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play-wright of the day. It is need Nor trumpet's long-resounding voice, less to enter into the detail of the Norshrill-ton'd fife has power to charm; slight plot; it is only necessary to

Nor hollow drum, with deafʼning noise, say, that it is easy and natural, and The Highland warrior's heart can warm. that the incidents, some of them new The bagpipe sounds with swelling breath, and effective, are all well accounted

The fire-flaught flashes from his eye ! for. The audience understands, with He hopes for Victory's laurell'd wreath, out difficulty, why the characters are Prepar'd in Honour's bed to lie. in the situations in which they are found ; and there is novelty without

'Twas thus on Egypt's thirsty soil,

Where Abercromby fought and fell, any thing forced in the mode in

The brave Black Watch, in battle toil, which they are extricated. I must not close this letter with.

With victory peal'd his parting knell. out some notice of Miss Clara Fisher, Thus on Corunna's hapless shore, the juvenile performer, who has ex

Undaunted stood the bold and brave; cited considerable attention, and de. By Sons of Mist the gallant Moore serves some praise. How much natu.

Was calmly laid in Honour's grave. ral ability the child may have, and Whene'er was heard the bagpipe's tone how much of what she performs may On Maida's plains or Waterloo, have been the effect of patient teach. It led the kilted warrior on, ing, it is not easy to decide ; and I Nor aught but death could him subdue, do not take interest enough about these precocious probationers, to give Methinks I see them linger still myself much trouble to enquire.

On Naver's banks in Carrel glen,

And gaze upon the heath-clad hill " In winter I no more desire a rose,

Which they must never climb again. Than wish a snow in May's new-fangled shew's."

I hear their tender parting sighs ;

I see the vessel under sail ; Every thing should coine at its proper The rippling waters round them rise, time and season; and though there The bark scuds light before the gale. may be something surprising in this sort of exhibition, the pleasure ends He leans against the rocking mast, with the surprise-there is no real,

The shore receding from his view,

With look still fix'd, till fades the last lasting enjoyment to be derived from it. That Miss Clara Fisher is quick

Lov'd hill in dimly distant blue. and docile there is little doubt, and And now he gazes wildly round, she certainly acts with more spirit

With sickening heart and hopeless eye; than could easily be given by mere

Nought comes within his vision's bound, instruction.

But one dark waste of sea and sky. Two new pieces are announced ; Canadia's hills appear in sight, the one a farce at the Haymarket, Her swampy fens and forests deep; under the title of “ Peter Fin, or a And does his bosem feel delight ? New Road to Brighton;" and the Ah, no! he turns his head to weep! other an operatic piece at the English By day Hope sheds her transient glow, Opera House, called “ All in the

But livelier far his nightly dream ; Dark, or the Banks of the Elbe.”

His heart is on his hills of snow, It is contradicted that Mr H. Twiss

Or hovering light o'er Brora's stream. is preparing “ The Fortunes of Nigel” for the stage. He is writing, it But Ruin, with gigantic stride, is said, a new tragedy, to be produ

Has sought his happy humble vale, ced next season at Covent-Garden.

There spread his de solation wide,

And wak'd the harmless peasant's wail.

Poor minstrel! still thy wild notes flow !Stanzas,

Not pibroch loud, or brisk strathspey;It is the cadence, sad and slow,

Of “ O'er the hills, and far away !" HARK! 'tis the bagpipe's breathing sound, Thy sunny glens and straths of green

A brisk strathspey in sprightly glee ; A lone and cheerless waste display ; Dear to Clan-albin's sons renown'd, For sheep are now where men have been, The music of the brave and free !

And Albyn's glory hastes away!




A Treatise on the Use of Moxa as a A work entitled Public Men of our Therapeutical Agent, by Baron Larrey : own Times, will appear in July, in three translated from the French, with notes volumes, of the size of Debrett's Peerage and an introduction, containing a His. It will include nearly three thousand bio. tory of the Substance ; is preparing by graphies of living characters in all civili. Robley Dunglison, fellow of the Royal zed nations, and be ornamented with 150 College of Surgeons, and will shortly be copper-plate portraits.

published. Mr Lowe's volume on the Statistics Bibliotheca Biblica is preparing for of England is on the eve of publication: publication, consisting of a select descripit contains an account of the present state tive catalogue of the most important Bri. of our agriculture, trade, and finance, with tish and foreign works in the department a comparison of the prospects of Eng- of biblical criticism and interpretation, land and France, in regard to productive with brief notices of their authors, and industry, and national revenue.

