1548, 4to. Venice, 1678, in 4to. Il' Filogino, Ovvero dek A poem, enuiled

Fine della Pittura; Dialogo del P. D. Gregorio Firenza, 1725, 410. La Teorica della Pittura, Commanino, Canon. Later. nel quale s mostra ovvero Trattato delle Materie più necessarie per qual sia l'imitare più perfetio, o il Pittore, o il apprendere con fondamento quest' Arte, coinl'oeta, Mantora, 1591, tto. Difinizione e Divi- posto da Ant. Franchi, pittore Lucchese, Lucca, zione della Pittura, di Cioran. Batt. Pauri, 1739, 8vo. Sfogamenti d'ingegno sopra la l'iiNobile Genov. e Pittore, Geneva, 1007, folio. tura e la Scultura, da P. Franc. Vinozzi, Penice, L'idea de Pittori, de' Scultori, e degli Archi- 1739, 12mo. Dialoghi sopra le Arti del Disertetti, del Cav. Feder. Zuccheri, in due libri, no, by Botiari, Lucca, 1751, 8vo. Avvertimenti Torino, 1607, 410. This work is to be seen also di Giamp. Cavezzoni Zanotti, per lo incaminain the sixth volume of the Raccolta di Lettere mento di un Giovane alla Pittura. Bal. 170311, sulla Pittura, Scultura, e Architettura, Rome, 8vo. Dissertazione sopra l'Arte della Pitura 17.34, 7 vols. 4to. Avvertimenti e Regole sopra dell'Abbate Giovanni Andrea Lazzarini, in l'Architettura, civile e militare, la Pittura, Scul- the ninety-seventh and following pages of the tura, e Prospettiva, da Pier Antonio Barca, second volume of the Nuova Raccolta d'OpusMilan, 1620, folio. Trattato della Pittura, fatto culi scientif. et tilol. reprinted at Pesaro, 1103, a commune Beneticio de' Tirtuosi, da Fra. Dom. 4t0.; and in the Catalogo delle Pitture neile Francesco Bisacno, Cavaliere di Malta, l'en. chiese di Pesaro, Pes. 1783, 8vo. SAVIO 1612, 810. La prima Parte della Luce del di sopra la Pittura, by count Algarotti, Living, pingere, di Crisp. del. Passo, Amsterd. 1643, 1703, 810.; of which there is a French traualdfolio. Trattato della Pittura, de Lionardo da tion by Pingeron, Paris, 1709, 12m0., and an Vinci, dato in Luce con la lita dell'istesso English translation, 12mo. London, 178.3. Autore scritta da Raff. Du Fresne, I':ıris, 1651, L'lilea del proferto Pittore del servire di lieand Saples, 1733, folio, with engravings afier gola nel Guidizio, che si deve formare Intorno design made by Pouşsin. There was a new all' Opere de' Pittori, accresciuta della maniera edition of it published at Florence, 1792, 4tv., di dipingere sopra le Porcellane, Smalto, letro, augmented with the life of the author by Franc. Metalli, e Pietre, lenice, 1771, 4to. Dell' Are Fontani. There is also a translation of it into di vedere nelle belli Arti del Disegno, secon lo French by Rol. Freart. de Chambıray, 1651, fol. li Principi di Sulzer e di Menzs, l'enice, 1781, 1710, 17:24, dc., and an English translation, 8vo. The works of lengs, in their various London, 1721, 3vo. Trattato della Pittura e editions and translations. Scultural, uso ed abuso loro, comporto di un dell Irte Pittorica, in eight cantos, by count Teoloxo (Pere Ottonelli), e da un Piliore Pieiro Ad. Chiusole, Venice, 1768, 8vo., will atond di C'ortona), in cui si risilvono molti Cası di some pleasure; it has been abridged into four Coscienza intorno al fare e tenere, le Immagine cantos, under the title of Precetti della Piitura, sacre e profane; si riferiscono molte Historie Vic. 1781, 810. Storia della Pittura in Italia antiche e moderne, si considerano alenne Cose da Luigi Lanzi. The best edition of which is d' alcuni Pittori morti e famosi del nostro Tem- in six volumes 8vo., Bassano, 1809. licenzo po, e si notano certi avvisi e certi particolarità Requeno, sarri sul Ristabilimento dell'antica circa l'operare secondo l'Osservazioni fatte in Arte de' Greci e Romani Pittori, Rome, 1780. alcune :


di Valent. Luomi Firenza, 1052, A second edition of which appeared in 2 vols. 4to.

