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To ships, her confidence! she flies from foes;
Foes meet her there: the wind, the wave,
That once aid, strength, and grandeur gave,
Plunge her in seas from which her glory rose.

I Ier ivory deck, embroidered sail,

And mast of cedar, nought avail,

Or pilot learned! she sinks, nor sinks alone!

Her god• sink with her! to the sky,

Which never more shall meet her eye,

She sends her soul out in one dreadful groan.

What though so vast her.naval might,

In her first dawned the British right,

All flags abased her sea-dominion greet.s

What though she longer warred than Troy?

At length her foes that isle destroy,

Whose conquest sailed as far as sailed her fleet.

The kings she clothed in purple, shake
Their awful brows: "O foul mistake!
0 fatal pride!" they ery, "this, this is she
Who said—With my own art and arm
In the world's wealth I wrap me warm—
And swelled at heart vain empress of the sea I

"This, this is she who meanly soared:

Alas! how low to be adored,

And >.tyle herself a god!—Through stormy wan

This eagle-isle her thunder bore,

High-fed her young with human gore,

And would have built her nest among the stars.

"But ah, frail man! how impotent

To stand heaven's vengeance, or prevent!

To turn aside the great Creator's aim 1

Shall island kings with him contend,

Who makes the poles beneath him bend,

And shall drink up the sea herself with flame?

"Earth, ether, empyreum, bow,

When from the brazen mountain's brow,

The God of battles takes his mighty bow:

')f wrath prepares to pour the flood,

i'uts on his vesture dipped in blood,

^nd marehes out to scourge the world below.

'•' Ah wretehed isle, once called the great l
Ah wretehed isle! and wise too late!
The vengeance of Jehovah is gone out;
Thy luxury, corruption, pride,
And, freedom lost, the realms deride;
Adored thee standing; o'er thy ruins shout:

"To scourge with war, or peace bestow,

Was thine, O fallen! fallen low!

'Twai thine of jarring thrones to still debate:

How art thou fallen, down, down, down I

Wide Waste, and Night, and Horror frown,

Where Empire flamedln gold, and balanced states."

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An inference from this history. Advice to Britain. Man proper to her than other nations. How far the stroke of tyranny reaches. What supports our endeavours. The unconsillered benefits of liberty. Britain's obligation to purnu trads. Why above half the globe is sea. Britain's grandeur from her situation. The winds, the seas, the constellations, deseriried. Sir Isasc Newton's praise. Britain compared with other stntea. The leviathan deseribed. Briuin'a site and ancient title to the •«•. Who rivals her. Of Venice. Holland. Some despise trade as mean; censure.! for it Trade's glory. The late Czar. Solomon. A surprising instance of magnift. cence. The merehant's dignity. Compared with men of letters.

Hence learn, as hearts are foul or pure,

Our fortunes wither or endure:

Nations may thrive or perish by the wave.

What storms from Jove's unwilling frown,

A people's crimes solicit down!

Ocean 'sthe woaib of riches and the grave.

This truth, O Britain! ponder well:

Virtues should rise as fortunes swell.

What is large property?—the sign of good,

Of worth superior: if'tis less,

Another's treasure we possess,

And charge the gods with favours misbestowed.

This counsel suits Britannia's isle,
High-flushed with wealth and Freedom's smile:
To vassals prisoned in the continent,
Who starve at home on meagre toil,
And suck to death their mother soil,
'Twere useless caution, and a truth mispent

Fell tyrants strike beyond the bone,

And wound the soul; bow genius down,

Lay virtue waste! For worth or arts who strain,

To throw them at a monster's foot?

'Tis property supports pursuit.

Freedom gives eloquence, and freedom gain.

She pours the thought, and forms the style;

She makes the blood and spirits boil:

I feel her now! and rouse, and rise, and rave

In Theban song. O Muse! not thine,

Verse is gay Freedom's gift divine;

The man that can think greatly is no slave.

Others may traffic if they please;

Britain, fair daughter of the seas,

Is born for trade, to plough her field, the wave.