remarks on their theological and critical Mr Gideon Mantell, F.L.S. member merits, by Wm. Orme, author of " Me. of the Geological Society, &c. author of moirs of the Life, Writings, &c. of Dr " the Fossils of the South Downs," is pre- John Owen.” paring for publication a Description of the Prælectiones Academicæ, or Academic Strata and Organic Remains of Tilgate Lectures, are preparing for the press, on Forest, with observations on the beds of subjects connected with the history of limestone and clay which alternate in the modern Europe, viz. Christianity, Mahoironsand of Sussex. This work will be medanism, the Crusades, literature and embellished with numerous engravings the arts, navigation, the Jesuits, the Reof the extraordinary fossils discovered formation, civil wars in England, slave by the author in those remarkable strata, trade, commerce, French revolution, civil and will contain an account of the geo- liberty, and religious toleration ; by the logical relations of the limestone of Win Rev. H. C. O'Donnoghue, A.M. This chelsea, Hastings, Battel, Horsham, &c. work will be published in four quarterly It is intended as an appendix to the “ Il. parts, making, when completed, one lustrations of the Geology of Sussex.” handsome volume octavo, of 600 pages.

Gerns principally from the Antique, Mr Hopkins, of Manchester, has in with verse illustrations, by the Rev. G. the press a work on Principles of PolitiCroly, A.M., drawn and etched by R. cal Economy which regulate Wages, ProDagiey, are preparing for publication. fits, Rent, and the Value of Money.

Speedily will be published, in one vo. Mr Pontey's Practical Treatise on Ru. lume octavo, Political Fragments, trans ral Ornament, which deduces the science lated from the Greek by Thomas Taylor, from well-known fixed principles, will apfrom Archytas, Charondas, Zaleucus, and pear in the course of the present month. other ancient Pythagoreans, preserved by Shortly will be published, with numeStobæus ; and also, Ethical Fragments of rous plates, a Tour through Sweden, Hierocles, the celebrated commentator Norway, and the coast of Norwegian on the Golden Pythagoric verses, preser Lapland to the Northern Cape, in the ved by the same author.

year 1820, by A. De Capell Brooke. The History and Antiquities of Lewes At the same time will appear, in imperial are announced for publication, in one vo quarto, the Costumes of the different lume quarto, with numerous lithographic Provinces in Sweden, coloured. plates, by the Rev. T. Horsfield and A coloured edition of Mr Mantell's J. W. Woolgar, M.A.S. The Natural Geology of Sussex is preparing as speedily History of the district by G. Mantell, as possible, and will be ready for delivery F.L. and G.S. member of the College of in the course of a few weeks. A very Surgeons, &c.

limited number will be published. Sixteen Practical Sermons will shortly A History of a severe Case of Neuralbe published, on the most important sub gia, commonly called Tic Douloureux, jects of religion, delivered on various oc will speedily be published, occupying the casions, by the late Rev. Richard Post nerves of the Right Thigh, Leg, and Foot, lethwaite, Rector of Roche, Cornwall. successfully treated; with some observa.

Mrs Catherine Hutton, author of the tions on that complaint, and on its cau“ Tour of Africa,” &c. is employed upon ses, as they vary in different individuals ; a work to be entitled, Memoirs of the by G. D. Yeats. M.D. F.R.S. Queens of England, with a Sketch of the An Analytical Investigation of the Kings.

Scriptural Claims of the Devil, and a si



milar enquiry into the meaning of the History and Antiquities of the Parish of terms Sheol, Hades, and Gehenna, as Ormskirk, in Lancashire. used by the Scripture writers, by the Rev. Memoirs of the Life and Writings of Russell Scott, of Portsmouth, which have the late Mrs Catherine Cappe are print. been unavoidably delayed in passing ing in an octavo volume. through the press, will be published in Mr Nelson is preparing an octavo edi. the course of the present month.

tion of his History of Islington, which The Political Life of his Majesty George will contain much additional letter-press, the Fourth, is preparing for publication, and at least twenty engravings and lithoin one volume octavo.

graphic prints. In a few days will be published, an Essays on Subjects of Inquiry in Me English Grammar in verse, with Scrip- taphysics, Morals, and Religion, by the ture examples, by the Rev. T. Searle. late Isaac Hawkins Brown, Esq. wil

Mr Hamper is preparing for the press, soon appear in an octavo volume. a second edition of his Tract on Hoar. stones.

