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new and uncertain Fancies in their stead. As for those who now hold any wild or false Opinions, we pray, they may be convinced; for those who are untainted, we pray, they may not be deluded by cunning Deceivers, that fo we may all come to a blessed unity in our Faith, and agree in that Truth which is but one ; and Lord, how happy were it for the Christian World , yea for any one part of it, if this Petition might prevail, and that there were no wicked and false Doctrines maintained or detended! bappy were the People, who were in Such a Case; and for the obtaining it among our felves, we must not cease to pray to him, who is able to bring

it to pass.

S.V. No hold the Fatto in Walty of Spirit, in the

bond of Peace, and tw righteousnels of Life.]

It is the first part of a Churche's felicity, that all its Members do believe the Truth, and hold one right Faithas to the main, yet this is not enough ; for secondly, it is required also that those, who do bolo this one

faith, be united in their affections, and holy in their Lives y for if there be among them who agree of undarnentals, Factions and Schisms, Quarrels and Disputes, or if there be scandalous and notorious Sins committed by those of this Profession ; the Church cannot be happy, because ftrife and evil practices will dishonour Religion, hinder Piety, and expose the Church to the comtempt of its cruel Adverfaries : wherefore in St. Paul's language we pray also, that we may hold the my stery of Faith in a pure Conscience, 1 Tim.iii.9.And may keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of Peace, Ephel iv.3. because as he adds,v.4. and 5. There is but one body, and one fpirit, one hope of our Calling, one Lord, one Faith,pne Baptism : May there be therefore Winite in


the affections, and peace in the Practices of all Christians. May they so agree in their Judgments, and live so peaceably with one another, as if all made but one body, and all were animated by one Soul and Spirit,and alf were bound in one Bond of Peace ; for it is Peace, that makes every member agree with the other; and is called a bond, because it unites the whole body of Christians together, and makes them all as one , enabling them firmly to bear up against all oppositions and if we had but this Peace, nothing were wanting to make up our felicity, but only kighteousness of Łtfe ; for unity without Piety is but a Combination to do evil, and it is not sufficient, that we live lovingly together, unless we all live uprightly towards God, yea S.Paul thinks he is unworthy the name of a Christian who doth not depart from all Iniquity, 2 Tim.ii.19. Now if we want affections to make this Request devoutly, let us but look a while upon the deplorable face of the Christian Church, and confider how they who hold the same Creeds, and agree in Fundamentals,differ in lesser matters, and that with so much bitterness and railing, fully and malice, that these lesser matters have set all Chri{tendom in flames, and made our Divisions the scorn of all that are without, as well as the grief of the wiser fort within: And again let us but behold the wickedness of many called Christians, and we shall find their Pride and Luxury, Oppression and Fraud, Luft and Intemperance doth outvie the very Heathens ; whereby that illustrious Religion, which was once the wonder of it's Enemies for its incomparable purity and virtue, is now become the Cloak for all wickedness, and infamous to the very Infidels. How justly may we complain with Holy Salvian? In us doth Christ suffer reproach, and by us the Christian Religion is blafphemed, for we make the Dery Heathen say: Bebold what kind of men they are, who


worship Christ we may judge of him that is worshipped by his worshippers, for how can we think bim a good Mafter, whese Scholars we see to be so very bad? Salv, gub.l.4. Now when we reflect upon these things, I hope we shall with most paflionate desires, beseech Almighty God by his good Spirit to redress these Evils, which are such a dishonour to him, a scandal to the Church, and a grief to all good men.

S.VI. Finally we commend to the Fatherly goodness

all those who are any ways afflicted o2 ottreded, in mind, boog,03 €tate, [Especially those for wbom our Prayers are desired.]