And reap the growth of every coast:

A speck of land! but let her boast

Gods gave the world, when they the waters give

Britain! behold the world's wide face;

Nor covered half with solid space,

Three parts are fluid. Empire of tho ws I

And why? for commeree. Ocean streams
For that, through all his various names;
And if for commeree, Ocean flows for thee.

Britain, like some great potentate

Of Eastern clime, retires in state,

Shuts out the nations! Would a prince draw night

He passes her strong guards, the waves,

Of servant winds admission eraves,

Her empire has no neighbour but the sky.

There are her friends; soft Zephyr there,

Keen Eurus, Notus never fair,

Rough Boreas bursting from the pole; nil urge,

And urge for her, their various toil j

The Caspian, the broad Baltic boil,

And into life the dead Pacifie scourge.

There are her friends, a marshalled train!
A golden host I and azure plain I.
By turns do duty, and by turns retreat;
They may retreat, but not from her;
The stars that quit this hemisphere,
Must quit the skies to want a British licet.

Hyad, for her, leans o'er her urn;

For her Orion's glories burn,

The Pleiads gleam. For Britons set and ri-v

The fair faced sons of Mazaroth,

Near the deep chambers of the South,

The raging dog that fires the midnight skies.

These nations Newton mado his own;

All intimate with him alone,

His mighty soul did, like a giant, run

To the vast volume's closing star j

Deciphered every character:

His reason poured new light upon the sun.

Let the proud brothers of the land
Srnile at our rock and barren strand;
Not such the sea; let Fohe's ancient line
Vast tracks and ample beings vaunt!
The camel low, small elephant;
O Britain! the leviathan is thine.

Leviathan ! whom Nature's strife

Brought forth her largest piece of life!

He sleeps an isle! his sports the billows warm!

Dreadful Leviathan! thy spout

Invades the skies; the stars are out:

He drinks a river, and ejects a storm.

The Atlantic surge around our shore, CJerman and Caledonian roar; Their mighty Genii hohl us in their lap.— lieu Egbert Edgar, Ethelred; "Tho seas are ours,"—the monarehs said— I'l," floods their hands, their hands the nations, clap

Whence is a rival tne :i tj rise 7

Can he be found Beneath tnc skies?

No, there they liweil •.hat can give Britain '..-•*

The powers of earth, by rival aim,

Her grandeur but the more p.-oclaim,

And prove their distance most as they draw a:r

Proud Venice sits amid the waves,

Her foot ambitious Ocean laves;

Art's noblest boast! but, O ! what wondrous >xU•

'Twixt Venice and Britannia's isle?

'Twixt mortal and immortal toil?

Britannia is a Venice built by gods.

Let Holland triumph o'er her foes,
But not o'er friends by whom she rose,
The child of Britain! and shall she contend?
It were no less than parricide
What wonders rise from out the tide I
Her High and Mighty to the rudder bend.

And are there, then. of lofty brow,
Who think trade mean, and scorn to bow
So far beneath the state of noble birth?
Alas! these chiefs but little know
Commeree how high, themselves how low,
The sons of nobles are the sons of earth.

And what have earth's mean sons to do
But reap her fruits, and warm pursue
The world's chief good, not glut on others' tail?
High Commeree from the gods came down,
With compass, chart, and starry erown,
Their delegate to make the nations smile.


Blush, and behold the Russian bow;

From forty erowns his mighty brow

To trade—to toil he turns his glorious hand;

That arm which swept the bloody 6eld,

See l the huge axe or hammer wield,

While sceptres wait, and thrones impatient star*

0 shame to subjects! first renown,
Matehless example to the erown!
Old Time is poor; what age boasts such a sight
He drones! adore the man divine-
No; virtue stdl as mean decline;
Call Russians barVrous and yourselves polhs.

He, too, of Judah, great as wise,

With Hiram strove in merehandise;

Monarehs with monarehs struggle for an oar!

That Merehant sinking to his grave,

A flood of treasure swells the cave;

The king left much, the merehant buried more.s

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lt Merehant an inglorious name?

No; fit for Pindar such a theme,

Too great for me; I pant beneath the weight!

If loud as Ocean's were my voice,

If words and thoughts to court my choice

Outnumbered sands, I could not reach its height.

