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NURSED in the lap of languid ease

The flames of love more fiercely glow, Long leisure feeds the soft disease,

And bids the sweet infection grow.

With vigour rouse thy torpid soul,

The fond delusion wouldst thou fly, Action and arms Love's spells controul,

And overpower his feeble cry.

When round the Thracian God her arms

The smiling queen of beauty throws, When he, inclining o'er her charms,

The faulchion and the spear foregoes,

Then Love protects his mother's bower,

And guards each avenue with care ; While amorous spells, formed by his power,

Impregnate all the ambient air.

Then with new force his shafts fly round,

New votaries then before him kneel; Then too, in stronger fetters bound,

New fires, new pangs, his captives feel.

At length when, satiate with the joy,

Stern Mars resumes his glittering spear, And bids to arms, the coward boy

Spreads his light wings and flies in fear.


AWAY! these arts no more shall hold me,

Hence with those insidious charms; Those smiles are vain, then cease to fold me

In the twinings of thy arms.

And once more hop'st thou to detain me

By thy blandishments and wiles ?
Ah no! Deceit no more shall chain me,

Feigned sighs nor studied smiles.

Believ'st thou I will wear a fetter

Forged by folly and by pride ?
Fair Mischief! learn to know me better,

Be thy spells on others tried.

Yet once again could I believe thee,

Once more would'st thou wrong my love ; And shall my heart again receive thee,

Perfidy once more to prove ?

Yet now, when thus compelled to leave thee

Let me from reproach refrain ;
Not in our parting would I grieve thee,

Nor inflict a moment's pain.

And if those tears are true, my anguish

Soon shall more than equal thine; And if those eyes sincerely languish,

Tears unfeigned shall flow from mine.

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