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accomplished, a scene of desolation in nature, and of sorrow in the domestic circle.

These sudden inundations are caused by the waters which fall upon the vast and rapid slopes of the mountains during heavy rain storms, and concentrating rapidly as they descend into the ravines, convert the brooks into streams, the streams into rivers, and the rivers into lakes; sometimes causing a rise in the Ohio River of twelve or fifteen feet in a single day, and covering, for a short period, large tracts of that beautiful and fertile valley. Owing to the frequency of these floods, the people of that region usually take the precaution to select for their dwelling-places and farms, elevated situations; but even then they are not entirely safe from danger,—for it has occasionally happened that the flood has surpassed, in its extent, all human calculation, and many a family who has retired to rest in fancied security at night, has found itself houseless and homeless on the morrow-the farm devastated-crops

destroyed, and cattle swept away. The Those who have never visited the western , following sketch will illustrate the hardships slope of the Alleghany Mountains, find it diffi- and sufferings that have been encountered by cult to realize the accounts that reach them those hardy pioneers who, in advance of the of the sudden floods which rise sometimes in a age in which they lived, made the mountains single night, and sweeping through the gorges vocal with civilization, and caused and valleys, bear irresistible destruction before

6 The wilderness to blossom like the rose." them—uprooting trees,-bearing away from the scant farms the result of a season of toil, Let the reader take a retrospective glance, lifting dwellings from their foundations, and for a period of about thirty-five years, from leaving behind, almost as suddenly as it was this present anno domino 1850, and see in his

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