Merehants o'er proudest heroes reign;
Those trade in blessing, these in pain,
At slaughter swell, and shout while nations groan:
With purple monareh merehants vie:
If great to spend, what to supply?
Priests pray for blessings, merehants pour 'em

Kings Merehants are, in league, and love,
Earth's odours pay soft ain• above,
That o'er the teeming field prolific range.
Planets are Merehants, take, return,
Lustre and heat; by traffic burn:
The whole ereation is one vast Exchange.

Is Merehant an inglorious name?

What say the sons of lettered Fame,

Proud of their volumes, swelling in their cells?

In open life, in change of scene,

'Mid various manners, throngs of men,

Experience, arts, and solid wisdom dwells.

Trade, A rt's mechanie, Nature's stores
Well weighs; to starry science soars:
Reads warm ill life (dead-coloured by the pen)
The sites, tongues, interests, of the h•'l:
Who studies trade, he studies all.
Aecomplished Merehants are aecomplished men.



Pindar tnvnkrd. H!a prata. Britain should decline war, out boldly men her trade. Encouraged from the throne. Britain's conllhion without tmlle. Trade's character, and sur• prwing deed-s. Carthage. Holomon'stemi>!e. St. Paul's Chureh. The miser's character. The wonderful rrtecls of trade. Whjf relirfun rocamm•ndcu' to the Merehant. What false joy. What true. What religion is lo the Merehant. Why trade more elorious in Britons than others. How warmly and how long to be piiraued by us. The Briton'B legacy. Columbus. llBprahv. America deseribed. Worlds still unknown. Queen Elizabeth. King George IL ltb glory narally represented.

How shall I farther rouse the soul I
How Sloth's lascivious reign control
By verse with unextinguisbed ardour wrought?
How every breast inflame with mine?
How bill my theme still brighter shine,
With wealth of words and unexhausted thought?

0 thou Direiean swan on high,

Hound whom familiar thunders fly!

While Jove attends a language like his own,

Thy spirit pour like vernal showers;
My verse shall burst out with the llowers,
While Britain's trade advances with her suu

Though Britain wan not born to fear,

Grasp not at bloody fame for war;

Nor war decline, sf thrones your right invade:

Jove gathers tempest black as night;

Jove pours the golden flood of light:

Let Britain thunder, or let Britain trade.

Britain, a comet or a star,
In commeree this,or that in war;
Let Britons shout! earth, seas, and skies resouru)'
Commeree to kindle, raise, preserve,
And spirit dart througn every nerve,
Hear from the thrones * voice through time re

So fall from heaven the vernal showers,

To cheer the glebe, and wake the flowers:

The bloom called forth, sees azure skies displayed.

The bird of voice Ls proud to sing,

Industrious bees ply every wing,

Distend their cells, and urge their golden trade.

Trade once extinguished, Britain's sun

Is gone out too; his race is run;

He shines in vain; her isle's an isle indeed,

A spot too small to be o'ereome:

Ah, dreadful safety! wretehed doom I

No foe will conquer what no foe can feed.

Trade's the souree, sinew, soul of all:
Trade's all herself: her's, her's the ball:
Where most unseen, the goddess still is there.
Trade leads the dance, Trade lights the blaze,
The courtier's pomp! the student's ease I
'Twas Trade at Blenheim fought, and closed the

What Rome and all her gods defies?

The Punic oar; behold it rise

And battle for the world! Trade gave the call:

Rich cordials from his naval art

Sent the strong spirits to his heart,

That bid an Afric Merehant grasp the belt

Where is, on earth, Jevovah's home?
Trade marked the soil, and built the dome,
In which his majesty first deigned to dwell;
The walls with silver sheets o'erlaid,
Rich as the sun, through gold unweighted,
Bent the mooned areh, and bid the column sweU

Grandeur unknown to Solomon !t
Mcthinks the lab'ring earth should groan
Beneath yon load; created, sure, not made'

I Sl Paul a bullt iiy the coal-iM.

Servant and rival of the skies!

Heaven's arch nlone can higher rise;

What hand immortal raised thec?—Humble Trade.

Where had'st thou been if left at large,

Those sinewy arms that tugged the barge

Had caught at Pleasure on the flowery green?

