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Perfor «, and, not performing, can not live

So taw appears imperfect; and but given

With purpose to resign them in full time,

Up to a better covenant; disciplined

From shadowy types to truth; from flesh to spirit;

From imposition of strict laws to free

Aceeptance of large grace; from servile fear

To filial; works of law to works of faith.

And therefore shall not Moses, though of God

Highly beloved, l,eing but the minister

Of law, his people into Canaan lead;

But Joshua, whom the Gentiles Jesus call,

His name and off,ce bearing, who shall quel

The adversary serpent, and bring hack

Through the world's wilderness long wandered


Safe to eternal Paradise of rest.
Meanwhile they, in their earthly Canaan placed,
Long time shall dwell and prosper; but when sins
National interrupt their public peace,
Provoking God to raise them enemies;
From whom as oft he saves them penitent
By judges first, then under kings: of whom
The second, both for piety renowned
And puissant deeds, a promise shall receive
Irrevocable, that hu regal throne
For ever shall endure; the like shall sing
All prophecy, that of the royal stock
Of David (so I name this king) shall rise
A Son, the woman's seed to thec foretold.
Foretold to Abraham, as in whom shall tnut
All nations; and to kings foretold, of kings
The last; for of his reign shall be no end.
But first, a long suceession must ensue;
And hi s next son, for wealth and wisdom famed,
The clouded ark of God, till then in tents
Wandering shall in a glorious temple enshrine.
Such follow him, as shall be registered
Part good, part bad; of bad the longer scroll;
Whose foul idolatries, and other faults
Heaped to the popular sum, will so incense
God. as to leave them, and expose their land,
Thetr city, his temple, and his holy ark,
With all his saered things, a scorn and prey
To that proud city, whose high walls thou saw'st
Left in confusion; Babylon thence called.
There in captivity he lets them dwell
The space of seventy years; then brings them


Remembering mercy,"and his covenant sworn To David, stablished as the days of Heaven. Returned from Babylon by leave of kings Their lords, whom God dis|ioscd, the house of Got! They first re-edify, and for a while In mean cetalc live moderate; till, grown In wealth and multitude, factious they glow; 'But first among I he priests dissension springs, Men who attend the altar, and should most Kii-,r.mmr peace' their strife pollution brings

Upon the temple itself; at last they seize

The sceptre, and regard not David's sons;

Then lose it to a stranger, that the true

Anointed king Messiah might he horn

Barred of his right; yet at his birth a star,

Unseen before in Heaven, proclaims him come

And guides the eastern sages, who inquire

His place, to offer incense, myrrh, and gold:

His place of birth a solemn angel tells

To simple shepherds, keeping wateh by night;

They gladly thither haste, and by a choir

Of squadroned angels hear his carol sung.

A virgin is his mother, but his sire

The power of the Most High: he shall ascend

The throne hereditary, and bound his reign

With earth's wide bounds, his glory with the


He ceased, discerning Adam with such joy Surcharged, as had like grief been dewed in tj-ars. Without the vent of words; which these he breathed.

"O prophet of glad tidings, finisher Of utmost hope! now clear I understand What oft rny steadiest thoughts have search'd in


Why our great Expectation should be called
The seed of woman: virgin mother, hail!
High in the love of Heaven; yet from my loins
Thou shall proceed, and from thy womb the Son
Of God most High: so God with man unites!
Needs must the serpent now his capital bruise
Expect with mortal pain: say where and when
Their fight, what stroke shall bruise the victor'*

heel." To whom thus Michael. "Dream not of theii


As of a duel, or the local wounds
Of head or heel: nor therefore joins the Son
Manhood to Godhead, with more strength to foil
Thy enemy; nor Bo is overcome
Satan, whose tall from Heaven, a deadlier bruise,
Disabled, not to give thee thy death's wound:
Which he, who comes thy Saviour, shall rceure,
Not by destroying Satan, but his works
In thee, and in thy seed: nor can this be, v
But by fulfilling that which thou didst wart,
Obedience to the law of God imposed
On penalty of death, and suffering death,
The penalty to thy transgression due;
And due to theirs which out of thine will grow
So only can high justice rest appaid.
The law of God exact he shall fulfil
Both by obedience and by love, though love
Alone fulfil the law; thy punishment
tie shall endure, by corning in the flash
To a reproachful life and cureed death;
Proclaiming life to all who shall believe
In his redemption; and that his obedience,
Imputed, becomes theirs by faith, his merits'

To save them, not theis own, though legal, works.
For this he shall live hated, be blasphemed,
Siezed on by foree, judged, and to death | con-