Il Microcosmo della Pittura, di Franc. Parm. 1787. Storia della Pittura e della SculScanelli da Forli; Cesena, 1057, tto. Carta tura dai Tempi antichi. This work, which is del Navigar pittoresco, dial. in quarta Rima, in written in Italian and English, has also the folDialetto l'enez. da Marco Boschini, Venezia, lowing title :—The History of Painting and 1600, 8vo. Le Minere della Pittura, di M. Sculpture, by Thomas Hickay, and was pubBoschini, Venice, 1667, 410. In the Prodromo lished at Calcutta in 1783, 4to. alle Arie maestra, di. Franc. Lana, Brescia, Among the works written in Spanish upon

the 1670, fol.: the author treats of invention, of theory of painting are the following, namely :design, of colors, and of the different kinds of Arte dei Pintura, symmetria y perspectiva, por painting. Riflessioni sopra la Pittura di Nico-. Phil. Nunnez, in Lisbon, 1615, 1to. Vemorial las Poussin, printed in the lite de' Pittori, de' informatorio, por los l'intores, Madrid, 1629, Scultori, ed Architetti moderni, par Bellori, 10. Dial. de la Pintura, su Defensa, Origé lì, Rome, 1672, 4to. Il Vocabolario Toscano dell' Essencn, Definicion, Modos, y Differencias, Arte del Diseno, co propri Termini e l'oci por Cinc. Carducho, Fireni. Madrid, 1633 and non sola della Pittura, Scultura, e d'Architettura, 1637, 410. Trattato de la Pintura, su antima Ancora di altre Arti, e che hanno per Fon- gueulad y grandezas, por Frane. Pacheco, Seville, damento il Disegno, di Fil. Baldinucci, Lirenza, 10+!, in 4to. El Museo pintorico, y escala 1681, 410., of which Ant. Jar. Biscioni har Oprica, por Ant. Palamino Velasco, Madrid, given a new edition. published at Florence, 1715, 172+, 3 vols. fol. Under the title of La 1730, 4to. Baldinucci is also the author of Pittura, Diego Ant. Bezon de Silva has printed Lettera nelle quale si risponde ad alcuni quesiti in 1783, at Segoviu

, a poem in three cantos, of in Materie di Pittura e Scultura, Rome, 1681, which painting is the subject. 4to.; and of La l'eglia, Dialogo di Sincero Among the works of French authors on this Tero (Philip Baldinucci), in cui si disputano, e subject are the following :- Ideé de la Perfecscogliono varie Ditliculti pittoriche; Lucca, tion de la Peinture démontrée par les Principes 1684, 8vo., and in the Raccolta di alcuni Opuis- de l'Art et par des Exemples conformes aux Olcoli, da Fil. Baldinucci, Fir. 1705, 110. Bellori, servations que Pline runnilien ont faits sur della Pittura antica, l'enez. 1697. Le Pittura les plus célebres Tableaux des anciens Peintres, in Parnasso, da Giovanni Maria Ciocchi, littore, mien Parallèle avec quelques Ouvrages de nos

meilleurs Peintres modernes, Lion. da Vinci, 1757, 12mo. page 121, is a Mémoire sur la Raffaelle, Jules Romain, et Le Poussin, par Peinture, which had already appeared in the Roland Freart, Sieur de Chambray, au Mans, Mercure de France. Discours sur la Peinture 1662, 4to.; Paris, 1672, 8vo.

Le Peintre con- et sur l'Architecture, by M. du Perron, Paris, verti aux Règles précises et universelles de son 1758, 8vo. Réflexions sur les différentes ParArt, avec un Raisonnement au Sujet des Ta- "ties de la Peinture, is found with l’Art de bleaux, by Abr. Bosse, Paris, 1667, 4to. Des Peindre of Watelet, Paris, 1760, 4to. 1761, Principes de l'Architecture, de la Peinture, 12mo. In l’Amateur; ou, Nouvelles Pièces et Sculpture, et des autres Arts qui en dépendent, Dissertations pour servir aux Progrès du Goût et avec un Dictionnaire propre à chacun de ces des Beaux Arts, Paris, 1762, 8vo., are some reArts, par André Felibien, Paris, 1669, 1697, flections upon colors. Traité de la Peinture, 40. Conférences de l'Académie royale de suivi d'un Essai sur la Sculpture, pour servir Peinture et de Sculpture pendant l'Année 1667, d'Introduction à une Histoire universelle relative Paris, 1669, 4to.; Amst. 1706, in 12mo.; and à ces beaux Arts, by André Bardon, Paris, 1765, in the fifth volume of Entretiens sur les Vies 2 vols. in 12mo. Observations raisonneés sur des Peintres, by the same, Trev. 1725, in 12mo. l'Art de la Peinture appliqueés à la Galérie de Traité de la Pratique de la Peinture, par Phi- Dusseldorf, by Fredon de la Bretonniere, Duslippe de la Hire, in l'Histoire de l'Académie des seldorf, 1776,