EDINBURGH. Shortly will be published, in 12mo. the Peveril of the Peak, by the Author of Lady's Manual, by a Physician. The “ Waverley,” is preparing for publication. object is to supply the female sex with Preparing for publication, by the Auuseful information on a variety of appro thor of " Annals of the Parish,” The priate and interesting subjects, to prevent Entail; or, The Lairds of Grippy. “ Let the necessity of application to professional Glasgow Flourish.”

In the press, and speedily will be pubShortly will appear, the Claims of Sir lished, in one volume octavo, price 5s. Philip Francis refuted.

Interesting Anecdotes, Memoirs, AllegoMr Worsdale, sen. of Lincoln, has ries, Essays, and Poetical Fragments. By ready for the press, a work, entitled, Ce. John Leslie, late Convener of the Incor. lestial Philosophy, or Genethliacal Astro. porated Trades of Aberdeen. nomy. This manuscript is entirely ori. In a few days will be published, in one ginal, and contains, we are informed, the large volume octavo, Remains of the late whole art of calculating nativities, with Alexander Leith Ross, A.M. with a Mea great number of genitures ; the exam moir of his Life, containing A Diary of ples are given in figures, which may be his Studies; Illustrations of Scripture, proved by the use of the celestial globe, from the Persian language, from Ancient or spherical trigonometry. It is intende traditions, and Eastern customs ; An Esed to publish it in twenty-five numbers, say on the Literature of the Arabs, and making 600 pages, octavo.

the influence which it has had on that The Princess Olive of Cumberland an. of Europe ; Acccunt of u Ajayeb Al nounces two volumes of her Poems, to be Makhlukat;" or the “ Wonders of Creapublished by subscription, at two pounds, tion,” an interesting Work in Persian, for the purpose of relieving her from containing a compendium of the Geogracaptivity, and to enable her to proceed phy and Natural History of the East ; in her suit in Doctors'-Commons for the Poetical Translations; Verbal Resemblanrecovery of £.15,000 left her by the late ces between the Oriental Languages and King.

those of other Nations; Journal of a The Rev. Dr Rudge has in the press, Tour in Holland, Flanders, and France, in two octavo volumes, Sermons on the in 1817; and in France, Italy, Switzer. Leading Characters and most Important land, and Germany, in 1820. Events recorded in the Book of Genesis. In the press, and will be published in

The Rev. George Holden is printing, the course of this month, Two Discour. in an octavo volume, an Attempt to il. ses, on the Sin, Danger, and Remedy of lustrate the Book of Ecclesiastes.

Duelling; with copious notes illustrative Joseph Swan, Esq. is printing, in an of the subject, and embracing an Account octavo volume, a Treatise on the Ana of the Rise, Progress, Variations, Prohitomy, Physiology, and Pathology of the bitions, and Preventives of Single ComNervous System.

bat. By the Rev. Peter Chalmers, A.M. Mr W. I. Roberts is preparing the One of the ministers of Dunfermline.




mar of Augustus Matthiæ. By C. I. An Epitome of Roman Antiquities; to Bloomfield, D.D. 12mo. 3s. 6d. which is prefixed, an Abridgment of Ro. Euripidis Electra, ad Optimarum Edi. man History. By C. Irving, LL.D. &c. tionum fidem emendavit, et notis in usum 12mo. 5s.

juventutis instruxit Hastings Robinson, Architectural Antiquities of Normandy. A.M. Collegii Div. Joann. Cant. Socius. By John Steel Cotman Part IV. folio, 5s. 6d. £3:3s. or proof impressions on India pa The Theory and Practice of Latin Inper, £.5.5s.

flection, being Examples in the form of ARCHITECTURE.

Copy Books for declining Nouns and Sciography, or Examples of Shadows, Verbs. In two Parts. By Thos. Haigh, and Rules for their Projection, intended A.M. 4to. for the Use of Architectural Draughts Quintilianus de Institutione Oratoriâ ; nen. By Joseph Gwilt, architect. 8vo. 9s. ex Editione, J. M. Gesneri. 2 vol. 12s.

