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Specimens of the American Poets. Right Rev. Herbert Marsh, to Candi12mo. 7s.

dates for Holy Orders. 6s. 6d. Rime del Petrarca. 48mo. 6s.

Essays on the Recollections which are Recreative Hours. By George E. Lin. to subsist between Earthly Friends reley, Esq. Foolscap. 58.

united in the World to come; and on POLITICS AND POLITICAL ECONOMY.

other Subjects connected with Religion, Europe; or a General Survey of the

and in part with Prophecy. By Thomas Gisborne, M. A.

6s. present Situation of the principal Powers, with Conjectures on their Future Pro

A Summary of Christian Faith and spects. By a citizen of the United States.

Practice, confirmed by References to the Sro. 12s.

Text of Holy Scripture. By the Rev. A Plan for the Relief of Agriculturists,

E. J. Burrow, D.D.F.R. and L.S. 3 vols.

12mo. £.1.1s. and to prevent the recurrence of partial

The Imitation of Christ : in Three Distress to the Labouring Class. ls. 6d. A Statement of the Efforts made by the

Books. By Thomas à Kempis. TransInhabitants of Saint Luke, Chelsea, to

lated from the Latin, by John Payne. give Efficiency to an Act of Parliament

With an Introductory Essay. By Thomas lately obtained for their Benefit.

Chalmers, D.D. 12mo. 4s.

Ву Peter Kruse. 2s. 6d.

The Country Curate's Offering to his The present State of Chili, from the

Parishioners, consisting of Eight Village

Sermons. 12mo. 3s.
Report laid before Congress. By Judge
Bland. 3s. 6d.

A Vindication of the Character and Considerations on the Bill now pend- borg, &c. By Robert Hindmarsh. 12mo.

Writings of the Hon. Emanuel Swedening in Parliament respecting the Roman

4s. Catholic Peers. By the Rev. Thomas Le Mesarier, B.D. Rector of Houghton-le- Chapel, in aid of the Subscription for the

A Sermon, preached at Ramsgate Skerne. Is. 6d. Common Sense on Agricultural Dis.

Relief of the Irish Sufferers. By the Rev.

Thomas Boys, M. A. Is. 6d. tress, its Reality, its Causes, and its Re.

An Examination of the Remonstrance medies. By Jonas Davis. ls. Notices on Political Economy, and an

addressed to the Bishop of St. David's, Enquiry concerning the Effects of Debts

with Answers to the Questions addressed and Taxes, &c. 8vo. 2s. 6d.

to Trinitarians generally, by Capt. James The Situation of England in regard to

Gifford, R. N. By a Trinitarian. 8vo. 88. Agriculture, Trade, and Finance.

A new edition of Cole on Regeneration,

Ву Joseph Lowe, Esq. 8vo.

Faith, and Pepentance; to which is preA Refutation of Mr Grimshawe's Pam. fixed, his work on Imputed Righteousness, phlet, entitled, “ The Wrongs of the

with Life, &c. By the Rev. J. Rees, of Clergy of the Diocese of Peterborough Rodborough. 12mo. 38. 6d. stated and illustrated." 8vo. 1s.

Christ, the Son of God, the great SubA Letter to E. I. Littleton Esq. on the ject of a Gospel Ministry. By the Rev. Cause of the Disturbances in the Mining

John Guyse, D.D. &c. 12mo. 4s. 6d. District of Stafford. 6d.

TOPOGRAPHY. The Substance of a Second Speech of The University and City of Oxford Disthe Marquis of Londonderry on Agricul- played : shewing all the Colleges, Halls, tural Distress, &c. Svo. 3s. 6d.

and Public Buildings. 8vo. £.215s. THEOLOGY.

A New Guide to Cheltenham; with an

Account of the Virtues and Qualities of its Biblical Fragments. Vol. II. By M. A. Schimmelpenninck. 8vo. 7s. 6d.

Mineral Waters, and a Map of the Envi. The Use and Abuse of Party Feeling

rons, and numerous plates of the Spas, in Matters of Religion, considered in

3s. Ed.

Public Buildings, &c.
Eigtit Sermons. By Richard Whately,
M. A. 8vo. 7s. 6d.