8vo. Principes abrégés de PeinSciences de Paris, 1666—1669, vol. ix. page ture, par M. Dutems, Tours, 1779, 8vo. Traité 635, and following. L'Académie de la Peinture des Principes et des Règles de la Peinture, by nouvellement mise au jour pour instruire la M. Liotard, Genève, 1781, 8vo. Réflexions sur Jeunesse à bien peindre en Huile et en Minia- la Peinture et la Gravure, by C. F. Joullain, ture, par la Fontaine, Paris, 1679, 12mo. Con- 1785, 12mo. The author of this work speaks férence de l'Académie, avec les Sentimens des particularly of the dealing in pictures. There plus habiles Peintres sur la Pratique de la Pein- are also several memoirs upon this matter in the ture et de la Sculpture, avec plusieurs Discours Bibliotheq. des Artistes et des Amateurs, by the academiques, par Henry Testelin, Paris, 1696, Abbé Jean Raymond de Petity, 1766, 3 vols. fol. Livre de Secrets pour faire la Peinture, 4to. 1682, 12mo. Cours de Peinture par Principes, Many French didactic poems have been by M. Roger de Piles, Paris, 1708, 1720, 12mo. written on painting ; such are:-La Peinture, a This work forms the second volume of his Euvres poem, 1755, 12mo. L'Art de peindre, by diverses, Amsterdam, 1766, 12mo. Elémens de Watelet, Paris, 1760, 4to., Amst.; 1761, 12mo. la Peinture-pratique, by the same, Paris, 1684, La Peinture, a poem, crowned at the floral 12mo.; 1708, 12mo. Ch. Ant. Jombert has given games in 1767, by M. Mich. d'Avignon, Lyons, an enlarged edition of it, 1766, 8vo., which 12mo. La Peinture, a poem in three cantos, by forms the third volume of his Euvres diverses, La Mierre, Paris, 1770, 4to.; Amst. 1770. Amster. 1766, 12mo. Many authors, and among 12mo! There are also to be found some inothers M. de Murr, in his Bibliothèque de Pein- teresting articles in the Grand Livre des Peinture, at page 151, have attributed this work to tres ou l'Art de la Peinture, considéré dans Jean Baptiste Corneille, who is not the author toutes ses Parties et démontré par Principes avec of the engravings which are in it. Traité sur la des Réflexions sur les Ouvrages de quelques Peinture, pour en apprendre la Théorie et se per- bons Maitres et sur les Défauts qui s'y trouvent, fectionner dans la Pratique, par Barnard Dupui par Gerard de Lairesse, Paris, 1787, 2 vols. 8vo. du Grez, Toulouse, 1699, 4to. Réflexions sur Among the older works in the English lanla Poésie et sur la Peinture, by the Abbé Jean guage upon this subject are:-A proper Treatise Baptiste Dubos, Paris, 1719, 2 vols. 12mo. wherein is briefly set forth the Art of Limning, There have appeared enlarged editions of it in London, 1625, 4to. Ars Pictoria ; or, an Aca1733, and 1740, in 3 vols. 12mo. Discours pro- demy treating of Drawing, Painting, Limning, noncés dans les Conférences de l'Académie and Etching; to which are added thirty copper royale de Peinture et de Sculpture, by Antoine plates, expressing the choicest, neatest, and Coypel, Paris, 1721, 4to. Dialogues sur la most exact grounds and rules of symmetry Peinture, by Fenelon. They are joined to the collected out of the most eminent Italian, Life of Mignard, by the abbót Monville, Amst. German, and Netherland authors, by Alexander 1731, in 12mo. In the Choix des Mercures, Brown, London, 1660, 8vo.; 1669 and 1675, vol. ii. p. 167, is a letter upon painting, M. small folio. Introduction to the general Arts Brossard de Mantenei. Observations sur la of Drawing and Limning, London, 1674, Peinture, London, 1736, 8vo. Réflexions sur 4to. Painting illustrated, in three Dialogues, la Peinture, by M. de la Font de Saint Yenne, containing some choice Observations upon the 1746, 12mo. Lettres sur la Peinture, à un Art; together with the lives of the most eminent Amateur, par Louis Guillaume Baillet de Saint Painters from Cimabue to the time of RaffaJulien, Genève, 1750, 12mo. . Essai sur la elle and Michel Angiolo, with an explication of Peinture, Sculpture, et Architecture, by Louis de the difficult terms, Lond. 1685, 4to., 1719, 4to., Bachaumont, Paris, 1752, 8vo. Jaq. Gautier, 1785, 4to., by Will. Aglionby, and the lives Observations sur l'Hist. naturelle, sur la Phy- of painters are corrected after Vasari

