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This book is simply not credible when it comes to climate change science so it should not be taken seriously by those without the background to realize how biased and misleading it is. BUT what is really funny and telling are the truly elementary errors throughout. And I'm not talking about "difficult climate science" I'm talking about the meaning of simple everyday science words that we teach in elementary school. In this credulous book we find references to “trees and plants” as well as references to “plants, trees, animals, and fish” and to “trees, plants, birds, and animals.” Quite the academic discourse here!!! So, in a book attempting to make a “scientific case” regarding climate change – the authors do not seem to know the meanings of the words animal, bird, fish, plant, and tree! Maybe the authors missed the lessons on "weather" back in grade 5 as well?
I suppose this is a "good book" if you are looking for an example of poor science writing to use in class.

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