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Excelled in.


Marcello Venusto Perin del Vaga History

1576 61 Marco da Faënza

History Girolamo da Sermonetta Perin del Vaga History

1550 10 Baltista Naldino Il Bronzino

History Nicolo del Pomerancio


1626,7: Jean Cousin


1589 Commonly upon glass. Michael Coxis

Van Orlay, Raffaelle History 1592 95 John Bol

Miniat. Landsc. 1593 59 Peter Porbus

1583 73 Antony More

John Schorel

Portraits, Hist. 1575 56 George Hoefnaghel

View of cities, 1600

Landscape Camillo Procaccini Ercole, his father ; History 1626 80 A dark, strony, expressive manner.

Prospero Fontana Giulio Cesare Procac- Ercole, his father ; History 1626 78 A dark, strong, expressive manner. cini

Prospero Fontana
Jude Indocus Van-Win- Studied in Italy . History

1603 62
John Strada
Studied in Italy. Batiles, Hunt- 1604 68

ing Bartholomew Sprangher


1623 77 Michael John Miervelt Ant. Blockland

Portraits 164173 Paolo Cagliari, detto Antonio Badiglio History, Por- 1588 58 Rich and noble composition ; fine Paul Veronese


warm coloring. Carlo Cagliari

Paolo, his father History, Portr. 1596 26 Iunitated his father's manner. Benedetto Cagliari

The same

The same

1593 60 The salue. Gabrielle Cagliari

The same

The same

1631 63 The same. Battista Zelotti

Ant. Badiglio, worked History, chiefly 1592 60

with Paul Veronese in fresco Giacomo da Ponte, detto Francesco, his father, Rustic tigures, 1592 82 Much nature, and fine coloring. Il Bassano

Bonifacio Venctia Animals, Por

no, imitated Titian. traits, History. Francesco Bassano Giacomo, his father

The same

1594 84 Imitated his father's manner, and

copied his pictures. Leandro Bassano

The same

The same

1623 65 The same. Giambattista Bassano

The same

The same

1613 60 The same. Girolamo Bassano

The same

The same

1622 62 The same. Giacomo Robusti, detto Titian, in his drawing listory, Por. 1594 82 The boldness and softness of hi pen. Il Tintoretto imitated Michael traits

cil; variety and correctness of deAngelo

si n; seldom finished. Marietto Tintoretto Tintoret, her father Portraits

1590 30 Paul Franceschi


Landscape 1596 56 Martin de Vos



1604 34 John Rothenamer


History . 1606 42 Designed after Tintoret's manner. Paolo Farinato Antonio Badiglio History

1606 84 Marco Vecelli Titian, his uncle

1611 66 Livio Agresti Perin del Vaga Vistory

1580 Marco da Sienna Dan. Volterra

History :

1567 57 Giacomo Rocca

Dan. Volterra

History Frederico Barocci Studied Raffaelle History, Portr. 1612 34 Fine gerteel drawing. 1 Cavaliero Francesco Fred. Baroccio History 1615 51 Correct design and agreeable colorVanni

ing. Michael Angelo Amerigi, Cav. Apino History, bumor- 1609 40 A strong and close imitation of Nadetto Il Caravaggi

ous tigures

ture, but without choice ; exquisite

coloring Lodovico Caracci Prospero Fontana

History . 1619 64 Exquisite design; noble and proper

composition; strong and harmoni

ous coloring. Agostino Caracci Ludovico, his cousin, History, Por- 1602 44 Similarly accomplished.

trait, landsc. Annibale Caracci Ludovico, his cousin, History, Por- 1609 49 Similarly accomplished.

traits, landsc. Domenico Zampieri, The Caracci

History, Por- 1641 60 Correct design, strong and moving detto Il Domenichino


expression. Guido Reni

Dionigi Calvart, the History, Por- 1642 68 Divine and graceful airs and atti-

tudes, gay and lightsome color

ingi Cav. Giov. Lanfranco The Caracci

History : 1647 66 Great force and fulgore, chiefy in

fresco. Francesco Albani Dionigi Calvart, tbe listory. 1660 82 Genteel poetical fancy, beautiful airy Caracci

coloring, his nymphs and bors arii most admired.