An Itinerary of Provence and the
The Letters of Amicus Protestans to Rhone, made during the year 1819. By
Wiliam Wilberforce, Esq. M.P., to which John Hughes, A.M. 8vo. 12s.
is added, an Answer to Melancthon, his Travels in Georgia, Persia, Armenia,
Vindicator. Svo. 5s. 6d.

Courdestan, Ancient Babylonia, &c. By An Apology for the Pastoral System Sir Robert Ker Porter. Vol. II. 4to. of the Clergy. By J. H. Brooke Moun £.4.14.6. tain, A.M. Is. 6d.

Travels of Cosmo, Grand Duke of TusPlain Sermons upon the relative Duties cany, through England, in the Reign of of the Poor. By Arthur Evans, M. A. 4s. Charles II. (1669.) Royal 4to. L.4.4s.

Illustrative Replies, in the form of A Voyage round Great Britain. By Essays, to the Questions proposed by the William Daniell, R. A. Vol. VI.


Narrative of a Journal in 1819-20-21, Report of the Trial by Jury of the through France, Italy, Savoy, Switzer Action of Damages for a Libel in the land, &c. By James Holman. 13s. Beacon Newspaper ; Lord Archibald Ha

Switzerland; or a Journal of a Tour milton against Duncan Stevenson, Prinand Residence in that Country. By S. ter in Edinburgh. Taken in Short Hand. Simond. 2 vols. Svo £.114s.

3s. Travels in Syria and Mount Sinai. By Notes on the Medical Topography of the late John Lewis Burckhardt. 4to. the Interior of Ceylon, and on the health £.2.85.

of the Troops employed in the Kandyan Travels to Chili over the Andes, in Provinces, during the years 1815, 1816, 1820-21. By Peter Schmidtmeyer. Part I. 1817, 1818, 1819, and 1820, with brief 4to. 5s.

remarks on the prevailing Diseases. By Henry Marshall, Surgeon to the Forces.


A Letter to the Honourable James A Review of the Bullion Question, and Abercromby, M.P. By John Hope, Esq. Defence of Abstract Currency. By the

Is. author of a Review of the Banking Sys A Plea for the Covenanted Reformation tem of Britain. 2s.

in Britain and Ireland. By the Rev. God the Chief Good and Chief End George Stevenson, Minister of the Gospel, of Man. A Sermon, preached before the Ayr. ls. 6d. Society in Scotland, incorporated by Royal Sketches of the Character, Manners, Charter, for Propagating Christian Know and Present State of the Highlanders of ledge, at their Anniversary Meeting, in Scotland ; with Details of the Military the High Church of Edinburgh, on Thurs- Service of the Highland Regiments. By day, June 7. 1821. By Daniel Dewar, Colonel David Stewart. Second Edition. L.L.D. minister of the Tron Church, In two thick Volumes Octavo ; with a Glasgow. To which is subjoined, an Ap- Coloured Map of the Highlands of Scotpendix, containing, 1. Proceedings of the land, denoting the Districts or Countries Society since March 1821. 2. Supple- inhabited by the Highland Clans. £.1.8s. ment. 3. Scheme of the Establishment, boards. 1821, 1822. Is. 6d.

Christian Gleaner, No. 1. a new Month. Dundee Delineated ; or a Description ly Publication, consisting of interesting of that Town, its Institutions, Manufac. Narratives, Anecdotes, practical Hints, tures, and Commerce. To which is add and other useful Papers, original and ed, an Appendix, containing a variety of selected. 2d. curious and original matter, with a Direc. A New Edition of Neale's History of tory, or List of the Names and Places of the Puritans, with additions and notee. Residence or Business of the principal In. By Toulmin and Jones. 5 vols. 8vo. bds. habitants, &c. &c; embellished with Views £.2..12.16d. of the principal Buildings in the Town, A Letter to John Hope, Esq. Advocate, 18mo. 6s. boards.

containing Strictures on his Letter to the The Trial of James Stewart, Esq. Honourable James Abercromby, M. P. Younger of Dunearn, before the High Is. Court of Justiciary, on Monday 10th June Dr Chalmers' Speech, delivered before 1822. 3s. 6d.

the General Assembly on the 24th May *.* This Account of Mr Stewart's Trial 1822, explanatory of the measures which has been prepared under the direction of have been successfully pursued in the his Friends, and in a way which enables Parish of St. John's Glasgow, for extinc. the Publishers (Archibald Constable & tion of its compulsory Pauperism.

