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of Cardinal Wolsey. In this Quadrangle are the statues of Queen Anne, Cardinal Wolsey, and Bishop Fell; that of the Cardinal in the southeast corner is justly admired as an excellent piece of workmanship.

The great Quadrangle is 264 by 261 feet in the clear. The Hall takes up more than half the south side; we ascend to it by a spacious and stately Stair-case of stone, covered by a beautiful roof, and supported by a small single pillar of fine proportion. The Staircase and Lobby, and the entrance into the Hall, have lately been altered at a considerable expence, under the direction of Mr. Wyat, with a view of rendering them more conformable to the rest of the building. This building is considerably elevated, and the whole finished with a balustrade of stone. The south, east, and part of the west sides, with the magnificent Kitchen to the south of the Hall, were erected by the Cardinal. The east and north sides of this Quadrangle are taken up with the Dean's and four of the Canons' Lodgings.

In the year 1638, the North Side of the grand Quadrangle was begun. On the Restoration, this part of the building was resumed, by the direction and encouragement of Dr. Fell, then Dean of the College; and finished anno 1665, when the spacious Terrace-walk was made, with the Bason, Fountain, and statue of Mercury in the centre.

The Hall is by far the most magnificent room of the kind in Oxford, and perhaps one of the largest in the kingdom. The roof is framed of timber curiously wrought, and so contrived as to produce a very grand and noble effect. There are near 300 compartments in the cornice, which are embellished with as many coats of arms, carved and blazoned in their proper colours.

At the upper end of the Hall there is an ascent of three steps, which run through the whole breadth; near which is a beautiful Gothic window in a recess, which demands the attention of the curious.

This superb room is beautified, and improved, by completing and painting the wainscot and roof, and the addition of a great number of portraits of eminent persons, who were educated at the College, which are disposed in the following manner.

Over the High Table. Ellis, Bishop of Kildare. Corbet, Bishop of Norwich*

*, HENRY VIII. a full length.

King,Bp.|Duppa, Bp.jCardinall Queen |Fell,Bp.|Morley;Bp. of Lond. jof Winton. I Wolsey. lElizabeth.|of Oxon.jof Winton.

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On the South Side, beginning at the upper End.

Potter, Abp. of Canterbury.

Moore, Abp. of Canterbury.

Trevor, Bp. of Durham.

Harrington, Bp. of Durham.

Tanner, Bp. of St. Asaph.

William Stratford, D.D. Canon of Ch. Ch.

Dr. Busby, Master of Westminster School.

Mr. Locke.

Sir G. Dblbcn, Bart.

King, Bp. of Chichester. Morton, Bp. of Meath.
Over the Chimney.

A Bust of George II.

Benson,, Bp. of Gloucester. Wake, Abp. of Canterbury.

Este.Bp. of Waterford.
The JVindaw.

Markhani, Abp. of York. Bagot, Bp. of St. Asaph. Over these, beginning at the
lower End. Godwin, Bp. of Bath and Wells.

Howson, Bp. of Durham. Heton, Bp. of Ely. Peers, Abp. of York. Westfaling, Bp. of Hereford. Sanderson, Bp. of Lincoln. On the North Side, beginning at the upper End. Compton, Bp. of London. Dolben, Abp. of York. Sir J. Trelawney, Bp. of Winton. Wood, Bp. of Lichfield and Coventry. Drummond, Abp. of York.

Over the Chimney.

A Bust of George I.

Blackbourn, Abp. of York.

Hooper, Bp. of Bath and Wells.

John Freind, M. D.

Gilbert, Abp. of York.

Cox, Abp. of Cashel.

Clavering, Bp. of Peterborough.

Edward, Earl of Oxford.

Sir J. Dolben, Preb. of Durham.

A. Alsop, B. D.

Gastrel, Bp. of Chester.

Sir F. Barnard, Bart.

J. Parsons, M. D.

T. Burton, D. D.

Dr. Sprat, Archd. of Rochester.

Hickman, Bp. of Londonderry.

J. Pelling, D.D.

R. Frewin, M. D.

Over these, beginning at the
upper End.

Griffith, Bp.of St. Asaph.
Smith, Bp. of Gloucester.
James, Bp. of Durham.
Ravis, Bp. of London.
Bancroft, Bp. of Oxford.
Mathew, Abp. of York.
Godwin, Bp. of Hereford.

At the lower End of the Hall. The Duke of Portland. Mr. ISir Dudley Carlton.iSir Henry Bennet,| Hon. Devisme.|Ld.Vis.Dorchester.|Earl of Arlington. [G. Grenville.

William Lord Mansfield. Lord jSmallwelllDavidLd. I Sir John iStone, Abp.; Earl of MendipJBp.Oxan.lMansfield.ISkynner.Kt.I Armagh.Orrery.

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