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John Wynants

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Francis Snyders
Painted with Rubens Animals, dead 1657 78 Great truth and brilliant execution.

and alive Ert Veest

Seatights, Tem- 1670

pests Lewis Cousin

1670 Philip Vauvremans

1668 48 Gérard Dow


Little figures

147461 Pietro Francesco Mola Albani, Cav. Arpino History

166656 Strong painting. Giov. Battista Mola Allani

Hist. Landsc.

The same. Giacomo Cavedone Ludov. Caracci


1660801 Agostino Metelli

Buildings, Per- 1660 51

spective Angelo Michael Colona Ferrantino

Buildings, His. 1687 87' Giov. Benedetto Castig. 'Paggi, Vandyck

lione, detto Il Genoesel Pietro Testa

Domenichino History, Whims, 1650 39 Capricious and strange designs. Matthew Platten, called Asselyn .

. Sca-pieces Il Montagna Francesco Barbieri, detto The Caracci


1667 76 A medium between the Caracci and Il Guercino da Cento

Caravaggio ; he has two manners, one a dark and strong one; the

other more gay and gracious. Pietro Berrettini, detto Baccio Ciarpi .


1669 73 Noble compositions; bright and Pictro da Cortona

beautiful coloring. Antonino Barbalonga


History Andrea Camaceo



1657 55 Andrea Sacchi

History 1661 72 A coloring morc languid than Pietro

Cortona, but extremely delicate

and pleasing. Simone Cantariui



1648 36 Cav. Carlo Cignani



1719 91 Noble, bold manner and bright color

ing. Pietro Facini Annibal Caracci History

1602 42 Giov. Andrea Donducci The Caracci


1655 80 detto Il Masteletta . Alessandro Tiarini Prospero Fontana


1668 911 Leonella Spado

The Caracci


1622 46 Giov, Andrea Sirani



1670 60 Elisabetta Siraui Andrea, her father. History, Portr. 1664 26 Giacomo Sementi



1625 45 Guido Francesco Gessi


Good imitation of his master. Lorenzo Garbieri Lud. Caracci


1654 64 G. Francesco Romanelli Pietro Cortona

History 1662 45 Diego Velasquez

Francesco Pacheco Portraits 1660 66 Great fire and force. Alessandro Veronese

Felice Riccio. History 1670 70 A weak but agrecable manner. Mario de Fiori


1656 Michelangelo del Cam. Fioravante

Flowers and 1670 60 pidoglio .

fruits Salvator Rosa

Spagnuletto and Da- Landscape, his- 1673 59 Savage and uncouth places : very
niel Falcone

great and noble style; stories that!
have something of horror or crue

elty. n Cav. ('alabrese Guercino


1688 86 Fer, amola Fiovarenti.

Vases, instru- 1512

ments, car-
pets, & still-

life II Maltese

The same Claude Gelee, called Godfrey Wals; Agos- Landscape 1682 82 Rural and pleasing scenes, with vaClaude Lorraine tino Tassi

rious accidents of nature, as gleams

of sunshine, the rising moon, &c. Nicholas Poussin Quintin Varin History, land- 1665 71 Exquisite knowledge of the antique ; scape

fine expression; skilful and well chosen composition and design, Scenes of the country, with ancient buildings and historical figures

intermixed Gaspur du Ghet, called Nicholas, his brother- Landscape 1665 A mixture of Nicholas's and Claude

in-law Gaspar Poussin

Lorraine's styles. Eustache Le Sueur Simon Vouet. History 1665 38 Simplicity, dignity, and correctness

of style ; he is called the Freuchi Raffaclle.

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Michelangelo delle Bat-Mozzo of Antwerp Battles

taglie Jaques Stella

His father

History, minia- 164751 Painted upon marble frequently.

tures Carlo Maratti Andrea Sacchi History

1713 88 Laca Giordana Lo Spagnuoletto History

1705 76 Charles Le Brun Simon Vouet; Nico. History 1690 71

las Poussin Cav. Giacinto Brandi Lanfranco


1713 90 Ciro Ferri Pietro Cortona History

1689 55

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tinue in pairs all the year round;

and the same PAIR, n. s., v. n. & v. a. Fr. pair; Lat. par, pair procreates year after year. This at least is equal. Two things alike, of a sort, or suitable the case with the eagles : 'the male and female to each other; a couple; brace; hence a mar

hunt together, unless during incubation, at which ried couple: to be joined in pairs or coupled; time the female is fed by the male. A greater to suit; fit: as an active verb, to join in couples; number than a single pair are never seen in unite as corresponding or as a remarkable con

company. Gregarious birds pair, probably to rast.

prevent discord in a society confined to a narrow Our dance, I pray ;

space. This is the case particularly with pigeons Your hand, my Perdita ; so turtles pair.

and rooks. The male and female sit on the eggs

Shakspeare. Had our prince seen the hour, he had paired

alternately, and divide the care of feeding their Well with this lord ; there was not a full month young. Eider ducks pair like other birds that Between their births.

