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S.IV.? Holy, blefled,and gloztons Trinity, Father, Son,and Holy Ghost, being [thzee Persons,and] yet but Cone God, ] we beseech cach Person apart, and all together to [have mercy upon as,] for we are upon allaccounts very [miserable] and grievous (Staners.] 0 bely, blessed and glorious,&c.

S.V. Kemember not) we beseech thee, O (Lord,our D&ences] with Indignation, let not the Sins, which we our selves have done, Enes the Difences] committed in the days (of our foje-fathete] be required of this Generation, [neither take tboo Wengeance of]. us, for their or (cur ) own (bins): For we cry, as thou hatt taught us, [[pare us, 6000 Logo,]o do thou forbear, and [spare the People,] sweetest Jesu; , [wyom thou batt rereemed] from Wrath and Damnation (pith the precious blood, ] let thy Sufferings either wholly avert, or mightily abate ours, Cand be not angry with us] fo long in this world, neither punish us (fo) e der] in the World to coine, Behold, we all cry [spare as] both here and hereafter,

[Good L020,] for thy mercy fake. S.VI. And do thou not only spare us, but deliver us fully [From all Evil, which may hurt our Souls [ano] froin all (mischirf,] which may harm our bodies : In the firit place deliver us (from Sin,) the greatest Evil, and all that may induce us to it, or punith us for it, as well[from the Crafts,] that draw us, as the surprises [and afaults of the Devil,] that drive us into Wickedness : And also [froin ihy um 24th,] which certainly follows after it at present,(and from eberiaatng Dam nation, the fad Reward of it hereafter. From all and every one of these (6 000 L030] we

humnbly beseech thee to [deliver us.] S.VII.More particularly be pleased to deliver us from all secret Sins in our minds, against thy Majesty, even


From all blindness of heart,) and fupid Ignorance", [from pride] and high Conceit of our felves, [from watn-glozr] and seeking applause from others, [ano] from [bypocrtry? ot feigned thews of Piety: As allo from all secret Sins against our Neigbbours, [from Cabg, at their Prosperity,[Hatred) against their Persons, [and spalice] or purposes of revenge, [and] finally from [all Wncbaritableness] and want of Compassion towards those in Misery. From the guilt and power, the mischief and the pu.

nishment of all, and every one of thefe[GOODUL 020,] we humbly beseech thee to Coeltver us.] S.VIII.Be pleased also to deliver us from all notorious Sins in our Lives and Actions, from fountcation and tilthyLuft, Land all other Jheinous and hardening Crimes, which are usually in their event damning and [deadly Sing] to those which do commit them; as also (from all] those actual Wickednesses, to which we are tempted by our Spiritual Enemies:From being Oppreffors,or Covetous through[the decetts of the Trul orld, Igluttons or drunkards through the deceits of [the fleth,] blasphemous and Atheistical through the deceits of [the Devil.] From the guilt and power, the mischief and the pu.

nishment of all,and every one of these GoodL030,] we humbly beseech thee to [deliver us.] S.IX. Be pleafed also to deliver us from all those temporal and spiritual Judgments, which these Sius do juftly deserve, I from the terrour of (Ligbtning] and Thunder , And the fury of storms [and Lempet] in the Air above us : ( From] the sad desolations of a devouring[ Plague]and raging [Petilencr] round about us: From the extreme misery of a grievous dearth, and famine] in our Land: [Fromall the barbarous cruelties of a bloody (battel] in War, and of Massacres Cand murderdin times of Peace, and from]the evil and uncertain

cvent of an untimely,unprepared and [fudden Death.] From all and every one of those [ Good LozD] we humbly beseech thee to [deliver as] and all thy People.

