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Egkan,-Mr. Wetton.
Epson, - Me Dorling.
Eton, --Mr. Ingalton.
Ererer,-Mr. Uphaos, Mr. 'Treadwin and

Mr. Spreat.
Falmouth,-Mr. Lake.
Faversham, -Mr. Willoughby.
Frodshaw,-Mr. Crowther.
Gainsborough - Mr. Amcoats.
Gloucester,--Messy. Hough and Jew.
Grantham,-Mr. Ridge and Mr. Storr.
Grimsby, -Mr. W. Skelton.
Guernsey, -Mr. Moss,
Halifax, -- Mr. Whitley and Messrs.

Wilson and Co.
Handey.--Messrs. Allbut and San.
Herborough, --Mr. John Waddington.
Hastings, -Mr. Laver.
Hereford, Mr. Vale.
Jinckley-Mr. Short.
11ighto:ea, --Mr. Lister,
Holbeach, -Mr. Pittman.
Hiniton,-Mr. Wish.
Lørncastle, Mr. Rainey and Mr. Pan-

II addersfield, - Mr. Moore and Mr.

Hall-Mr. Rodford, air, Ridge, and

Mr. Davis.
ITuntingdon. ---Mr. A. Wood.
Hyshe, -Mr. W. Ti
Ipswich ---Mr. Piper and Mr. Shalders.
Ives, St. Ourutall),--Mr. T. Dryden.
Kendal,--Mr. Richardson.
Kidderminster,--Mr. Pennell.
Lancaster,--Mr. Clark.
Leeds,- Messrs. Robinson and Herna-

men, Messrs. Kniglat and Hird, and

Mr. Heaten.
Leiceriet,--Mr. Cockshaw and Mr. 'Fib-

Lincoln. -- M:. Brooke, Mr.J. W. Drary

and Mr. Teyworth.
Liverpool. --Messrs. G. and ). Robinsoo.
Iouth. --Messrs. Jackson and Co.
Exington, -- Ir, king.
Lyn (Norfolk), Mr Miller.

Akcclefield - Mr. Wright and Mr.

Maidenhead, -Mr. Wetten.
Manchester - Mr. Clarke, Mr. Bentham,

and Mi. Baylis.
Margare. -Ms. Denne.
Mariborough, -Mr. Lucy.
Melton Muzbray,Mr, Towne and Mr.

Mold (Flintshire).-L. and J. Toyd,

Neteark, -Messrs. Ridge.
Neweestle, ---Mr. Charsley,
Nescasele (Staff). ---Mr. Bayley.
Northallerton,- Mr. Langdale,
Northamplon, --Messrs. Dicey and Sanith-

son and Mr. Cooper'.
Norwich, --Messrs. Jarrold and son aud

Mr. Woodrow.
Nottingham,-Messrs. Sarton and Son,

Mr. Dubo, Mr. E. B. Robinson, a
BIZ. Barnett

de Mr. Alex.

Odley,--Mr. Walker.
Oundle,--Me, Leigh,
Uafund, - air. Vincent.


... .. York, - dr. Yarclay and Mr. Bollerbs.


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