. Polysique, et sur la Peinture, Paris, 1752, 6 vols. graphice; or the Art of Drawing, Engraving, Observations sur la Peinture et sur les Tableaux Etching, Limning, Painting, Washing, by Salanciens et modernes, by the same, Paris, 1753, mon, Lond. 1678, 2 vols. 8vo. ; 1701, 2 vols. 8vo. 2 vols, 12mo. In the Recueil de quelques The Art of Painting of the best Italian, French, Piéces concernant les Arts, by Cochin, Paris, and German Masters, London 1692, fol. Art of Painting in Oil, and Method of Coloring, by J. lerhand Doeningh van Gaan, Staan, Loopen, Smith, London, 1753, 12mo. Art of Painting Torssen, Dragen, Arbeyden, Spreken en Andere after the Italian Manner, by M. Elsum, London, gebeerden bevallig en verstandelijk aanstelen zal, 1704, 8vo. Essay upon the Theory of Painting, Amst. 1682. An excellent work, with many fine by Richardson, London, 1719, 8vo. This work engravings. Der leermeester der schilderkoust, forms the first volume of a Treatise on Painting, eertyds in rym gestelt door Karel van Mender, of the same author, which has been translated weder aan't licht gegeeven en ontrymi'd door into French by A. Rutgers; Amst. 17:28, 8vo. Wibrandus de Geest, Schilder, Leawarden, 1712, 4 parts in three vols. The Art of Drawing and 8vo. Painting in Water Colors, by J. Smith, London, Among works upon painting written in Ger1730, 1732, 1757, and 1779, in 12mo. Essay man, whose titles we have been able to collect, upon Poetry and Painting, with relation to the we shall mention-Le Livre curieux des Arts à Sacred and Profane History, by Charles La l'Usage des Peintres, Sculpteurs, et Orfevres, par Motte, London, 1730, 12mo. The Principles Henri Vogtheren, Strasburg, 1543, 4to. Le Maof Painting, London, 1744, 8vo. Polymetis ; nuel des Arts de Sébald Beham, propre à apprenor, an Enquiry concerning the Agreement be- dre à peindre et à dessiner d'après les véritables tween the Works of the Roman Poets and the Proportions et Divisions du Cercle à l'usage des Remains of the ancient Artists, by John Spence, Peintres et des Artistes, Francfort, 1605, 4t0., London, 1747, 175), and 1774, fol. Tindal has with fifty-seven engravings in wood. L'Acadegiven an abridgment of it, London, 1765, repub- mia tedesca della Architettura, Scultura, e Pitished in 1786, 8vo. Plan of an Academy of tura, Nurembourg, 1675, 1679, 2 vols. fol. Le Painting, Sculpture, &c., London, 1755, 410. vrai Chemin à suivre pour apprendre à peindre, Practice of Painting and Perspective, in which par Guillaume Stettler, Berne, 1679, 12mo. Le is contained the Art of Painting in oil, with the Peintre curieux, Dresden, 1679, 8vo., with enmethod of Coloring; first Painting or Dead gravings. Le Peintre instruit, habile, galant, el Coloring, second Painting, third or last Painting, édifiant, par J. Dauw, Copenhagen, 1721, 8v0.; Painting Backgrounds, Copying, Drapery, and an enlarged octavo edition by Charles Bertrand, Landseape Painting, by Th. Bardwell, London, ib., 1755, 8vo. Principes de la Peinture et du 1756, 1773, and 1782, 4to. Enquiry into the Dessin, par Joseph Widtmaisser, Vienna, 1731, Beauties of Painting, and into the Merit of the 4to. Le Peintre instituteur, montrant aux Amamost celebrated Painters, ancient and modern, teurs comment il faut s'y prendre pour apprenby Man. Webb, London, 1777, 4to. A Letter dre à peindre en luile, en Pastel, en Fresque, 00 Poetry, Painting, and Sculpture, by king, &c., by Jean Melchior Croecker, Jena, 1778, London, 1768, 12mo. Seven Discourses de- 8vo. Idées sur l’Imitation des Monumens livered in the Royal Academy by the President Grecs en Peinture et Sculpture, Dresden, 1754 Sir Joshua Reynolds, London, 1778, 8vo. There and 1756. Epitre au Sujet de l'Ouvrage précéwas a French translation of it published in Paris dent, Dresden, 1755, 4to. Dissertations upon in 1787, 2 vols. 12ino. Several other Discourses the work : Idées sur l'Imitation des Monumens of Reynolds have since been published, and are Grecs, ib. 1756, 4to., Jean Winckelmann. La now collected in his works, London, 410., 1790, Manière d'apprendre à peindre : Ouvrage dans &c. Sketches on the Art of Painting, by Talbot lequel on montre l'Excellence et l'C tilité de cet Dillon, 1782, 8vo. The Artist's Repositary and Art, l'U'sage qu'on doit en faire, et comment on Drawing Magazine, exhibiting the Principles of doit s'y perfectionner, &c., Leipsic, 1756, 8vo. the polite Aris in their various Branches, Lon- Réflexions sur la Peinture, by Chrétien Lonis don, 1784, in 410. There are to be found also de llagedorn, Leipsic, 1762, 2 vols. 8vo. This some curious details upon painting in the Hand- work has been translated by Huber, Leipsic, maid to the Arts, by M. Dossie, London, 1764, 1775, 8vo. Du Laocoon ; ou, des Limites re2 vols. 8vo., as in the School of Arts, London, spectives de la Poésie et de la Peinture, by G. 1785, 8vo.