If they that watehed the midnight star

Had swung behind the rolling car,

Or filled it with disgrace, where had'st thou been?

As by repletion men consume,

Abundance is the miser's doom.

Expend it nobly; he that lets it rust,

Which, passing numerous hands, would shine;

Is not a man, but living mine,

Foe to the gods, and rival to the dust.

Trade barbarous lands can polish fair,

Make earth well worth the wise man's care,

Call forth her forests, charm them into fleets:

Can make one house of human race,

Can bid the distant poles embrace;

I IcrV every sun; and India India meets.

Trade monarchg erown, and arts imports,
With bounty feeds with laurel courts;
Trade gives fair Virtue fairer still to shine,
Enacts those guards of gain, the laws,
Exalts e'en Freedom's glorious cause:
Trade, warned by Tyre, O make religion thine!

You lend each other mutual aid:

Why is heaven's smile in wealth conveyed?

Not to place vice, but virtues, in our power.

Pleasure declined is luxury,

Boundless in time and in degree;

Pleasure enjoyed, the tumult of an hour.

False joy 'a a discomposing thing,

That jars on Nature's trembling string,

Tempests the spirits, and untunes the frame:

True joy the sunshine of the soul,

A bright serene that calmg the whole,

Which they ne'er knew whom other joys inflame.

Merchant! religion is the care

To grow as rich—as angels are;

To know false coin from true; to sweep the main,

The mighty stake secure, beyond

The strongest tie of field or fund:

Commerce gives gold, religion makes it gain.

Juin then religion to thy store,
Or India's mines will make thee poor.
Greater than Tyre! O bear a nobler mind,
Sea bovereign isle! proud War decline,
Trade patronize! What glory thine,
Ardent to bless, who could subdue mankind?

Rich Commerce ply, with warmth divine,
ftv Hay, by inIfht; the stars are thine-

Wear out the stars in trade! eternal run

From age to age, the noble glow,

A rage to gain and to hestow:

While ages last! in trade burn out the sun.

Trade, Britain's all, our sires sent down,

With toil, blood, treasure, ages won:

This Edgar great bequeathed; this Edward bold,

Let Forbisher's, let Raleigh's fire!

O let Columbus' shade inspire!

New worlds disclose, with Drake surround an old

Columbus! scare inferior fame

For thee to find, than heaven to frame,

That womb of gold and gem:* her wide domain

An universe! her rivers seas!

Her fruiu, both men and gods to please 1

Heaven's fairest birth! and but for thee in vain.

Worlds still unknown deep shadows wrap;

Call wonders forth from Nature's lap;

New glory pour on her eternal sire:

O noble search! O glorious care!

Are you not Britons? why dospair?

New worlds are due to such a godlike on.

Swear by the great Eliza's soul,

That trade as long as waters roll:

Ah! no; the gods chastise my rash deeree:

By great Eliza do not swear;

For thee, O George! the gods declare,

And thou for them! late time shall swear by t bee.

Truth, bright as stars, with thee prevails;

Full be thy fame as swelling sails;

Constant as titles, thy mind; as masts elate;

Thy justice an unerring helm,

To steer Britannia's fickle realm;

Thy numerous race sure anchor of her state.


What is the bound of Britain's power. Beyond that ol ute most famed in history. The sign Lyra. What theronnclbions are. Argo. The Whale. The Dolphin. Ernbma. The Lion. Libra. Virgo. Berenice. The liriltah Udy censured. The Moon. What the s*a is. Apostrophe to the Em leror. The Spanish Armada. How Britain shouM speak wr resentment. What gives power. What natives do in wr i'l,c Tartar. Mogul Africa. China. Who motet of the world. Whattt,e history of the world la. The gennlnfy of "liory. Mistakes about it. Pence the Merchant's barren. Ships of divine origin. Merchants ambassadors. The Uinon•• voyage. Praise the food of Glory. Britain's record.

Britannia's state what bounds confine!

[Of rising thought! O golden mine!)

Mountains, Alps, streams, gulfs, oceans, set nc


She sallies till she strikes the star;
Expanding wide, and launching far
As wind can fiy, or rolling wave resound.

* Vide Deseriptions of America.