As we are men we are obliged to pray for all Mankind, as Christians for the Catholick Church, and now we Kemember. them which suffer Adversity, as being oar selves also in the body, Heb.xiii.z. and liable to the like Calamities. Nature binds us to the first, Rcligion to the second, and our own frail Condition to this Tait. We call this a Prayer fox all costs and conDitions of men; wherefore we must not leave out the afficted, which are the greatest part of Mankind, there being no Sort or Condition of men free from afflictions; rich and poor, learned and illiterate, young and old, high and low, do all sinart under them, sooner or later, in some kind or other : And verily Afflictions are of lo imany sorts, that it is almost impossible to reckon them all, yet every kind is so grievous to those which feel it, that none of all the variety of Sufferers ought to be left out in our Prayers ; whereupon though a particnlar enumeration be impossible, yet the Church hath in a few words most admirably comprized all the afflictions in the World, and first in general recommends to the divine goodness all Perlons, any ways afflicted on dtstreño, let the Sufferers be never so many, or their


Sufferings never so various,these words will comprehend them. But this may seem too slight and general a remembrance; wherefore here is annexed a moft admirable and full Division of all kinds of Afflictions, the measures of which are taken from the several Subjects of all human Miseries, viz.Our mind,our body and our etate,

that is from all that we are or have, for all within us and all without us, may be a Subject for misery. Calamity appears in 10000 shapes to torture poor man (9): Sometimes the (9) Lū, psū Beemind is deprived of the use of it's τείων σημάτω faculties by Sickness or Age, or evil

όσαι τυχαι Accidents, and those who retain "oren i ubppaco--their Understanding are oppressed Trag.Grec. with grief, and overwhelmed with melancholy, tormented with fear, and frighted into despair, and Solomon thinks a Man


infirmity more easily than a wounded Spirit ; first therefore, . we pray for those, that are afflicted tn mind: second

ly, Others are afflicted in Bopp, as all those who labour under Sicknesses and Diseases, Aches and Pains, Wounds and Sores, dislocation or breaking of Bones with other Infirmities, which are incident to the body of Man, of which there is so vast a Catalogue, that the Masters of Phyfick can hardly find names enough to express them by, and yet there have been Instances of them all. It were endless to recount all these miseries, so that I shall rather consider, that there is not the smallest nor the meanest part of our body, but it may put us to intolerable pain, and every thing about us may become a several Tormenter, a linew or a vein, yea a tooth or a nail, may make us live in misery, and take away our wretched lives ; what reason then have we to picy and pray for one another ? Considering how infinitely ma. ny there are of these sufferers, how lyable we are to fai

into the like Estate, and how impatiently we our selves are wont to bear the least of thele Evils. Thefe confi. derations should make us pray for all the sick and miserable in the whole world. Ibirdly, others are ditrel. sed in their edate, as all those who are poor and naked, hungry and destitute of daily food, and all who have no Houses nor Habitations for them and theirs, and all that are in Prison and Captivity, under cruel Task-mafiers, or in grievous bondage, so also are all such, who have had Estate in Land, Mony, Goods, Offices,&c. but are deprived of them, by cheating and false witness, by plunder and sequestration, by theft and robbery, or else by Oppreffion and Injustice,by the hand of man, or the immediate hand of God, by fire or water, ftorms at Sea, or Earth-quakes on the land ; all these poor desolate Creatures we do remember with much pity, and will do good to as many of them as we can, but for the rest, all we can do is to commend them to God's infinite pity, who (as the Greek Prayer

notes) knows them every one and (r) 'o bidais - where they dwell, and understands καςον και τα αιτή wobat they all desire and need (r), ματα αυτά, οίκον και and he is able to relieve them all, alw xpeían áutiwhatsoever their Case be: He is Liturg:S.Bafil. their Father and of a very gracious

nature ; so that we hope so many sad Spectacles will move his bowels, and prevail with his father ip Goodness to come and help them. Now it would be a great advantage to our devout. Recital of these Prayers tor the afflicted, if at that time when we make them, we do call to mind some of our Acquaintance or friends, whom we know to be afflicted 07 dttrelled in mind, body 02 ettate , and especially pray for them, whose miferies do more affect us, because they are known to us : And left the carelesness or uncharita


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