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Ne I know not the, knyght, thy cort, ne thi name. Bot teche me truly ther-to, and telle me howe thou hattes," 4ol And I schal ware * alle my wyt to wynne me theder,” And that I swere the for sothe, and by my seker * traweth.” “That is innogh in Nwe Yer, hit nedes no more,” Quoth the gome in the grene to Gawan the hende,” “Gif "I the telle truly, quen I the tape' have, And thou me smothely hacz” smyten, smartly I the teche Of my hous, and my home, and myn owen nome,” Then may thou frayst my fare,” and forwardez."

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A littel lut” with the hede, the lere” he diskoverez, His longe lovelych lokkez he layd over his croun, Let the naked nec to the note * schewe. 42d Gauan gripped to his ax, and gederes hit on hyght,” The kay” fote on the folde” he be-fore sette, Let hit doun lyghtly lyght on the naked, That the scharp of the schalk” schyndered” the bones, And schrank” thurgh the schyire grece,” and scade” hit in twynne,” That the bit of the broun stel bot" on the grounde. The fayre hede fro the halce” hit [helde]* to the erthe, That fele * hit foyned” wyth her fete, there * hit forth roled; The blod brayd "fro the body, that blykked * on the grene; And nawther” faltered ne fel the freke” neverthe-helder," 43o

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Sche wolde make ayeinward' newe. And sche, that was toward him trewe, Behihte” him that sche wolde it do Whan that sche time sawho therto. Bot" what sche dede in that matiere It is a wonder thing to hiere, Bot yit for the novellerie" I thenke tellen a partie." Thus it befell upon a nyht Whan ther was noght bot sterreliht,” Sche was vanyssht riht as hir liste,” That no wyht bot hirself it wiste, And that was ate" mydnyht tyde. The world was stille on every side; LWith open "hed and fotal bare, Hir her tosprad," sche gan to fare; . Upon hir clothes gert,” sche was; Al specheles and * on the gras Sche god forth as an addre doth — Non otherwise sche ne goth— Til sche cam to the freisshe flod, And there a while sche withstod.” Thries sche torned hire aboute, And thries ek sche gan doun loute” And in the flod sche wette hir fier, And thries on the water ther Sche gaspeth with a drecchinge, onde,” And tho" sche tok hir speche on honde. Ferst sche began to clepe” and calle Upward unto the sterres alle, To Wynd, to Air, to See, to Lond Sche preide, and ek hield up hir hond 398o To Echates,” — and gan to crie, – Which is goddesse of sorcerie. Sche seide, “Helpeth at this nede, And as ye maden me to spede,” Whan Jason cam the Flees” to seche, So help me nou, I you beseche.” With that sche loketh and was war,” . Doun fro the sky ther cam a char,” a The which dragouns aboute drowe. “ And tho "sche gan hir hed doun bowe, And up sche styh,” and faire and wel Sche drof forth bothe char and whel Above in thair” among the skyes.” The lond of Crete and tho parties” Sche soughte, and faste gan hire hye,” And there upon the hulles” hyhe



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Of Othrin and Olimpe also,
And ek of othre hulles mo,
Sche fond and gadreth herbes *}
Sche pulleth up som be the rote, 4ooo
And manye with a knyf sche scherth,”
And alle into hir char sche berth.”
Thus whan sche hath the hulles sought,
The flodes “ther forgat" sche nought,
Eridian and Amphrisos,
Peneie and ek Spercheidos.
To hem sche wente and ther sche nom"
Bothe of the water and the fom,
The sond and ek the smale stones,
Whiche-as sche ches' out for the nones; *
And of the Rede See a part 4or I
That was behovelich to hire art
Sche tok, and after that aboute
Sche soughte sondri sedes oute
In feldes and in many greves,”
And ek a part sche tok of leves;
Bot thing which mihte hire most availe
Sche fond in Crete and in Thessaile.
In daies and in nyhtes nyne,
With gret travaile and with gret pyne, 4ozo
Sche was pourveid of every piece,
And torneth homward into Grece.
Before the gates of Eson
Hir char sche let àwai to gon,
And tok out ferst that was therinne;
For tho sche thoghte to beginne
Suche thing as semeth impossible,
And made *:::::: invisible,
As sche that was with air enclosed
And mihte of noman be desclosed. 4030
Schetok up turves of the lond
Withoute helpe of mannes hond,
Al heled * with the grene gras,
Of which an alter mad ther was
Unto Echates, the goddesse
Of art magique and the maistresse,
And eft” an other to Juvente,
As sche which dede hir hole entente.”
Tho tok sche fieldwode and verveyne, –
Of herbes ben noght betre tueine;” 4O4o
Of which anon withoute let
These alters ben aboute set.
Tuo sondri puttes “faste by
Sche made, and with that hastely
A wether which was blak sche slouh,"
And out ther-of the blod sche drouh. "
And dede " into the pettes” tuo;
Warm melk sche putte also therto