S.X. Be pleased also to deliver us from those Judgments,whereof thou permitteft evil Men to be thy Executioners on a Sinful Nation, [From all] the violences of a giddy Multitude, stirred up to [Sedition, ] from the desperate Designs of Traitors their Plots and (Patby Conspiracy,] and from the dreadful Tragedies of another Civil War [and Kebellton] against our lawful Soveraign, to the Subversion of the State: As also (trom all the pernicious effects of publishing (false Dodrine,] of spreading and maintaining [Werely] in matters of Faith, and of upholding Separation, Faction [and Schism] in matters of Discipline, to the endangering of the Church: And lastly from spiritual Judgments, the worst of all Evils, even [from bareness of beart,] and being insensible of our Sin, or our punishment, [and] from such continued Customs of living wickedly,as might bring us to an Atheistical and open [Contempt of the Holy woza and Cemmandment.] From all and every one of these toob LOD] we humbly beseech thee to Coeliver us] and all thy People.

9.XI. And now how shall we engage thee, dearest Jeus to deliver us from all these dreadful Evils of Sin and Punishment. We will importune thee by the Remembrance of all that thou hait done for our Salvation: We entreat thee, sweetest Saviour, [Bg the mgütery of the Hoy Incarnation,] and taking our Nature on thee, [br] the Condescension of [thg Volg Pattvity) and


humble Birth, [and] by the Obedience of thy painful [Ctrcumctaon ; ] As also we entreat thee [br] the .. gracious Designs of [the Baptism,] the excellent Vertue of thy fading, and] the glorious Victory obtained in thy (Lemptation.] By the merit and efficacy of all these, and by the en

dearing Love shewed to us therein, (6000 L020,] we earnestly beseech thee to [deliver as.]

S.XII. And as we beseech thee for Deliverance by all thou did it for us in thy life, so also by all that thou sufferedit at thy Death:Weimplore thee [p] the amazement sustained in [thine agony, and) the dolours of thy [bloody sweat] upon the Approach of thy sufferings, [bg] the pains which thy tender body endured on the Cross,and] the anguish which thy Soul felt in thy bitter [ Patton,]we importune thee [by the pzecious Deaty] for the Sins of the whole World, [ano]by thy [bartal] and continuance under the power of the Grave: We supplicate thee [by the glorious Relarredion) from the dead, by the Honour and Trophies of thy Restauration fand Licenäon] to Heaven, [and by] all the Truth and Mercy, which was manifested in [the coming of the Holy Ghost] to remain with us, till the end of the World. By the merit and efficacy of all these, and by thy en_

dearing Love shewed to us therein, [Good Lo2d]

we carnestly beseech thee to [deliver us.] S.XIII.OLord, be thou near at hand to deliver us,in all the changes of our Life, not only (In all time of our tribulation,] when we are troubled with losses, crosses, fickness and dangers, though we do then exceedingly need thy aid ; but also [in all time of our wealth] and Prosperity, because then we are often leaft safe, though


we be most fecure ; but especially deliver us in the last and greatest matters of all, in the bour of Deaty,) that we may not be impatient nor discouraged, Cand in the Day of Indgment,] that we may not be eternally condemned. In all times, but these especially, CCOO Lord,] we do carnestly beseech thee to [Deltver 118,] and then we

Thall never need to pray against Evil any more. S.XIV. And now (though thou heareft not obstinate Sinners,yet)[We] poor penitent (winners,] who have been bewailing our offences[oo beseech thee to hear us,] not only in the Deprecations we have made against Evil, but also in these Intercessions for good things in behalf of all Mankind ; [and] we heartily desire, (that it may please thee,] who haft united all Christian People into one body, the Church, to Kale] by thy Auihority, [and govern] by thy Wisdom, this (the holy Churcb,] that is (universal), so that it may never err from thy Truth, but always keep [in the right way.? Behold, [wme] (being Members of this body ) do all

joyn in this request,and most humbly [befeech thee 10 bear us,) and to answer us in it, [Good LD20.)

S.xv. More particularly, we beseech thee for all Eftates of men in this Church, which thou hast planted in these Nations;and since thou hast set over us a Prince, already professing thy true Religion : We first delire, [ L bat të may please thee,] for the fecuring the right Faith

among us,[to keep] from all Error, and to confirm [and arengthen] as well (in the true] and primi. tive way of [ wollhipping thee] observed in these Churches, as [in Kighteousness and Holiness of life] agreeable to To Holy a Profession, [the Servant CHARLES,] who now is by thy happy Providence out


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