An Inquiry into the Principles of Museum Criticism ; or Cambridge ClasBeauty in Grecian Architecture ; with an sical Researches. No. VII. 8vo. 5s. Historical View of the Rise and Progress

DRAMA. of the Art in Greece. By George, Earl Tales of the Drama, founded on the - Aberdeen, K.T. &c. Svo. 7s.

Tragedies of Shakespeare, Massinger, BIBLIOGRAPHY.

Shirley, &c. By Miss Macauley FoolWhittaker's Complete Catalogue of

scap 8vo. 10s. School Books. Is. sewed.

EDUCATION. Hayes's Catalogue of Greek and Latin

A Glossary; or a Collection of Words, Classics. Part II. Is. 6d.

Phrases, Names, and Allusions to CusT. Thorpe's Catalogue. Part II. for

toms, Proverbs, &c. forming a necessary 18?2 ; containing numerous articles of Supplement to Johnson's Dictionary. By extreme rarity in early English Poetry the Rev. Robt. Nares, &c. 4to. £.2.,158. and Music, Classics, &c. 3s.

A few Hints on the Nature of Accent

and Emphasis. 12mo. 6d.
Napoleon in Exile. By B. E. O'Meara,
Esq. 2 vol. 8vo.
Memoirs of the Life of Colonel Hut-

Original Houses of the Poets and Phi. chinson, Governor of Nottingham Castle, losophers of Great Britain. No. I. 3s. &e. By the Rev. Julius Hutchinson. 2

Ædes Althorpianæ ; or an Account of vol. £.l.4s.

the Mansion, Pictures, and Library at The Life and Extraordinary Adven. Althorp, in Northamptonshire, the Resitures of Samuel D. Hayward, denomi

dence of the Earl Spencer. By the Rev. nated the Modern Macheath. 12mo. 6s.

T. F. Dibdin. 2 vol. 8vo. Memoirs of Arterni. 8vo. 12s.

Practical Hints on Composition in The Life of the Rev. Thomas Scott, Painting ; illustrated by Examples from with copious Extracts from his Letters.

the Great Masters of the Italian, Flemish, By John Scott. 8vo. 14s.

and Dutch Schools. By John Burnet. Lives of Celebrated Persons who have

4to. 12s. died within the last Six Years. 6 vol.

Portraits of the British Poets. Part 8vo. £.4.10s.

XV.: containing six portraits, four of Memoirs of the late Miss Mary Ann

which have never before been engraved. Burton, of Kentish Town. 12mo. 6s. 6d.

On royal 8vo. 14 proofs on India paper.

4to. £.118s. BOTANY. The Scottish Cryptogamic Flora: or

GEOGRAPHY. Coloured Figures and Descriptions of

Practical Geography. By J. Quiscau. Cryptogamic Plants growing in Scotland,

8th edit. 5s. bound. and belonging chiefly to the Order Fungi.

Pestalozzi's Practical Geography, SaBy R. K. Greville, F.R.S.E. M.W.S. &c. cred, Ancient, and Modern, with Rules Royal 8vo. No. I. 4s.

for the Construction of Maps, &c. By

P. H. Pullen. Svo. 6s. Decimi J. Juvenalis et A. Persii Flacci

Remarks touching Geography. By Satire : Supplementary Annotations on

Mela Britannicus. 10s. 6d. Livy; designed as an Appendix to the

HISTORY. editions of Drakenborch and Crevier. By The Chronicles of Eri; being the HisJohn Walker. 8vo. 12s.

tory of the Gaal Sciot Iber, or Irish PeoA Greek Grammar for the Use of ple: translated from the original manuSchools, abridged from the Greek Gram. scripts in the Phænician dialect of the


Scythian language. By O'Connor. 2 vols. rical, Critical, and Practical Treatise on demy 8vo. £.1,78., royal, £.1.158. that admired Game, in a form to be bound

The Author of Junius discovered in the up with “ Matthew's Whist ;" By Q. Person of the celebrated Earl of Chester. Quanti. 3s. field. 55.