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With hony meynd; " and in such wise Schegan to make hir sacrifice. --> 4050 And cride and preide forth withal To Pluto, the god infernal, ~ And to the queene Proserpine. And so sche soghte out al the line Of hem that longen to that craft, Behinde was no name last,” And preide hem alle, as sche wel couthe,” To grante Eson his ferste youthe. This olde Eson broght forth was tho; “ Awei sche bad alle othre go, 4060 Upon peril that mihte falle; And with that word thei wenten alle, And leften there hem tuo al-one. And tho sche gan to gaspe and gone,” And made signes many-on, And seide hir wordes therupon; . So that with spellinge of hir charmes Sche took Eson in both hire armes, X And made him forto slepe faste, And him upon hire herbes caste. Y. 4070 The blake wether tho sche tok, And hiewho the fleissh, as doth a cok; On either alter part sche leide, And with the charmes that sche seide A fyr doun fro the sky alyhte And made it forto brenne lyhte. Bot whan Medea sawh it brenne, Anon sche gan to sterte and renne' The fyri aulters al aboute. Ther was no beste which goth oute 408o More wylde than sche semeth ther: Aboute hirschuldres hyng" hir her, As thogh sche were oute of hir mynde And torned in an other kynde.” Tho lay ther certein wode cleft, Of which the pieces nou and eft" Sche made hem in the pettes wete, And put hem in the fyri hete, And tok the brond with al the blase, And thries sche began to rase 4090 Aboute Eson, ther-as" he slepte; And eft with water, which sche kepte, Sche made a cercle aboute him thries, And eft with fyr of sulphre twyes. Ful many an other thing sche dede, Which is noght writen in this stede.” Bot tho sche ran so up and doun, Sche made many a wonder soun, Somtime lich" unto the cock,

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Somtime kacleth as a hen,
Somtime spekth as don the men;
And riht so as hir jargoun strangeth,"
In sondri wise hir forme changeth,
Sche semeth faie" and no womman;
For with the craftes that sche can
Sche was, as who seith, a goddesse.
And what hir liste, more or lesse,
Sche dede, in bokes as we finde,
That passeth over manneskinde.”
Bot who that wole of wondres hiere,
What thing sche wroghte in this matiere,
To make an ende of that sche gan,"

Su erveile herde nevere man. ^_^pointed in the newe mone, - han it was time forto done,

Sche sette a caldron on the fyr,
In which was al the hole atir,"
Wheron the medicine stod,
Of jus, of water, and of blod,
And let it buile" in such a plit,
Til that sche sawh the spume whyt;
And the sche caste in rynde' and rote,
And sed and flour that was for bote,”
With many an herbe and many a ston,
Wherof sche hath ther many on.
And ek Cimpheius the serpent
To hire hath alle his scales lent,
Chelidre hire yaf his addres skin,
And sche to builen caste hem in;
A part ek of the horned oule,
The which men hiere on nyhtes houle;
And of a raven, which was told
Of nyne hundred wynter old,
Sche tok the hed with al the bile;"
And as the medicine it wile,
Sche tok therafter the bouele"
Of the seewolf, and for the hele"
Of Eson, with a thousand mo
Of thinges that sche hadde tho,
In that caldroun togedre as blyve *
Sche putte; and tok thanne of olyve -
A drie branche hem with to stere,”
The which anon gan floure and bere
And waxe al freissh and grene ayein.
Whan sche this vertu hadde sein,
Sche let the leste drope of alle
Upon the bare flor doun falle;
Anon ther sprong up flour and gras,
Where-as the drope falle was,
And wox anon al medwe" grene,
So that it mihte wel be sene.