A shuneful and aecursed, nailed to the ero»
By his own nation; slain for bringing life;
But to the eross he nails thy enemies,
The law that i£ against thee, and the sins
Of all mankind, with him there erucified,
Never to hurt them more who rightly trust
In this his satisfaction; so he dies,
But soon revives; death over him no power
Shall long usurp; ere the third dawning light
Return, the stars of morn shall see him rise
Out of his grave, fresh as the dawning light
Thy ransom paid, which rnnn from de;ith redeems.
His death for man, as many as offered life
Neglect not, and the benefit embrace
By faith not void of works: this godlike act
Annuls thy doom, the death thou should'st have


In sin for ever lost from life; this act
Shall bruise the head of Satan, erush his strength,
Defeating sin and death, his two main arms,
And fix far deeper in his head their stings
Than temporal death shall bruise the victor's heel,
Or theirs whom he redeems; a death, like sleep,
A gentle wafting to immortal life.
Nor after resurrection shall he stay
Longer on earth than certain times to appear
To lus disciples, men who in his life
Still followed him; to them shall leave in charge
To loach all nations what of him they learned
And his salvation; them who shall believe
Baptizing in the profluent stream, the sign
Of washing them from guilt of sin to life
Pure, and in rnind prepared, if so befall,
For death, like that which the Redeemer died,
All nations they shall teach; for, from that day,
Not only to the sons of Abraham's loins
Salvation shall he preached, but to the sons
Of Abraham's faith, wherever through the world;
So in his seed all nations shall be blest.
Then to the Heaven of Heavens he shall ascend,
With victory, triumphing through the air
Over his foes and thine; there shall surprise
The serpent, prince of air, and drag in chains
Through all his realm, and there confounded leave;
Then enter into glory, and resume
Hie seat at God's right-hand, exalted high
Above all names in Heaven; and thence shall


When this world's diwolution shall be ripe, With glory and power to judge both quick and

dead; ,

To judge the unfaithful dead, but to reward
Mi- faithful, and receive them into bliss,
Whether in Heaven or earth; for then the earth

Shall all be Paradise, far happier place
Than this of Eden, and far happier days."

So spake the arehangel Michael; then paused. As at the world's great period: and our sire, Replete with joy and wonder, thus replied.

"O goodness infinite, goodness immense! That all this good of evil shall produce, And evil turn to good; more wonderful Than that which by ereation first brought forth Light out of darkness! Full of doubt I stand, Whether I should repent me now of sin By me done and oecasioned, or rejoice Much more, that much more good thereof shall


To God more glory, more good will to men,
From God, and over wrath grace shall abound.
But say, if our Deliverer up to Heaven
Must reascend, what will betide the few
His fuithful, left among the unfaithful herd,
The enemies of truth ' who then shall guidu
His people, who defend? will they not deal
Worse with his followers than with him they

dealt?" "Be sure they will," said the angel; "hut from


He to his own a Comforter will semi,
The promise of the Father, who shall dwell
His spirit within them; and the law of faith,
Working through love, upon their hearts shall


To guide them in all truth; and also arm
With spiritual armour, able to resist
Satan's assaults, and quench his fiery darts;
What man can do against them, not afraid,
Though to the death; against such eruelties
With inward consolations recompensed,
And oft KUpported so as shall amaze
Their proudest persecutors: for the Spirit,
Poured first on his apostles, whom he sends
To evangelize the nations, then on all
Baptized, shall them with wondrous gifts endue
To speak all tongues, and do all miracles,
As did their Lord before them. Thus they win
Great numbers of each nation to receive
With joy the tidings brought from Heaven: at


Their ministry performed, and race wall run,
Their doctrine and their story written left,
They die; but in their room, as they forewarn,
Wolves shall sueceed for teachers, grievous wolysi,
Who all the saered mysteries of Heaven
To their own vile advantages shall turn •

Of lucre and ambition; and the truth
With superstitions and traditions taint
Left only in those written records pure,
Though not but by the Spirit understood.
Then shall they seek to avail themselves of na
Places, and titles and with these to join

Secuur power- though feigning still to act

By spiritual, to themselves appropriating

The spirit of God, promised alike and given

To all believers; and, from that pretence,

Spiritual laws by carnal power shall foree

On every conscience; laws which none shall find

Left them enrolled, or what the Spirit within

Shall on the heart engrave. What will they then

But foree the spirit of grace itself, and bind

His consort liberty? what, but unbuild

His living temples, built by faith to stand

Their own faith, not another's? for, on earth,

Who against faith and conscience can be heard

Infallible? yet many will presume:

