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"Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction" ( President R. Reagan) Comprehensive historical review and evaluation of current events with focus on conservatism 4 ★ Favorite ♥ Read full review

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Since buying this book, I have purchased more and given them out to people. It is one of the move comprehensive guides to the ideology of Conservatism. What we are conservative to and what effect that has had on the world is easily understood.

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My book of the year. Read it. It is all just opinion based upon facts. A great perspective on history.

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He's all in favor of Liberty for anyone lucky enough to be an American. But, alas, he is all in favor of Tyranny for anyone unlucky enough to be a foreigner. He is willing to condemn them to kidnapping, torture, death on the mere suspicion that they may be a threat to our country.
He is willing to have them kidnapped from their homes, and held indefinitely without trial, without charge, without proof of any kind, making the entire rest of the world subject to the arbitrary whims of unelected officials. With no proof required that any crime was committed, or that the individual is guilty, doesn't he have sufficient imagination to be able to conceive that some American's, given this absolute, arbitrary authority will be corrupt, or incompetent, or hasty, that some will avenge private slights or use their powers for extortion or to indulge a taste for cruelty? How can someone so attuned to the evils of arbitrary government be so willing to inflict it upon the rest of the world? Given these kinds of powers, who in all the would not become an arbitrary tyrant?
The great value of the Constitution is that it provides for RULE OF LAW, rather than RULE OF MAN, that it prohibits arbitrary action of government officials behind closed doors, most especially in the matter of the deciding of guilt and innocence.
Better, better by far that some of us should die in a plane crash, or an explosion, than that we should lose our basic humanity. John Yoo claimed that the US president has the right to torture a child to try to force his parent to divulge information. If our country can only be safe through the torture of children, then let us all die.

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A 5-star general recommendation to all who live by the greatness of this country and the possibilities of what we could accomplish. Not the hysteria portrayed by the liberals, socialist, and communist lovers. Every American should read this. This book should be require reading at every level of our educational system.
Live by the Constitution, in the pursuit of freedom, liberty and happiness. GO AND READ IT NOW......

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This is a book full of facts. I checked many thing Mark has written in his book and everything checks out. It is amazing that there are so many people that have trouble believing the truth when it is laid out in front of them. Liberty and Tyranny is a book everyone should read and have in their home library. 

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From "Liberty and Tyranny" to "The Welfare State" to "Self-Preservation", Mark Levin brings forth numerous examples where larger federal government harms the individual. Additionally, he uses the original source material (i.e., the Constitution and the framers' own words) to defend his position that "Statist" policies are bring the U.S. closer and closer to their socialist utopia. Great writing and a true conservative manifesto. 

Great book

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Enjoyable and informative read. Read full review

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