By Co.) to state, that the utmost reliance Thomas Chalmers, D.D. 2s. 6d. stitched. may be placed on its correctness and The Works of the Rev. John Gambold, accuracy.

with an Introductory Essay. By Thomas The Proceedings against Willian Mur. Erskine, Esq. Author of “ Remarks on ray Borthwick, indicted before the Circuit the Evidence for the Truth of Revealed Court and High Court of Justiciary, on Religion." 4s. 12mo. boards. the charge of having abstracted Papers Farewell Discourse to the Congregation from the Sentinel Newspaper Office at

of St. John's Church, Glasgow. By the Glasgow. With an Appendix of Docu Rev. Edward Irving, some time Assistant ments, and a Preface by Mr Borthrrick. to Dr Chalmers. Is. 6d. stitched. 28. 6d.


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it was necessary to pare down the public FRANCE.—The Finance minister of expenditure with the most severe econoFrance has laid his budget before the my:" we are sorry to add, that the spirit Chamber of Deputies. The estimated re of party exhibited itself, both as the King Fenue for 1823 amounts to 909,130,783 proceeded to the Hall of the Cortes and francs, or £.36,365,231 ; the estimated after his return, and that in an affray expenditure to 900,475,503 francs, or which took place one man was killed. £.36,019,011; and this latter estimate in PORTUGAL.-The Government Gacludes the interest of the debt of France, zette of the 20 June gives an account of which amounts only to 228,724,260 the discovery of a conspiracy in Lisbon, francs, or £.9,148,970.

the object of which it states to have been, General Berthon has been apprehended “ to dissolve the present Cortes, and conDear Saumur, and will be forth with brought voke the old, with some modifications ; to trial. Captain Valle was executed at such as having two chambers, one of them Toulon on the 10th inst. pursuant to the consisting of hereditary members and of sentence of the Assize Court of that town, the first nobility; to depose the beneficent on his conviction as one of the principal and magnanimous King John VI., who agents of a conspiracy against the Govern has so faithfully and openly adhered to ment. The Gazette of Lyons says, the cause of the Constitution and of na. “ He died with much sang froid, and dis tional liberty, and in his place to elevate played great firmness.” In his way to the Infant Don Michael at the head of a. the place of execution he stopped before regency, composed of men the most con-' a liquor shop, and calling for a glass of spicuous and respectable, who have debrandy, drank to the success of France, clared themselves enemies of the system and the health of the brave.

by which, happily, we are governed : to Spaix.- This country, according to the assassinate those members of the Cortes latest accounts, still continues the scene and of the Ministry who are the most of internal disturbance. Intelligence re able and celebrated defenders of the naceived from Madrid the end of last month tional rights : in one word, to throw the states that the King and his brother were whole nation into a state of confusion and accused of conspiracy against the consti- civil war, of bloodshed, disorder, and tation ; and it was reported that a warm anarchy, the advantage of which was to expostulation on this subject took place be reaped by these infamous conspirators, between the Minister for Foreign Affairs and by others like themselves, who proand his Majesty, in which the Minister bably will be found engaged in the same threatened to make known to the Cortes plot." the plots that were framing against the TURKEY, Russia, AND GREECE.Constitution, and in which the King and The question of peace or war between his brothers were concerned. - Madrid Russia and Turkey is now understood to was in consequence in a state of great be at rest, the Ottomans having agreed agitation, and seditious cries were preva. to evacuate the principalities of Wallachia lent in all quarters. Later accounts, how. and Moldavia ; and the poor Greeks, hav. ere, indicate the return of partial tran- ing now no chance of the assistance or quillity. On the 30th June the King in co-operation of any European power, are personi prorogued the Cortes, with a speech again abandoned to the barbarity of their remarkable for its constitutional spirit, and faithless and savage masters. We noticed, for the confidence the King professes in in our last Number, the retaking of the the stability of his Government. The island of Scio by the Turks. On this speech notices the rigid economy that has occasion, it appears, these infuriated fabeen observed, the improved state of the natics wreaked their vengeance on the Snances, and the determination of the inhabitants in a way which makes humaGovernment to keep good faith with the nity shudder to contemplate. Ten days prabilic creditor, and to exterminate the before the commencement of the Mahonational debt. The President, in his metan festival of Ramazan, there were Auswer, as is usual on such occasions, ninety-five executions, some of them of re-echoes the sentiments of his Sovereign. the most considerable men in the island, On the subject of economy he says