Letters from Spain. By Don LeucaIllustrations of the Literary History of dio Doblado. 8vo. the Eighteenth Century; intended as a A Second Volume of Hazlitt's Tablesequel to the Literary Anecdotes. By John Talk. 8vo. 14s. Nichols, F.S.A. Vol. IV. 4to. £.1,7s. Essays. By Father Fitzeustace, a MenHORTICULTURE.

dicant Friar. 8vo. 7s. 6d. An Encyclopædia of Gardening ; com The Works, Verse and Prose, of the prising the Theory and Practice of Horti. Right Hon. Sir C. H. Williams, K.B. culture, Floriculture, Arboriculture, and With Notes. By Horace Walpole. 3 vol. Landscape Gardening. By J. C. Loudon, 8vo. £.1.,11.,6d. F.L.S. &c. 8vo. £.2u10s.

Thoughts, chiefly on Serious Subjects ; Supplement to Vol. IV. of the Trans with Remarks on “ Lacon, or, Many actions of the Horticultural Society of Things in a few Words ;” By W. DanLondon. 6s.

by, Esq. 2 vol. 8vo. 12s. MATHEMATICS.

Elements of the Game of Chess; or, A The Rudiments of Perspective; in New Method of Instruction in that cele. which the Representation of Objects is de. brated Game, founded on Scientific Prinscribed by two Methods. By Peter Nin ciples : containing numerous Rules, Recholson. 8vo. 14s.

marks, and Examples. By W. Lewis, A Key to Nicholson's Popular Course teacher of Chess. 12mo. 7s. of Pure and Mixed Mathematics, for the Use of Tutors and Students. 8vo. 7s. 6d.


Influence, a Moral Tale for Young Remarks on Morbus Oryzeus ; or, the People. By a Lady. 2 vol. 12mo. 12s. Disease occasioned by Eating Noxious

Malpas ; or Le Poursuivant d'Amour. Rice ; with a concise Narrative of Facts A Romance. 3 vol. 12mo. £.1,Is. and Cases. By Robt. Tytler, M.D. M.A.S.

The Refugees ; an Irish Tale. 3 vol. 8s. 6d.

12mo. £.1.1s. A Slight Sketch of a New Nosological

Frederick Dornton, or the Brothers. By System, for the Classification of Diseases.

R. N. Kelly, Esq. 4 vol. 12mo. £.1.25. 16. The same in Latin. ls.

Domestic Tales ; containing the MerMISCELLANIES.

chant's Wife and her Sister. By Mary An Historical and Descriptive Account Johnston. 12mo. 58. of the Steam Engine : with an Appendix

Eccentricity, a Novel. By Mrs M:of Patents and Parliamentary Papers Nally. 3 vol. 12mo. 18s. connected with the Subject. By Charles

The Blue Mountains, a West Indian Frederick Partington. 8vo. 185.

Tale. 3 vol. 16s. 6d. A Practical Essay on the Strength of

Elizabeth Woodville ; or the Wars of Cast Iron, intended for the Assistance of the Houses of York and Lancaster. By Engineers, Iron Masters, Architects, Mill

Miss Sandham; with twenty-four plates, wrights, Founders, Smiths, and others.

48. plain, or 6s. coloured. By Thomas Tredgold. 8vo. 12s.

Chinese Novels, translated from the ori. The Annual Register, or a View of the ginal, with Proverbs and Moral Maxims. History, Politics, and Literature of the By John F. Davis, F.R.S. 8vo. 8s. 6d. year 1820. 8vo. £.1,5s.

Marian de Brittoon. By Capt. S. S. Excursions of Pleasure, and Sports of Derewzy. 3 vol. the Thames, illustrated in a Series of Engravings coloured after Nature. No. The Remains of Henry Kirke White, V. ls.

selected, with Prefatory Remarks. By No. XXXI. of the Percy Anecdotes : Robert Southey, Esq. Vol. III. 8vo. 95. containing Anecdotes of Woman. 18mo. Songs of Zion : being imitations of the 2s. 6d.

Psalms. By J. Montgomery ; foolscap Le Musee des Varietés Litteraires. 8vo. 5s. No. 1. Is. 6d.

The Poetry contained in the Novels, The Death-bed Confessions of the late Tales, and Romances, of the Author of Countess of Guernsey ; the Queen's last Waverley. Foolscap 8vo. 9s. Letter to the King, &c. Is. 6d.

The Grave of the last Saxon, or the The Album. No. II. os.

Legend of the Curfew. By the Rev. W. A Treatise on Tennis. By a member Lisle Bowles. 8vo. 6s. of the Tennis Club. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

Angelica, or the Rape of Proteus. A Quadrille Elucidated ; being an Histo. Poem. By Lord Thurlow. 35.


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