Whence heavy persecution shall arise

On all, who in the worship persevere

Of spirit and truth; the rest, far greater part,

Will deem in outward rites and specious forms

Religion satisfied; tfuth shall retire

Bestuck with slanderous darts, and works of faith

Rarely be found: so shall the world go on,

To good malignant, to bad men benign;

Under her own weight groaning, till the day

Appear of respiration to the just,

And vengeance to the wicked, at return

Of him so lately promised to thy aid,

The woman's seed; obscurely then foretold,

Now amplier known thy Saviour and thy Lord;

Last, in the clouds, from Heaven to be revealed

In glory of the Father, to dissolve

Satan with his perverted world; then raise

From the conflagrant mass, purged and refined,

New Heavens, new earth, ages of endless date,

Founded in righteousness, and peace, and love;

To bring forth fruits, joy and eternal bliss."

He ended; and thus Adam last replied. "How soon hath thy prediction, Seer blest, Measured this transient world, the race of time, Till time etands fixed! beyond is all abyss, Eternity, whose end no eye can reach. Greatly instructed I shall hence depart; Greatly in peace of thought, and have my fill Of knowledge, what this vessel can contain; Beyond which was my folly to aspire. Henceforth I learn, that to obey is best, And love with fear the only God; to walk As in his presence; ever to observe His providence; and on him sole depend. Mereifu> ,-ver all his works, with good Still overeoming evil, and by small Aecomplishing great things, by things deemed


Subverting worldly strong, and worldly wise
By simply meek: that suffering for truth's sake
Is fortitude to highest victory,
And, to the faithful, death the gate of life;
Taught tins by his example, whom I now
Acknowledge mv Redeemer ever blest."

To whom thus also the angel last replied.

"This having learned, thou hast attained the sum
Of wisdom; hope no higher, though all the stan
Thou knew'st by name, and all the ethereal powers,
All seerets of the deep, all Nature's works,
I Or works of God in Heaven, air, earth, or sea,
And all the riches of this world enjoyedst,
| And all the rule, one empire; only add
, Deeds to thy knowledge answerable; add faith,
Add virtue, patience, temperance; add love,
By name to come called charity, the soul
Of all the rest: then wilt thou not be loath
To leave this Paradise, but shall possess
A Paradise within thee, happier far.
Let us descend now therefore from this to
Of speculation; for the hour precise
Exacts our parting hence; and sec! the guards,
By me encamped on yonder hill, expect
Their motion; at whose front a flaming sword,
In signal of remove, waves fiereely round:
We may no longer stay: go, waken Eve;
Her also I with gentle dreams have calmed
Portending good, and all her spirits composed
To meek submission; thou, at season fit,
Let her with thee partake what thou hast heard.
Chiefly what may concern her faith to know,
The great deliverance by her seed to come
(For by the woman's seed)on all mankind:
That ye may live, which will be many days,
Both in one faith unanimous, though sad,
With cause, for evils past, yet much more cheered
With meditation on the happy end."

He ended, and they both descend the hill;
Descended, Adam to the bower where Eve
Lay sleeping, ran before; but found her waked;
And thus with words not sad she him received.

"Whence thou ret'irn'st, and whither went'st, I


For God is also in sleep; and dreams advise,
Which he hath sent propitious, some great good
Presaging, since with sorrow and heart's distrvM
Wearied I fell asleep: but now led on;
In me is no delay; with thec to go,
Is to stay here; without thee here to stay,
Is to go hence unwilling; thou to me
Art all things under Heaven, all places thou,
Who for my wilful erime art banished hence.
This further consolation yet secure
I carry hence; though all by me is lost,
Such favour I unworthy am vouchsafed,
By me the promised Seed shall all restore.''

So spake our mother Eve, and Adam heart]
Well pleased, but answered not; for now too niirb
The arehangel stood; and from the other hill
To their fixed station, all in bright array
The cherubim descended; on the grourrl
Gliding mcteorous, as evening mist
Risen from a river o'er the marish glides,
And gather's ground fast at the labourer's hod
Homeward returning. High in front

The brandished sword of God before them blazed,
Fierce as a comet; which with torrid heat,
And vapour as the Lybian air adust,
Began to parch that temperate clime; whereat
In cither hand the hastening angel caught
Our lingering parents, and to the eastern gate
Led them direct, and down the cliff as fast
To the subjected plain; then disappeared.
They, looking back, all the eastern side beheld
Of Paradise, so late their happy seat,