Id. Winter's Tale.

place their nests on the ground; and the female All his lovely looks, his pleasing fires,

finishes her nest with down, plucked from her All his sweet motions, all his taking smiles, own breast. If the nest is destroyed for the He does into one pair of eyes convey. Suckling. down, which is remarkably warm and elastic, O when meet now

she makes another nest as before. If she is Such pairs in love and mutual honour joined ? robbed a second time, she makes a third nest;

Milton. but the male furnishes the down. The black Baucis and Philemon there

game never pair : in spring, the cock, on an Had lived long married and a happy pair


eminence, crows and claps his wings; and the Now old in love.


females within hearing resort to him. Pairing Minds are so hardly matched, that ev'n the first, Though paired by heaven, in Paradise were cursed.

birds, excepting those of prey, flock together in Id.

February to choose their mates. They soon The many pairs of nerves, branching themselves to disperse; and are not seen afterwards but in pairs. all the parts of the body, are wonderful to behold. Pairing is unknown to quadrupeds that feed on


grass. To such it would be useless; as the feEthelinda!

male gives suck to her young while she herself My heart was made to fit and pair with thine, is feeding. Beasts of prey, such as lions, tygers, Simple and plain, and fraught with artless tenderness. wolves, pair not. The female is left to shift for


herself and for her young; which is a laborious Turtles and doves with diffring hues unite,

task, and often so unsuccessful as to shorten And glossy jet is paired with shining white. Pope. Their sentiment, so well expressed,

the lives of many of them. Pairing is essential Influenced mightily the rest ;

to birds of prey, because incubation leaves the

female no sufficient time to hunt for food. Pair All paired, and each pair built a nest. Cowper. Ah sure a pair was never seen,

ing is not necessary to beasts of prey, because So justly formed to meet by nature ! their young can bear a long fast. Among aniThe youth excelling so in mien,

mals that pair not, males fight desperately for a The maid in every grace of feature. female. The beavers, with respect to pairing,

Sheridan. resemble birds that place their nests on the PAIRING, in zoology, the union of animals ground. As soon as the young are produced, in couples for the purpose of rearing their young. the males abandon their stock of food to their All wild birds pair; but with a remarkable dif- mates and live at large; but return frequently ference between such as place their nests on to visit them while they are suckling their young. trees and such as place them on the ground. Hedgehogs pair, as well as several of the monThe young of the former, being hatched blind key kind. We are not well acquainted with the and without feathers, require the nursing care of natural history of these animals; but it would both parents till they are able to fly. The male appear that the young require the nursing care feeds his mate on the nest, and cheers her with of both parents. Seals have a singular economy. a song. As soon as the young are hatched, Polygamy seems to be a law of nature among singing yields to a more necessary occupation, them, as a male associates with several females. that of providing food for a numerous issue; a The sea turtles have no occasion to pair, as the task that employs both parents. Eagles, and female performs her task at once, by laying her other birds of prey, build on trees, or on other eggs in the sand. The young are hatched by inaccessible spots. They not only pair, but con- the sun, and immediately crawl to the sea.

