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Parthians, who had done the Romans no Injury. Appian. And would to God Christian Princes would imitate this Heathen equity and moderation, and not engage in Blood and Rapine for every slight Cause, to enlarge their Dominions, or satisfie their ambition or revenge ; for such Wars are no other than great Robbe

ries, as St. Aug.calls them (p); and (p) Inferre bella

they who assail their quiet Neigh. ac populos febi non mo'estos sola

bours, are the Enemies of mankind, rignandi cupiditate and have a fad account to make to conterere, quid aliud the maker of all men for all the quam grande latroci.

blood that is spilt on both sides and nium nominandum eft:

there is not a baser affront can be Aug.

offered to the Majesty of Heaven, nor can there be a greater abuse put upon Religion, than to make Te Déums be sung, because they have defroyed many innocent poor Christians, it being like the Hypocrisy of those Heathens, which the Poet exclaims against, who praised the Gods, when they had made a prosperous Robbery and came off safe. How can they praise God for their deliverance from dangers who wilfully calt themselves into them? or how can they bless him for Peace, who would not let their Neighbours live quietly Our excellent Form therefore dorh luppose, that we fought only to secure our Native Country,

or to preserve our undoubted (9) Fortitudo, que Rights (9) attempted by some unvel bello tuetui al jutt and cruel Foc : and when our barbaris patriam, vel 'God hath delivered us from their domi defendit infira mos,uel à latronibus attempts, we may then with great sociis; pl na justitia piety and comfort yield him all Offic, lible Praise and Thanksgiving; and

to assist us therein, it will be necessary for us to reflcct upon our late grievous and apparent Dangers, wherewith we were encompassed on every

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side. We have been in danger of invafion and Spoil; of Captivity or death; we lately had a powerful politick, and malitious Foe before us, we had many uncertain friends in the Nations round about us,and it may be many Traitors among our own selves ; nor were our prez parations sufficient to secure us', they were more likely to get the Victory over us than we over them; and we may conlider, that if they had prevailed, their fury and rage would have brought horrible miseries upon us and all ours; but God hath delivered us, and we do yet enjoy our Lives and Liberties, our Eftates, our Religion, our Trade, and all other Comforts: Oh! what praise is sufficient to return for all this?

f.v.We acknowledge it thy Goodness, that we

were not delivered oder as a prey anto them.]

Those ravenous and salvage beasts, which hunt and devour other Creatures, tearing their fleih, and drin.. king their blood, are made the Embleme of Tyrants, and such as delight in War,who are compared to Lions, and Bears, Wolves and Tygers: in pursuance to which Metaphor the Church in David's time faith, Praised be the Lord, who hath not given us over for a Prey unto their Teeth, Psal. cxxiv.6. from whence we have taken this Thanksgiving. We did not design to make a Prey of them, but they of us ; they deligned to conquer us and enslave us, to possess our Eftates, destroy our Country, murder us and our friends, and do all acts of barbarous out-rage to us. Had they prevailed we must have expected no other Mercy than we should do from a hungry Lion;for they would have swallowed us up quick,mben they were so wraihfully displeased at us, Pfal.cxxiv.5. but our most gracious God hath rescued us out of the very Lion's mouth: so that we hive great reason to acknowledg

our deliverance to be an act of his free goodness; had he riot infatuated their counsels, and defeated their designs, weakened their power, and blafted their endeavours, they might have got the victory for any policy or strength, which we had to oppofe them with;besides we have finned against our God, and if we had never so much'counsel and strength, he might justly have made it useless to us, and might have given the victory to our Enemies, merely to make them Executioners of his wrath upon us for our Iniquities and doubtless they would have proved very severe ones ; so that we have cause to acknowledg it was his Goodness, and Mercy alone that saved us from them, we cannot arrogate any thing to our selves, but muft ascribe all the praise to him. It was a prudent Custom among the Romans for the General, who did triumph, to Lay bis Triumphal Crown in the lap of Jupiter, or to offer it to some Temple,thereby to acknowledg the Vi&ory was given them by the benefit of the immortal God, to pobom therefore the Praise nous wholly due.Aliab Alex.l.6.c.6. Even so we do here take the Crown from our own heads,and lay it down at Gods feet, acknowledging it to be his goodness alone, that caused our safety. S.VI.MIB Eleeching thee adil to continne sach tbe mer

cy towards us,that all the world may know, that thou art our Saviour, and mighty Deliverer, Ebzough Jesus Christ car Lojd. Amen.