Waved over by that flaming brand, the gate With dreadful faces thronged, and fiery anas: Some natural tears they dropt, but wiped them


The world was alt before them where to choose Their place of rest, and Providence their guide: They, hand in hand, with wandering steps, ana

slow,. Through Eden took their solitary way,



The rubIect proposed . Invocation of the Holy Spirit.— The poem opens with John iK,ptizing at the river Jordan. Jesus coming there is baptized; and ia attested, by the descent of the Holy Chan, ami by a voice from Heaven, to bo the Son of God. Satan, who ia present, upon this immediately flies up into the regions of ll,e air: where, summoning tas infefru| council, he acquaints them wnh his apprehensions that lesus is that wed nf the woman, dejrtincd to destroy all their power; and points out to them tl,e immediate necessity of bringing the mauer to proof; and of attempting, by snares and fraud, to counteract and defeat the person, from whom they hare so much to dread. This oflice he offers himself to un&nake; and his ofler being aecepted, .>ets out on his enter, prise.—In l^ie meantime God, in the assembly of holy angels, declares that he has given up his Son to he tempted by Satan; wu foretells t:1;u the tempter shall be completely defeated by htm:—upon which the angels sing a hymn of triumph. Jesus t* led up by the Spirit into the wuderness, while he is meditating on the commencement of his great oflice of Sa. rtot,r of Mankind . Pursulng his meditations, he narrates, in a soliloquy, wh.u divine and ehilanthropic impulses he had felt from his early youth, and how his mother Mary, on |wr* ceiving the*? disposi>ions in him, had acquainted him with the cirr umx':mfM of hie binh, antl informed him that he was nn less a perron th.m the Son of God ; to which he adds what h4s own inqulries and reflections had supplied in confirmation af this great truth, and particularly dwells on the recent attegation of it at the river Jordan. Our Lord passes forty 'days, f u-tn,g in the wtlderness; where the wild oeasts become mthl and l,arntlt-w in his presence. Satan now appears under the firm of an old peasant; and enters into discourse with oar Lord, wondering what could have brought him alone Into •n dangerous a plnce, and at the Rune time professing to recognise him for the person lately acknowledged by John, at the r,ver Jordan, to be the Son of G>fd. Jesus briefly replies. Satan re|oins with a deseription of the dtlncultyof supporting hfe in the wilderness; and entreats Jcsun, if he be really the «^in of God, to manifest his divine power, by changing some of the Knueeirtt1t bread. Jenu reproves him and at the same time tells him th.u he knows who he is. Satan Instantly Bvowb himself, and offers an artful apology for himself and his conduct Our blessed Lord severely reprimantls him, and rrful« every run of his justification. Satan, with much semblance of humility, still endeavours to Iustify himself, and, professing his admiration of Jesus and his regard for virtue, nquesu to be permitted-at a future lime to hear more of hit converauhn: but ts answered, that this must be as he shall

find permission from above. Satan then disappears, anj the book closes with a short deseription of night coming on in tin desert

I, wno erewhile the happy garden sung
By one man's disobedience lost, now sing
Recovered Paradise to all mankind,
By one man's firm obedience fully tried
Through all temptation, and the tempter foiled
In all his wiles, defeated and repulsed,
And Eden raised in the waste wilderness.

Thou Spirit, who led'st the glorious eremite
Into the desert, his victorious field,
Against the spiritual foe, and brought'st him


By proof the undoubted Son of God, inspire,
As thou art wont, my prompted song, else mute,
And bear through height or depth of nature'*


With prosperous wing full summed, to tell of deeds
Above heroie, though in seeret done,
And unrecorded left through many an age;
Worthy to have not remained so long unsung.

Now had the great Proelaimer, with a voice
More awful than the sound of trumpet, cried
Repentance, and Heaven's kingdom nigh at hana
To tdl baptized: to his great baptism flocked
With awe the regions round, and with them cam*
From Nazareth the son of Joseph deeined
To the flood Jordan; came, as then obscure,
Unmarked, unknown; but him the Baptist soon
Descried, divinely warned, And witness bore
As to his worthier, and would have resigned
To him his heavenly oflice; nor was long
His witness unconf,rmed : on him baptized
Heaven opened, and in likeness of A dove
The Spirit descended, while the Patnot's voua
From Heaven pronounced him his beloved S.q.
That heard the Adversary, who, roving etttl
About the world, at that assembly fat.ted
Would not be last, and, with the voic.r divtne
Nigh thunderstruck, the exalted Man, tn wrj'm

Such high Attest was given, awhile surveyed
With wonoe' j then, with envy fraught and rage,
Flies to his place, nor reats, but in mid air
Tu councd summons all his mighty peers,
Within thick clouds and dark tenfold involved,
A gloomy consistory; and them amidst,
With .uoks aghast and sad, he thus hespake.