and connected with the richest families * Agriculture being almost annihilated, of the Franks, who had been taken as industry disheartened, and trade paralized, hostages, on the Turks regaining posses

sion of the island ; ten of these who had any action between the contending par. been carried to Constantinople were there ties at sea, but it is said, in the Paris pa. beheaded, and the eighty-five in Scio were pers, the Greeks have declared all the hung outside of the castle. These exe Turkish coasts in a state of blockade, and cutions appear to have been the prelude have taken five European vessels. to a general massacre of the Greeks by the Mahometan rabble; and it is said

ASIA. that the whole island, the city, and the CHINA.—-By the arrival of the Kent country, is changed into a heap of ruins. East Indiaman from China, from whence It was the consummation of a scene of she sailed on the 26th February, we learn, unrelenting barbarity, such as the world that the late differences with the Chinese has seldom seen, which, in a few brief Government have been amicably adjusted, months, has ruined and depopulated one and in a manner the most satisfactory. of the fairest portions of Greece. The During the whole discussion, there was male adult inhabitants of Scio now ma not the least attempt at disguise or aponure its soil with their lifeless bodies, logy respecting these differences ; the whilst its women and children are reser whole transaction was laid before the ved for a fate still more horrible, for dis- Chinese Authorities in the inost open and honour and the basest slavery. We learn, candid manner, at the same time in the from the details of this most surpassing most peremptory language, stating that outrage, “ that of more than one hundred no native of England would be given over thousand persons, all perished, except to the Chinese Authorities for trial. those wretched females and children, who were reserved for the last dishonour and

AMERICA. the most dreadful servitude." We will CARACCAS AND PERU.-Intelligence quote a single passage from a letter sent was received at Baltimore, from Laguira, by the Greeks of Constantinople to their of the beginning of June, that the Spanish brethren and countrymen in this king. General Morales had been defeated by Cols. dom. “ A whole city, lately so flourish. Penango and Heras, and his troops cut to ing, is now one heap of ruins; whole pieces, and himself had fled to the island villages, innumerable country seats, are of Oro. The action took place on the a prey to the flames; our celebrated 17th April, at Chipare. Morales subseschool, library, hospital for the sick, hun- quently got into Porto Cabello. Bolivar dreds of churches, richly adorned-all had, by proclamation, invited the inhabione confused mass of smoking rubbish.” tants of Quito to submit to the Colum

Letters brought by the Italian mail bian forces. Intelligence from Peru, up note the arrival of several. unfortunate to February, states, that 4,000 men, sent Greek families, escaping from Scio, in the by Bolivar, had formed a junction with different ports of the Mediterranean. It San Martin, with whom he had landed at is impossible to read, without the strong. Pisco, which he captured, and subseest emotions of grief, the pictures drawn quently routed the detachment of Canteof their sufferings, in the different letters The commanders of the Spanish addressed to friends in this country. It frigates Prueba and Venganza, and the would fill whole pages to describe the at. corvette Alexandro, which had been blockrocities of the Turks-we shall mention ading Guayquil for some time, weary of only one. A village in Scio was sacked, the service, have actually sold their ships plundered, and all the inhabitants taken and stores to the insurgent government prisoners. The women and children, to against whom they were acting. By a the number of 700, were driven to an in regular convention agreed to on the 16th closed place, at a small distance, in order of February, the ships and all their stores that the Turks might each select their were delivered up to the government of captives. A dispute for the preference Peru, on condition of the officers receiving arose, which the commander perceiving their pay and arrears to the time of the was growing serious, proposed, in order agreeinent, and one step advance in rank; to put an end to it, that all should be put and the interests of the mother country to the sword. The proposition was a are taken care of by an article of the condopted and immediately executed ! vention, by which the state of Peru en