PAISLEY, a town of Scotland in Renfrew- building of cut stone, with a tall spire and a shire', about six miles and a half west of Glas- clock. The tiesh-market has an elegant front of Low, on the river White C'art, over which there cut stone, and is one of the most commodious :: re two stone bridges of two arches each, and one in Britain. The poor's house is a large building, of three. The town is very ancient; but was of very well laid out, and stands opposite to the much less consequence formerly than at present. quay, in a fine free air. It is supported by a The name Paisley is supposed to be derived small tax. A philosophical society, the members from the Gaelic Pais-licht, i. e. the brow or face of which are rather numerous, and hold weehly of a rock, which was the situation of its old meetings in their hall during the winter season, church in 1160. It was erected into a burgh of bas long existed. A taste for reading is also barony by James IV. in 1488, when its import- general among the manufacturmg classes, in ance seems to have been derived from its rich proof of which it may be mentioned, that bemonastery. Even in the beginning of the eigh- sides what is called the trades' library, which teenth century it was but an inconsiderable forms indeed a third public one, many book soplace; consisting only of one street, about half cieties have been formed ; and numerous readi mile in length, with several lanes; whereas ing-rooms are supported by operatives only. now it appears to be one of the largest and most Paisley is now one of the first manufacturing populous towns in Scotland. Its buildings are towns in Scotland, and is greatly celebrated on elegant; its streets are well paved; and con- account of its manufactory of silk gauze. About nected with one another, where the river inter- the bezinning of the last century the manufacvenes, by three bridges. It is governed by tures consisted principally of muslins, coarse Three bailies, of whom the eldest is commonly linens, and handkerchiefs, which were afterwards in the commission of the peace, a treasurer, á succeeded by those of lawn and gauze, and a town-clerk, and seventeen counsellors, who are species of thread called ounce, or white thread, annually elected about Michaelmas. It enjoys from Holland. In 1812 it was computed that the powers of government and police, without 350,000 spindles of linen yarn, inade into the usual burdens of royal boroughs. The old thread, were annually produced; this branch of part of the town runs from east to west upon trade has, however, greatly declined, and has ihe soutii slope of a ridge of bills, from which been succeeded by the manufacture of wire or there is a fine prospect of Glasgow and the ad- cotton thread. The lawn and linen gauze manujincent country; but on the south the view ter- factures have also given way to other bran minates in a ridge of green hills, about two of industry. About the year 1760 the sillo miles distant. It is full a mile long and manufacture was introduced, and succeeded benearly as broad. On the east side of the Car yond expectation; but, in 1816, it had so much stands the new town, which was feued off' by declined as not to employ more than a dozen the earl of Abercorn, and is now a large and looms. Since that period the silk trade, and populous place. The streets are laid off in a also the fancy muslin branch, have rapidly inregular manner, but not in right angles. Many creased, and, with the cotton manufactures, have of them bear evidence of the industry of been carried on to an extent before unknown, the people from their names, as Silk Sireet, by the powerful ait of steam-engines, and other ('otton Street, Lawn Street, dic. Here the earl machinery. Shawls, both of silk and cotton, of Abercorn built one of the larvest and most and also of silk mixed with Merino wool, are clegant iuns in Scotland, and several market- extensively manufactured here, under the names places. The town of Paisley continued a part of scarfs, plaids, and shawls. It is difficult to of the abbey parish till 1738; when, the magis- give an exact account of the state of its manutrates and council having purchased the patron- factures at present. Besides the principal maage from the then earl of Dundonald, a new nufactures, there are four considerable tan-works, church was built, and the town was erected into iwo soap and candle works, a manufacture of a separate parish. This, called the Laigh Church, ribands, and another of inkle or tape.

The is built in the form of a Greek cross, very well Cart runs from south to north, and falls into the laid out, and contains a great number of peo- Clyde, after it has joined the contlux of the ple. In 1756 another church was built, oma- Gryfe and Black Cart at Inchinnan bridge, mented with a lofty spire, visible at a great three miles below the town. At spring lides distance. This is called the High Church, and vessels of forty tons burden come up to the is a very fine building; it is an oblong square of quay. The communication by water is of great righty-two feet by sixty-two, built of free-stone, importance to the inbabitants; for in this way with rustic corners and an elegant stone cornice. they are served with fish of ditferent kinds, and The roof is a pavilion covered with slate, having send their goods and manufactures to Port Glas: platform covered with lead. In 1781 the gow, Greenock, and Glasgow; and by the great Middle Church was built, and very cl cantly Canal they have also a cuininunication with the finished ; and in 1782 the town was divided into Frith of Forth. The trade of the town is conthree parislies, named from their churches. There siderably augmented by improving the navigation are six churches for the established religion, of the river Cart, by removing some rocks and one each for the Episcopalians, Roman Catholics, shoals; and as the channel was but shallow Secession, Cameronians, and Methodisis, two under Inchinnan bridge, a navigable canal was for the communion of relief, and two for the constructed, which leaves the river a little above, Independents. In addition to these, numerous and joins it a little below bridge. The Ardrosother religious sects have their separate places san caval also skirts the town, and is, in one of worship. The town-house is a very handsome place, formed into a basiil, where there is an

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