"O ancient Powers of air, and this wide world
(For much more willingly I mention air,
This our old conquest, than remember hell,
Our hated habitation,) well ye know
How many ages, as the years of men,
This universe we have possessed, and ruled,
In manner at our will, the affairs of earth,
Since Adam and his facile consort Eve
Lost Paradise, deceived by me; though since
With dread attending, when that fatal wound
Shall be inflicted by the seed of Eve
Upon my head; long the deerees of Heaven
Delay, for longest time to him is short;
And now, too soon for us, the cireling hours
This dreaded time have compassed, wherein we
Must bide the stroke of that long-threatened wound,
(At least if so we can, and by the head
Broken be not intended all our power
To be infringed, our freedom and our being,
In this fair empire won of earth and air,)
For this ill news I bring, the woman's Seed,
Destined to this, is late of woman born.
His birth to our just fear gave no small cause;
But nis growth now to youth's full flower display-

Al l virtue, grace, and wisdom to achieve
Things highest, greatest, multiplies my fear.
Before hun a great prophet, to proclaim
His coming, is sent harbinger, who all
Invites, and in the conseerated stream
Pretends to wash off urn, and fit them, so
Purified, to receive him pure, or rather
To do him honour as their king: all come,
And he himself among them was baptized;
Not thence to be more pure, but to receive
The ,ommony of Heaven, that who he is
Thenceforth the nations may not doubt; I saw
The prophet do him reverence; on him, rising
Out of ttie water, Heaven above the clouds
Unfold her erystal doors; thence on his head
A perfect dove descend, whate'er it meant,
And Mil of Heaven th| sovereign voice I heard,
''I'M - is my son beloved, in him am pleased.'
Hu mother then is mortal, but his Sire
Hi? who obtains the monarehy of Heaven:
And what will he not do to advance his Son?
Mis first-begot we know, and sore have felt,
When his fieree thunder drove us to the deep:
Who this is we must learn, for man he seems
In all his lineaments, though in his face
The glimpses of his Father's glory shine.
V- trv. "ir danger on the utmost edge

Of hazard, which admits no long debate,
Hut must with something sudden be opposed,
(Not foree, but well couched fraud, w•U worea


Ere in the head of nations lie appear,
Their king, their leader, and supreme on earth.
I, when no oiher durst, sole undertook
The dismal expedition tu find out
And ruin Adam, and the exploit performed
Suecessfully; a calmer voyage now
Will wafl me; and the way,found prosperous once,
Induces best to hope of like suecess."

He ended, and his words impression left
Of much amazement to the infernal erew,
Distracted and surprised with deep dismay
At these sad tidings; but no time was then
For long mdulgence to their fears or grief.
Unanimous they all commit the care
And management of this main enterprise
To him their great dictator, whose attempt
At first against mankind so welt had thrived
In Adam's overthrow, and led their mareh
From hell's deep vaulted den to dwell in light,
Regents, and potentates, and kings, yea gods,
Of many a pleasant realm and province wide.
So to the coast of Jordan he directs
His easy steps, girded with snaky wiles,
Where he might likeliest find this new-declared,
This man of men, attested Son of God,
Temptation and all guile on him to try;
So to subvert whom he suspected raised
To end his reign on earth, so long enjoyed:
But, contrary, unweeting he fulfilled
The purposed council, preordained and fixed,
Of the Most High; who, in full frequence bright
Of angels, thus to Gabriel smiling spake.

"Gabriel, this day by proof thou shalt behold, Thou and all angels conversant on earth With man or men's affairs, how I begin To verify that solemn message, late On which I sent thec to the Virgin pure In Galilee, that she should liear a son, Great in renown, and called the Son of God; Then told'st her, doubting how these things could


To her a virgin, that on her should come
The Holy Ghost, and the power of the Highest
O'ershadow her: this man, born and now ust-


To show him worthy of his birth divine
And high prediction, henceforth I expose
To Satan: let him tempt, and now assay
His utmost subtlety, because he boasts
And vaunts of his great cunning to the throng
Of his apostacy: he might have learnt
Less overweening, since he failed in Job,
Whose constant perseverance overeame
Whate'er his eruel malice could invent
tie now shall know I can produce a man,

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