Although the Cloud seem to be dispersed at present ; yet it may gather again and either the sameEnemies may Tally to revenge their defeat, or some new ones may arise:wherefore we must not only give thanks for our past deliverance; but having found the felicity of being under the divine Protection, we must also beg the continaance of such merop towards us, and pray, that he who hath been a Tower of defence to us now, will please to be our (trong bold, whereunto we may always resort in like


danger,Pfal.lxxi... to the end that all the would (as well as these our late foes)may know that the Lord is our Saviour. And this Petition is very likely to prevail, because God hath promised to do the same thing, and for the ves ry fame end, I will save thyChildren;(faith he) —And all Flesh Mall know that I the Lord am tby Saviour, and thy Redeemer,the mighty one of Jacob (or as the old Translations have it) thy Saviour and thy mighty Redeemer O Jacob, Isai.xlix.25.6. And

upon this ground the Servants of God in all ages have begged deliverances by this very Argument, so David, Help me O Lord my God, O save me according to thy Mercy; and they shall know, hovo that this is thy band, and that thou Lord haft done it, Pfal. cix.25,26. And thus also Hezekiab prays, Isai.xxxvii. 20. And fo do the Offices of the Greek Church upon this occation (1) ý dos doran (r). And by this means we shall not órójeti of only be safe, but God will be glori. gim, uítots touri fied allo; for some may ask us as the ti fun mi Isiva Persian Emperor did Daniel, Is your feds autãy Euchol. God whom you serve continually able to deliver you? that question will be effeçtually answered byGod's frequent giving illustrious Evidences of his Mercy and Power in our constant Deliverances ; and withal we may hope it will discourage Our most daring Enemies, to set upon us, when they fee they can do nothing against us. The


obstinate Egyptians finding the ill success of all their attempts against Israel, had so much prudence as to say, Let us flec from the face of Israel, for the Lord fighteth for them against the Egyptians, Exod. xiv.25. And if God's Protection have this effect, he shall be glorified, and we abundantly fatisfied, who detire not our Enemies destruation, but only our own peace and safety, which the Lord grant unto us for Jesus fake, Amen."

The Paraphrase of this Thanksgiving. 5D Almighte] Lord of Hofts, the [God] of battel, [who art a]greater security to all that trust in thee than a strong slower,]or a fortress[of Defence; ] tince they may be forced or betrayed, but thou art an invincible safeguard [unto the Servants,] who trutt in thee [from the face,] the fury and force [of their Eneintes,] be they never so many, or fo mighty ; [we] thy Servants in this Nation, having been lately preserved by thy mercy do [gteld thee) the Tribute of moit hearty [paalle and thanksgiving,] which thou hast juftly descrved at our hands [for our deliverance from] the miseries of this late War,and all (those great and apparent dangers] of Invasion and Spoil, Captivity and Death, [wherewith we were]so desperately beset and [entompaded,] while our enraged Foes lay against us on every fide. And here (we) dof[acknowledg, it] was not our own Policy or Power, our Innocence or our Merits, but [tby goodness) which preserved us from all those miferies, and kept us (that we were not] according to our desérvings [delivered over] by thy Justice (as a pzeg unto them.] rodevour us, and execute their utmost malice upon us. Having therefore found the benefit of thy Protection, we will fill pray for the like favour , [befeeching thee,] who haft hitherto helped us, [to conttnue] fill to grant us. [ruch] wonderful deliverances through (the mercles) which have been so often ex. pressed (ioward ue:] For we hope by the frequent manifestations of thy care of our safety it may come to pass, [that all the world, Jas well as our late Foes, mar] come to know that thou,] O Lord, wilt ever take our part, because thou [art our Saviour, and] we hope, thou ever wilt be our (mighty Deliverer,] fo that


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