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Late and prefent Prefidents of Corpus Chrifti Coll. 1748. Thomas Randolph, D.D. 1783. John Cooke, D. D.

Late and prefent Wardens of Merton College. 1790. Scrope Berdmore, D.D. 1810. Peter Vaughan, D. D.

Late and prefent Deans of Chrift Church. 1783. Cyril Jack/on, D. D. 1809. Charles Henry Hall, D. D.

Late and prefent Matters of Pembroke College.

1796. John Smith, D.D.

1809. George William Hall, D.D.

Late and prefent Principals of Alban Hall. 1759. Francis Randolph, D.D.

1797. Thomas Win/}anley,D. D.

Late and prefent Principals of Edmund Hall.

1787. William Dowfon, D.D. 1800. George Thompfon, D. D.

Late and prefent Principals of St. Mary Hall. 1764. Thomas Nowell, D. D,

1801. Phineas Pett, D. D.

Late and prefent Principals of New Inn Hall. 1767. Robert Chambers, LL. B. 1803. James Black/lone, LL.D.

Late and prefent Principals of Magdalen Hall.

1787. Matthew Lamb, D. D.1788. Henry Ford, LL. Dr





1792. William Henry Cavendish Bentinck,

Duke of Portland. 1809. William Wvndham, Baron Gren



1786. William, Earl of Dartmouth. 1801. John Scott, Lord Eldon.


1806. The Rev. Henry Richards, D. D. Re&or of

Exeter College. 1808. The Rev. John Parfons, D. D. Matter of

Balliol College.

Prefent Reprefentatives in Parliament.

The Right Hon. Sir William Scott, of Doctors Commons. The Right Hon. Charles Abbot, Palace Yard, Weftminfter.


Stephen Peter Rigaud, M. A. Exeter College.
Rev. Henry Wbeatley, M. A. Queen's College.'

Regius Profeflbr of Divinity. William Hoivley, D. D. Canon of Chrift Church.


Margaret Profeflbr of Divinity.
Rev. Sept. Collinfon, D.D. Prov. of Queen's Col!.

Regius Profeflbr of Hebrew.
Rev. Jofepb White,D. D. Canon of Chrift Ch.

Regius Profeflbr of Greek.
Rev. William Jack/on, D. D. Canon of Ch. Ch.

Regius Profeflbr of Civil Law.
Jofepb Pbillimore, LL. D. Student of Ch. Ch.

Vinerian Profeflbr of Common Law.
"James Black/lone, LL. D. of New Inn Hall.

Regius Profeflbr of Phyfic.
Sir ChriftopherPegge, M.D. of Chrift Church.

Profeflbr of Modern Hiftory.
Rev. Henry Beeke, D. D. of Oriel College.

Savilian Profeflbr of Aftronomy.
Rev. Abram Robert/on, D.D. of Chrift Church.

Savilian Profeflbr of Geometry.
Stephen Peter Rigaud, M. A. of Exeter College.

Profeflbr of Natural Philofophy. Rev. George Cooke, M. A. of Corpus Chrifti Coll.

Profeflbr of Hiftory. Rev. Thomas Winjlanley, D.D. Prin. of Alban Hall.

Lord Litchfield's Clinical Profeflbr. Martin Wall, M.D. of New College. Aldrichian Profeflbr of Phyfic. Robert Bourne, M.D. of Worcefter College.

Aldrichian Profeflbr of Chemiftry.
John Kidd, M.D. of Chrift Church.

Aldrichian Profeflbr of Anatomy.
Sir Chrijlopber Pegge, M. D. of Chrift Church.

Profeflbr of Botany.
George Williams, M.D. of Corpus Chrifti Coll.


Archbifhop Laud's Profeflbr of Arabic. Rev. Jofeph White, D. D. Canon of Ch. Ch.

Lord Almoner's Przele&or in Arabic.
Rev. Henry Ford, LL. D. of Magdalen Hall.

Profeflbr of Poetry.
Rev. Edward Cople/lon, M. A. of Oriel College.

Profeflbr of Mufic.
William Crotch, D. M. of St. Mary Hall.

Public Orator.
William Crowe, B. C. L. of New College.

RadclifFe's Librarian.
George Williams, M. D. of Corpus Chrifti Coll.

Regiftrar. of the Univerfity. Rev. John Gutcb, M. A. of All Souls College.

Keeper of the Bodleian Library. Rev. John Price, B. D. of Trinity College.

Keeper of the AQimolean Mufeum. William Lloyd, B. C. L. of Wadham College.

Keeper of the Archives. Rev. Whittington London, D. D. of Worcefter Coll.

Univerfity Officers. Vf . {"Robert Hall, B. C. L. of Divinity. Bedels 1 William Mode*, M. A. Phvfic and Arts. [_ George Valentine Cox, M. A. of Law.

v f Mr. Andrew Dix, of Divinity,

leomen l Mf . ~ ^ m* of phyfic ^ ArtS

e e S' [Mr. William Taman, of Law.

Mr. William Goodenough t)odd, Univerfity Clerk.
Mr. John Green, Divinity Clerk.
Mr. john Green, Virger.




BLENHEIM CASTLE, The Seat of his Grace the Duke of Marlborough


Of Earl Harcourt.

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