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ginning, as aiming at the Subversion of the Authority which himself hath set up. And verily we are infinitely bound to the divine Providence for preventing the (x) Pádcov reli gap spreading of this Gangrene.In regard

there never wants mischievous Pernóniv groue wġ fons to raise them, we are happy

φαυροτέροις, 'Αλλ' επί χώρας

that God is pleased to allay them rūgis for at ove again : It is the Observation of σπαλές και γίνετα

Pindar that it is an easie matter for εξαπίνας

the vilest Men to stir up a City to 'El på deos izqué

Rebellion, but it would be impossible

to appease it again, if God did not Κυβερνατήρ. γένη

direct and afist the Governours tbere.

of (x). To him therefore we are Pindar. Pith.od. 4.

bound to give most hearty praise, -Deus nobis bec for crushing this Viper in the Otie fecit.

birth. S:XL.99mt bamble beseeching thee to grant all of

as Grace, that we may bencefoxth obentently walk in the holy Commandements.]

The sweetness of that happy Peace which we all enjoy, while we obey our Prince, and agree together in Love, makes us finish our Praises for the fupprefling of our late Tumults with a hearty Prayer , that we may have no more Seditions or disturbance, and to that end we first beg that the Grace of God may for the future be given to us all, that we may all'obcy theLaws of God, and then there can b: no Rebellion. If the late Conspirators and their Complices had had any Grace , they never had laid plots againt the Lords anointed;it they had walked in the Commandements of God, they would have feared God and the King, Prov. xxiv. 21. 1 17. and have been subject to the higher Powers, Rom.xiii.i. as he requireth all men to be. often times much talk of Grace and God liness,Religion

There is


nd Conscience among Traitors and seditious Compajies, but would to God they had really any of these anong them ; for then they would presently submit to Gods Vice-garent, and repent exceedingly that ever hey lift up their hands against his anointed ; if they ea rer do come truly to fear God', they will see what 1 desperate wickedness they have been guilty of all this while, in living contrary to so many strict and plain Coma mandements, and no question they will be really good Subjects as soon as they are good Christians and good men ; therefore the good Lord grant to all that are, or have been, traiterously disposed, Repentance to the acknowledging of the Truth, and Grace to live in Obedience to God's commands, and then we shall have no more mischiefs hatched among us, the Authors where of are destitute of all grace and real goodness. Secondly, we pray not only for grace to be given to them, but to us all, that all our Fellow-subjects may obediently walk in God's ways, for then none of us shall either consent to any Treason in our hearts, nor by our wicked Lives provoke God to scourge us with this Rod of Sedition, which is a Judgment by which God is wont to scourge an offending King and a sinful People, Provi xxviii.2. When Wickedness abounds it provokes our God, who (as before) only:keeps us in Peace,to withdraw his Providence from us, and then Tumults and Seditions, Strife and Rebellion break in irresistibly upon us; for the Present our gracious Facher hath diverted these Evils,pray we then(as it is in the Roman Office,) That we may use the tranquility and peace, which bis goodness bath established among us , as a remedy for our amendment.Miff.Ebor.temp.belli. And take we heed, that none of us by heinous Iniquities make the Evil to return. And doubtless if ever this Petition were needful, it is necessary for us in these times, who have lately been

Kk 2



delivered out of fo great a Rebellion, as no Age nor no History can parallel,and yet we are so far from either being warned by our late Sufferings to amend, or being obliged by God's mercy to live more holily,that we are now more debauched and luxurious, more profane and Joose than ever: So that I may complain with devout Salvian : We have received the respit of a bappy Peace by God's gift,and we use it only as an opportunity to fin more boldly, and more securely So that our very Peace is a mischief to us, Jince we live so, as to declare, that it bad been better for us we had never received that wbich makes us so much worse men than we were before. guber. lib.6.Surely this is the ready way to provoke God to calli us into the fire again, and if we live thus wickedly,our Peace will not long continue, 1 Sain.xii.25. There are many, I am confident, who abhor directly to stir up Sedition against the King, who yet by their Impieties do take the ready way to cause God to scourge us by another Civil War, of which they are the meritorious, if not the instrumental, causes. May the Lord therefore grant both the séditious and the loyal hisGrace to amend their Lives, and live holily, and then we may hope for an enduring Tranquillity. Amen. S.XII.2 10 leading a qutet and peaceable Life in all

godliness and honelty, may continually offer unto tyce cur sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving fom these thy mercies towar de us throug) Jelas Cuata cur L020, Amen.]