Small isle! for Ciesars, for the son

Of Jove, who burst from Macedon,

For gorgeous Easterns blazing o'er mankind,

Then, when they called the world their own,

Not equal lame from fable shown:

They rose to gods, in half thy sphere confined.

Here no demand for Fancy's wing;

Plain Truth's illustrious: as I sing,

Oh hear yon spangled harp repeat my lay!

Yon starry lyre has caught the sound,

And spreads it to the planets round,

Who best can tell where ends Britannia's sway.

The skies (fair printed page!) unfold

The naval fame of heroes old,

As in a mirror show the adventurous throng.

The deeds of Grecian mariners

Are read by gods, arc writ in stars,

And noble verse that shall endure as long.

The skies are records of the main;

Thence Argo listens to my strain:

Chiron for song renowned, his noble rage

For naval fame and song renews,

As Britain's fame he hears and views;

Chiron, the Shovel of a former age.

The Whale (for late I sung his praise)

Pours grateful lustre on my lays.

How smiles Arion's* friend with partial beams?

Eridanus would flatter too,

But jealousies hit1 smiles subdue;

He fears a British rival in the Thames.

In pride the lion lifls his mane,

To see his British brothers reign

As stars below; the Balance, George! from thine,

Which weighs the nations, learns to weigh

More aceurate the night and day;

From thy fair daughters Virgo learns to shine.

Of Britain's courts, ye lesser lights!
Hew could the wise men caze whole nights
On Richmond's eye, on Berenice's air?
Bat, oh! you practise shameful arts:
Your own retain, seize others' hearts;
Pirates, not merchants, are the British fair.

Tis truth I sing by Cynthia's beam,
Pale Queen! be flushed at Britain's fame;
And, rolling, tell the nations—o'er the main
"To share her empire is thy pride."
He, mighty Power! who curbs the tide,
Uncurbs, extends, throws wide Britannia's reign,

What is the main, ye kings renowned!
Britannia's centre and your bound?
Austrian! where'er Leviathan can roll
Is Britain's home! and Britain's mine
Where'er the ripening sun can shine I
Parts are for emperors; for her the whole.

Why, Austrian! wilt thou hover stdl

On doubtful wing, and want the skill

To see thy welfare in the world's? too late

Another Churchill thou may'st find,

Another Churchill not so kind,

And other Blenheims liIj with other fate.

Ill thou remember'st ill, dost own

Who rescued an ungrateful throne;

1ll thou consider'st that the kind are brave;

III thou dost weigh that in Time's womb

A day may sleep, a day of doom,

As great to ruin as was that to save.

How would'st thou smile to hear my strain,

Whose boasted inspiration's vain?

Yet what if my prediction should prove true?

Know'st thou the fatal pair who shine

O'er Britain's trading empire! thine

As one rejected, what if one subdue 1

What naval scene* adorns the srat

Of awful Britain's high debate,

Inspires her councils, and records her power?

The nations know, in glowing balls

On sinking thrones the tempest falls

When her august assembled senates lower.

O language, fit for thought so bold!
Would Britain have her anger told?
Ah! never let a meaner language sound,
Than that which prostrates human souls,
Through heaven's dark vault impetuous rolls,
And Nature rocks when angry Jove has frowned.

Nor realms unbounded, not a flood

Of natives, not expense of blood,

Or reach of council, gives the world a lord;

Trade calls him forth, and sets him high,

As mortal man o'er men can fly.

Trade leaves poor gleanings to the keenest sword.

Nay, hers the sword, for fleets have wings,

Like lightning fly to distant kings:

Like gods descend at once on trembling state*.

Is war proclaimed? Our wars are hurled

To farthest confines of the world,

Surprise your ports, and thunder at your gates.

The King of tempests, ^olus,

Sends forth his pinioned people thus,

On rapid errands, as they fly they roar,

And carry sable clouds, and sweep

The land, the desert, and the deep!

Earth shakes! proud cities fall, and thrones ad>n1

The fools of Nature ever strike

On bare outsides, and loathe, or like

As glitter bids: in endless error vie;

Admire the purple and the erown;

Of human welfare and renown

Trade's the big heart; bright but their eve

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