E. Lessing, Berlin, 1766. M. Charles landerAmong the English poems upon painting are bourg has given a French translation of it, Paris

, A Poetical Epistle to an eminent Painter, Renouard, 1802, 8vo. Dissertations sur la Thé1778, 4t0., by W. Hayley, Esq.; and the Beau- orie de la Peinture et du Dessin, ou on établit ties of Painting, by Pollinger' Robinson, 1783, les vrais Principes propres pour former le Gout

dans les Arts, Francfort et Leipsic, 1769, in 8vo. More modern works by Opie, Fuseli, West, Sur la Nature et l'Art dans les Tableaux, la and others, are so well known that they are Sculpture, l'Architecture, et la Gravure, Leipsic, omitted to make room for the enumeration of 1770, 2 vols

. 8vo. par Christophe Scheyb. The others less common.

same author bas also published another work In the Dutch language are—Inleyding tot de upon this subject : it is entitled Orestrio sur les hooghe School der Schilderkunst door Sam. l'an. Arts du Dessin, avec un Appendix sur la MaHoogstraeten, Middelb. 1641. 4o; Rotterd. niére de faire des Empreintes en Souffre, Plâtre, 1678, 4to. willh Gære, Natuurlyk en schilder- et l'erre, et graver en Pierres dures, &c., l'ienna, konstig Ontwerp der Menschenkunde: leerende 1764, 2 vols. 8vo. Instruction sur l'Etude de la niet alleen de kennis van de Gestalte, Propor- Peinture en tant qu'elle appartient aux beaux rie, Schoonheyd, Muskelen, Bewegingen, Actien, Arts, et la Peinture comme métier, prouvée d'une Passien en Welstand des menschenbeelden, tot Manicre pratique, par E. L. D. Hluchi, Halle, de Teykenkunde, Schilderkunde, Beldhouwery, 17733, 8vo. L'Etude du Dessin et de la Peinture, Botseer en Giet-Oeffening toe passen ; maar ook à l'l'sage des commençans, suivi d'une Liste hop sich een mensen na deselve Rexelen, in al- des plus célèbres Peintres, Sculpteurs, et Archi


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