Our God hath sufficiently shewed himself an Enemy to all Sedition and Rebellion in that place of the Apostle, whence this is deduced, where he sheweth that the very end of Government is, That under it we should lead quiet and peaceable Lives in all Godliness and honesty, i Tim.ii. 1,2. And if we be good Chriftians, this must be our dclign and delire; for the two great Duties of Chri


ftianity are Piety towards God, and Justice towards Men , here called Godliness and honesty ; and the two necessary means to enable us to perform these,are Inwardly, the Brace of God (which we prayed for in the last Paragraph) and Outwardly, a quiet and peaceable life (which we beg here): for Wars and Tumults, Drums and Trumpets, Rebellion and Violence, Sedition and Strife, disturb us in the Duties of Godliness, and hinder us in the practice of Honefty; therefore whosoever defires sincerely to serve God, and do juftly to all

men, he will and must abhor and pray against all Treai son and rising up in Arms, as that which is an impedi. i ment to his quiet, and consequently to his chearsul and

undisturbed leading a good life. And oh! that none of us had any other ends, than to serve God and do honeltly towards all men; for then we should all live quietly under our Governours,we hould never mutiny nor rebel, we should never disturb the Kingdom if we only wished to live in peace;nor should we break God's Laws that command subjection, if our only aim were to serve God : Our only employment then would be to live holily and happily, to obey our King, and love our Fellow-Subjects, and to pray for the continuance of Halcion days: And then also,as S.Paul adviseth, Heb.xiii. 15. We should have continual Cause to offer up the Sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving to God through Jesus Christ for these bis Mercies towards us : for then Heaven would so watch over us,that our peace should never be disturbed, we should have no plots, or none to prosper , and we should frequently hay.e occasion to bless the Name of God for the encrease of Piety and Vertue, the security of Laws and Magistrates, the suppression of Treasons and Conspiracies, the continuance of Peace and Plenty, and bappy are the people that are in such a case,Pfal. 144. ult. wherefore let our Lives as well as our Lips hercunto say, Amen,


Kk 3

The Paraphrase of this Thanksgiving. [D eternal God] whofe Kingdom can never be shaken, thou art (our heavenly Fatber,] and takelt care of our peace also:For thou art he [who makett men of several interests and tempers (to be of one mind, and live quietly together (in a boule] and in a Kingdom alío; [and] when any Tumults do arise,thou [attilet the outrage,] and appeaselt the fury (of a dtoient] faction, [and] of an [unruly people] broke loose from their obedience: We remember the mischiefs lately contrived by such as these, (and we bless the Holy Pame, that] in pity to us (it hath pleased thee) to discover the plots, [and to appeale the leditious tumults] of ungodly and discontented Men : Cauling a Cessation of those troubles, [which pate] by evil Instruments [been lately raised up among us: who otherwise might have lived in Peace. And no we are quiet again, we come unto thee (mot hambly beseeching tbee] our gracious Deliverer [to grant all of as] as well the Disturbers,as the Loyal,luch (grace, that we may]be truly religious, and Chencefoth obediently walk to observance of all [thy Holy Commandments,] especially thofe which Tequire subjection to the higher Powers: So that being good Subjects , [and leading a qutet and peaceable life, ] we may, without disturbing the Government , employ our time [in all goditoess) towards thee, [and honetty] towards our Neighbours. And then thou wilt discover and prevent all Conspiracies ; so that we [may continually] have reason and opportunity to [offer onto thee our Sacrifice of Praise] and thanksgiving[roz these] happy days of Peace,which we enjoy by [the merctes towaids us, ] and [througy] the Intercer fion of (Iefus Chzit our L030] to whom be glory, smena


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