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ans,] or are accounted so by others may be led] by this divine Spirit [tnto the wap of Truth,] and kept from all Heresy,and when they have once embraced, let them retain, [and hold the Fatth] together with Charity and a good Conscience : So that they may all happily d well together (in unity of Sptřit,] and with unanimous affections (in the bond of Peace ] without discord or contentions, (and in righteousnets of Life,) and religious Conversation, to thy Glory, the honour of ChriAiapity and their own eternal benefit.

Finally, ] being by our frailty and our fins liable toall Calamities, [We commend] molt heartily[to the fatherly]cate and infinite (goodness] the miseries and deplorable condition of [all those) wretched Creatures throughouo the whole world, [that are any ways af. dicted] by thy immediate hand, [03 dittreded] by evil menwhatever their Sufferings be, those that have any grief or trouble (in mlad,] any fickness or pain in their Etioop, 08] that suffer any wrong or want in their outward [eWate,] many of which are known to us, and remembrèd by us;[Especially N.and M.our Neighbours, being [thofe" for wobom] this day (our Prayers are] molt exprefly [desired, ] whom we therefore particularly commend to thy Mercy.] Defiring for them all, [that it mag please thee,] O Father of Mercies, and God of all comforts [to comfozt] those in trouble of mind, [anı tektebe them] who suffer in body or elate. Send to e. very one[accouding to theto several neceditées ] which are all known to thee,a fuitable remedy : And be mercitul to them all (giving them Patience] to endure ineekly and constantly, while thou permittelt them to lye [underihetr Sofferings] how great soever they be. Land] when they are humbled and reformed by them, grant them both a speedy and [a bappy Alue,] and deliverance [out of all their afflictions,]that they may


end in their temporal Prosperity, or their everlasting Salvation: [and this] for the afflicted with all the for-, mer Petitions, [we beg] humbly at thy hands, not for any merit in us, but [for Jesus Chriæ his fake,] by whom, Good Lord, do thou say to our Requests. [Amen]


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Of the Collect for Pardon. S.1. THif listele Collect is an Appendix of the Litanies

of the Western Church, and retaineth the marks of primitive Devotion, and being a brief, but proper Petition for Pardon, it may very well be joyned with any of the former Prayers, which are to deprecate Famine, Plague or War;that Sin, which is the cause of all those Evils,being removed, those Judgments may be averted also : And besides fome devout Christians, who use the Common-Prayer in private, as their daily Service of God, do use this Form instead of the Absolution, which no ordinary Person may pronounce, nor can any properly use it to himself, but they may petition for forgiveness in this Form, whose Method we shall now set forth for the assistance of all that would use it upon either of the former Accounts.

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The Analysis of the Collect for Pardon.

SII. This Collect hath three Parts.

1. Na 9 ob those nas 1. The Person of ture. ture and property is whom we ask, defcri.<2Pro eber to habe mercy, bed by his


and to fozgibe, 1. Acceptance of Receibe our humble

our Prayers. Petitions, 2. The Pe.

fi. Confer and though we be ticions

sing our mi:) tyed and bound themselves, 2. Resery under with the Chaix of for

mission theme our Sins,
of our

2. Craving Let the pitifulnels

of the great mercy rance from 'ithem.

loose us,

for the honour of 3. The Motive used to enforce Jesus Chrift out them.

pediatoz and 80vocate, men


Practical Discourse on this Colléit.

S.III. D God, whose nature and property is ever to

habe mercp,and to forgive receide our humble Petitions.]

When we have made our Supplications in the Litany, or any of the occasional Prayers for the removing of God's Judgments, there are two things which we all ought to defire. First that those Petitions may be heard, which we make in our great neceflity. Seeondly, that those Sins which have brought all Calamities upon us may be forgiven; and both these are contained in this little Collect, being ushered in with a most comfortable commemoration, that he whom we ask of is a God whose very nature is Compallion, and whose sole property it is to forgive.To the Lord our God belong Mercies and forgiveness, Dan,ix.9. and bis mercy

endureth for ever, Pfal.cxxxvi... his compassions fail not, Lament.iii.22. And it is one of his Attributes, that he forgiverb iniquity, transgression and fin, Exod. xxxiv.6. If Man forgive, it is only by Commission from God, and on Conditions which he shall allow of : and Man's Absolution is in vain, un

(u) Domini enim less it be confirmed by him, be- securitas valet etiamfi, cause none can forgive sins pro

nolim, mea verò nihil

valet si ille noluerit, perly, but God only, Mark ii.7.

Aug home 11t. 10.96. And it is certain, he is as ready to forgive as he is able, and rejoyces upon the return of a Sinner, because he hath an opportunity to grant a Pardon. Now then lince we' have such a God, let us not be dejected, or


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despair in our Calamities, but pray heartily to him,and comfort our felves when we consider into whose bosom we pour our complaints, and to whom we have made our moan, even to a God who is all mercy, and ever {hews mercy, when he acts spontaneously , for when he takes Vengeance, we force him to it; Let us therefore again desire this most compassionate Father to pity us, and receive our humble Petitions, we have not mur. mured at his dealings, nor accused his Providence, but in all humility upon our knees begged for relief, and it is not likely lo humble a suit, presented by so many miserable Petitioners, can be rejected by so merciful a God.

S.IV. And though we be tyed and bound with the

chains of our Sins, let the pittfalnels of the great mercy Icose us, foz the honour of oar Mediator and dovocate Jesus Chritt cur L020. Amen.]

The only cause of fear we can have left our Prayers be denyed, is because we are Sinners; but we have already declared, it is the property of God to forgive, so that (if we are sensible of our lins) we must apply our selves to him for the remission of them, and if we can obtain that, then both our Petitions shall be granted, and our miseries removed, to which purpose here is first an humble Confession of our Sinfulness in an elegant Metaphor,comparing our Sins to Bonds and Chains, and our selves to flaves or condemned Persons bound with them, a comparison frequent as well in Scripture, Acts viii.23. Isai.lviii.6. as in antient Authors; and whereas we are always in our affliction complaining of the sea verity of our Punishment, this Metaphor doth admonith us,that though affliction be the Rod, yet Sin is the Chain that binds us to the block;

so that we must pray


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