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1 becomes strange * fairy " that surpasses human nature * began "equipment "boil 7 bark "remedy "bill 10 intestine "healing *quickly "stir "meadow

Medea thanne knew and wiste
Hir medicine is forto triste,"
And goth to Eson ther * he lay,
And tok a swerd was of assay *
With which a wounde upon his side
Sche made, that therout mai slyde
The blod withinne, which was old 415.9
And sek and trouble and fieble and cold.
And tho sche tok unto his us *
Of herbes al the beste jus,
And poured it into his wounde; X
That made his veynes fulle and sounde.
And tho sche made his wounde clos,
And tok his hand, and up he ros.
And tho sche yaf" him drinke a drauhte,
Of which his youthe ayein he cauhte,
His hed, his herte and his visage
Lich" unto twenty wynter age;
Hise hore heres were away,
And lich unto the freisshe Maii,
Whan passed ben the colde schoures,
Riht so recovereth he his floures. Vo

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A feir feld full of folk / fond "I ther bitwene, f alle maner of men, / the mene and the riche, orchinge” and wandringe / as the world asket’s Summe putten hem * to the plough, / pleiden" ful seldene,” 2O In settynge and in sowynge / swonken" ful harde, And wonnen that' theos wasturs */ with glotonye distruen." And summe putten hem to pruide," / apparaylden hem ther-after," In cuntenaunce” of clothinge / comen disgisid.” To preyeres and to penaunce / putten hem monye,” 25 For love of ur * Lord / liveden ful streite, In hope for to have / hevene-riche blisse; " As ancres” and hermytes / that holdeth hem in heore” celles, Coveyte” not in cuntre / to cairen" aboute, For non likerous lyflode*/heore licam” to plese. And summe chosen chaffare”/ to cheeven” the

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And hedden' leve to lyen / al hedre lyf aftir. 49 * Grete lobres" and longe / that loth weare to . swynke * Clotheden hem in copes / to bed knowen for bretheren; And summe schopen hem to *-hermytes/heoreese to have. I fond there freres," / all the foure ordres, 55 Prechinge the peple/for profyt of hedre wombes," Glosynge" the Gospel / as hem good liketh," For covetyse of copes / construeth hit ille;’ For monye" of this maistres / mowen" clothen. hem at lyking, For moneye”, and heore marchaundie / meeten , togedere; 6o Seththe" Charite hath be “chapmon,”/ and cheef to schriven "lordes, Mony ferlyes han” bifalle / in a feweyeres. But” Holychirche and heo" / holde bet” togedere, The moste mischeef on molde */ is mountyng up

faste. Ther prechede a pardoner, / as * he a prest were, 65

And brought forth a bulle / with bisschopes seles, And seide that himself mighte/asoylen" hem alle Offalsnesse angiastinge/and of vouwesi-broken.” . The lewede” men levide * him wel / and likedehis speche, And comen up knelynge / to kissen his bulle; 7o He bonchede” hem with his brevet / and blered” heore eiyen,” And raughte” with his ragemon */ringes and broches. Thus ye giveth oure” gold / glotonis” to helpen And leveth hit to losels.” A that lecherie haunten.” Weore the bisschop i-blesset / and worth bothe his eres,” 75 His sel shulde not be sent / to deceyve the peple. Hit is not al bi” the bisschop / that the boye precheth, Bote the parisch prest and the pardoner / parte the selver That the pore peple of the parisch schulde have / yif that hed neweore,”

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