The war between the Greeks and the gages to acknowledge a debt in favour of Turks on the Continent is carried on with Spain, amounting to 100,000 dollars, and various success. Advices from Semlin, pay the same the moment the latter acdated the 9th ult., state, that Chourschid knowledges the independence of America, Pacha (who was proceeding to affect a without which the article is not binding. junction with the Pacha of Salonica, at MEXICO.-Letters have been receiv. Veria,) has been defeated by the Greeks ed from Vera Cruz of the 30th March, ! Vova Castori. There is no account of which state that the Cortes were at that


time engaged in active deliberation relative services, rather than involve the country in to the adjustment of the affairs of the a civil war.- Spanish, American, French, country. Iturbide had given in his re- and English vessels, were in the harbour signation, preferring to abide the decision of Vera Cruz, and a regular communi. of the Cortes, regarding the reward of his cation subsisted with the

city of Mexico,



regret at his Lordship's conduct. The Union Canal.The Canal Company sentence of the Court was, that the defenbere fixed their dues on coal at a very dant should be imprisoned three months moderate rate, and have also regulated or in the King's Bench Prison, and at the modified them in such proportions as to expiration of that time should enter into enable the most remote proprietors of coal recognizances in the sum of £.2000, and to sell them in the Edinburgh market at find two sureties in the sum of £.500 the same rate as those most immediately each, to keep the peace for three years. at hand; and as the forth and Clyde His Lordship left the Court in the custody Company have co-operated with the of the tipstaff. Union Canal Company in this arrange Greenock, May 21.—Yesterday afterment, the community of Edinburgh and noon, a new contrivance, by a respectable its vicinity may confidently expect a fair tradesman in town, for propelling vessels and great competition to take place along without the aid of steam, sails, or oars, the whole lines of the Monkland, the was publicly exhibited for the first time. Forth and Clyde, and Union Canals ; on It consists of a boat about 28 feet keel and those three lines there are inexhaustible nine feet beam, built on purpose, and mines of coal, of most excellent quality, fitted with light paddle wheels, which and almost every variety. The water is are operated upon in various ways by now on from end to end of the canal. eight men, and made to revolve with con

6. Improvement in Naval Architecture. siderable speed, so that, even in his first -On Thursday the public were much trial, and without any previous practice gratified and astonished at the exhibition on the part of the men, the boat was of an iron steam-boat on the river Thames, paddled across to Helensburgh in 50 between London and Battersea Bridges. minutes a distance we believe, of six The boat was built at the Horsley Iron- miles, and brought back in about an hour. works, near Birmingham, by Mr Manby, 28.-Gencral Assembly.-The General and put together at Rotherhithe ; she is Assembly of the Church of Scotland was said to be the most complete piece of dissolved yesterday, after the usual sedeworkmanship in the iron way that has runt, by his Majesty's Commissioner the ever been witnessed, and draws one foot Earl of Morton. The most important case less water than any steam-boat that has which came before the Assembly this Eter been built. She is 106 feet long, year, was one respecting the presentation and 17 broad, and is propelled by a thirty of a Minister to the parish of Kiltarlity, borse engine, and Oldham's revolving oars by Mr Fraser of Lovat, a Roman Catholic. the most perfect piece of mechanism The Committee of Bills transmitted to that has yet been adopted in steam-boats. the Assembly the petition of Mr Donald The great advantage of these oars is their Fraser, and other members of the Presbyelitering and leaving the water edgeways, tery of Inverness, appellants against a by which means no power is lost; and sentence of the Synod of Moray, of date they are particularly useful in rivers with the 230 April last, referring the presennarrow bridges, as they occupy little more tation to the parish of Kiltarlity to this than half the breadth of the common Assembly. Mr Jeffrey, on the part of wheel.

the appellants, stated, that the Presbytery 18.Provoking to fight a Duch-This of Inverness having a presentation tenmorning, in the Court of King's Bench, dered to them by an avowed Roman London, the Earl of Westmeath appear- Catholic, had, after some consideration, ed to receive the sentence of the Court, applied to the Synod of Moray for inforfor sending a letter to a gentleman named mation how to proceed. In the meanWoods, lending to provoke a challenge time, some zealous inhabitants in the to fight a duel. His Lordship addressed parish of Kiltarlity, taking alarm at the tie Court at some length in mitigation of report which had gone abroad, of a minispunishment. Mr Justice Bailey, pre

ter being appointed to them by a Roman viously to his pronouncing the sentence, Catholic patron, referred the case over to addressed the defendant in terms of strong

the civil court. The Court of Session



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