First on the Antarctic Continent: Being an Account of the British Antarctic Expedition, 1898-1900

Hurst, 1980 - 333 sider
Norwegian-born Carsten Egeberg Borchgrevink (1864 1934) claimed to have been the first person to step onto the Antarctic mainland when he first visited the continent in 1895. Becoming enthusiastic about Antarctic exploration, he was inspired to organise his own expedition on the Southern Cross, with principal funding from Sir George Newnes, an English newspaper proprietor. The British Antarctic Expedition (1898 1900) of ten men to Cape Adare comprised seven Norwegians, two British and one Australian. This was the first expedition to construct a building in Antarctica, overwinter on land, and use sledge dogs for travel. It also set a new farthest south record. Although Borchgrevink was not an effective leader, and problems developed between the Norwegians and the English speakers, the expedition's scientific and exploratory achievements were significant. First published in 1901, and illustrated with many photographs, this work illuminates these endeavours."

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