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Course of Exchange, London, Dec. 10.-Amsterdam, 12 : 6. Ditto at sight, 12:3. Rotterdam, 12 : 7. Antwerp, 12 : 6. Hamburgh, 37 : 9. Altona, 37 : 10. Paris, 3 days sight, 25 : 35. Bourdeaux, 25: 85. Frankfort-on-the-Maine, 157. Madrid, 374. Cadiz, 36. Gibraltar, 304. Genoa, 434. Leghorn, 47. Lisbon, 521. Oporto, 52. Rio Janeiro, 46. Dublin, 9! cent. Cork, 93 V cent.

Prices of Bullion, P 02.—Foreign gold in bars, £.3 . 17 , 6d. New Doubloons, £.3,5s. New Dollars, 4s. 9d. Silver in bars, standard, 4s. 114d.

Premiums of Insurance.—Guernsey or Jersey, 20s.a 255.-Corkor Dublin, 20s. a 25s. - Belfast, 20s. a 258.-Hambro', 15s. a 20s.-- Madeira, 20s a 30s.-Jamaica, 40s. a 50s.-Greenland, out and home, 5 gs. to 8 gs.

Weekly Prices of the Public Funds, from 20th Nov. to 11th Dec: 1822.

Nov. 20. Nov. 27. 1 Dec. 7. Dec. 11.

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October and the 20th November 1822; extracted from the London Gazette.

Aicy, J. Cray's-hill, Esex, cattle-dealer.
Arrustrong, W. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, inerchant.
Ashwell, J. Nottingham, iron-founder.
Bainbridge, J. Whitehaven, plumber.
Bagnell, W. and J. Walsal, platers.
Baker, C. Romsey, Hampshire, fell.monger.
Baley, T. W. Basing-lane, wine-merchant.
Barratt, W. Eyre-street hill, bricklayer.
Peattie, J. Portsea, victualler.
Bellamy, R. Spaxton, Somersetshire, shopkeeper.
Bilis, B. Liverpool, grocer.
Pirkett, R. Liverpool, dealer.
Blackband, G. Gnossall, Staffordshire, grocer.
Bowman, H. St John's-street, Clerkenwell, liaber-

Bremner, A. Bond-court, Walbrook, merchant.
Brooke, J. Liverpool, druggist.
Brcoke, R. Walcot, Somersetshire, brewer.
Brown, J. Ficet-market, grocer.
Buckmaster, J. and W. Old Bond-strect, army

clothiers. Childe, R. Church Stretton, Shropshire, black

smith. Cooper, J. J. Worcester, draper. Cooper, J. Tutbury, Stafford, iniller. Collins, W. Crawford-street, Mary-le-bone, linen

draper. Cook, W. Wouldham, Kent, com-dealer. ('cokworthy, i'. C. Bristol, bookseller. Cranage, T. Watling-st. near Wellington, grocer. Crockett, H. sen. Hardenham, Bucks. Cuming, 1. Claives, Worcestershire, draper. Daries, W. Sudbury, haberdasher. Lawson, J. Lury, Lancashire, linen and wcollen

draper. Dixon, T. Manchester, joiner. Docd, W. Orton, Westmoreland, drover. Douglas, J. and D. Russell, Fleet-treet, drapers. Drurey, J. Snaith, Yorkshire, coal-merchant. Eastwood, J. Melthri, Yorkshire, clothier. Edwards, D. Glouco ter, tea-italer. Liil, L. Walcot, Somersetshire, bill-broker. lairhead, J. Cresing, Essex, jobber. Fitze, G. Torres, grocer. Foster, J. Liverpool, brewe.

Fox, J. Bath, grocer.
Gill, W. C. Melksham, Wilts, linen-draper.
Goter, H. Billing gate, fish-salesman.
Graham, R. Shorter's-court, Throgmorton-street,

stock-broker. Graham, J.Dorset-street, Salisbury-square, cotton

manufacturer. Great!:cad, H.Stepney Causeway, master-mariner. Grcathead, J. Snow-hill, auctioneer. Gregson, W. Hull, linen-draper. Green, J. King's Norton, Worcestershire, maltster. Hales, E. Newark, corn-factor. Ilall, R. jun. Bury, cotton-manufacturer, Harris, F. Lisle-street, dealer. Ilenesey, R. Whitecross-street, timber-merchant. Hesse, G. A. Church-row, Fenchurch-st. broker. llewlett, J. Gloucester, cabinet-maker. Healey, M. Manchester, draper. Hays, C. and W. F. Blunden, Oxford-street, linen

draper. Hiren, J, Banbury, Oxfordshire, tallow-chandler. Hopps, T. jun. Yorkshire, comu-factor. Howse, P. Park-street, Hanover-square, horse

dealer. Hudson, W. Camberwell, bricklayer. Iluxley, C. R. Newgate-street, glover. James, R. Stamford Baron, Northampton, veteri

nary-surgeon. Johnson, B. J. Houndsditch, cabinet-maker. Johnson, J. Pontefract, maltster. Jones, J. C. Bridgnorth, linen-draper. kewer, J. Little Windmill-street, carpenter. Keunington, C. Glamford Briggs, Lincolnshire,

draper. Kitchen, R. and J. Amery, Liverpool, tailors. Lea, T. Liverpool, grocer, Lee, J. Horseleydown, lighterman. Leyland, Liverrcol. soap-builder Lindsay, W.J. W. Bath, silk-mercer. Manning, J. Clement's Inn, money-broker. Moore, G. jun. Deptford, timber and coal-mer

chant. Newman, J. L'pper East Smithfield, slop-seller.' Noakes, W. Old City Chambers, wine-merchant Parket, T. jun. Wood-street, hosier.

Radford, E. Fgh Plaibom, draps.

Stubba, T. Cravintstzeet, grocer. Livere, G. Judu-etreet, Brunswick-squaro, onbires Thompson, M. C. Kipgston-upon-Huil poet. maker.

Thorley, J.Chorltom-row, Maneliester, merchant. Robinson, P. Kendal, draper.

Trickle, E. Nuneaton, mercer. Robinson, W. Grent St. Helen's, Insurance-broker. Underwood, H. Cheltenham, builder Rowed, J. Queen-st. l'insbury, timber-merchant Watts, J. Totnes, linen-traper. Sanders, W. Bristol, fish-monger.

Wainwright, D. Hereford, maltster. Se!!, J. High-street, Shadwell,

cheesencongar. Whittle, W. B. Beaminster, Dorsetshire, tenner. Smith, J. Liverpool, leather-cutter.

Whyte, D. Jewes, linea-draper. Smith, T. Hampton Wick, timber-merebant. Wilson, E and P. Methley, Yorkshire, metters Stevens, R. Scubury, Buckinghamshire, farmer. Vizurns, W. S. Brompton, coxach-nastet. Stulworthy, E. Whitechapel, chcesesonger.

Woodward, E. Derby, sankeeper.

ALPHABETICAL List of Scotcu BANKRUPTCies and DIVIDENDS, announeed
November 1822, extracted from the Edinburgh Gazette.

Muller, A. & Co. merchants in Lates.

News, Weter, merchant in L'unilee.
Arina Kle, ilovert, farmer and cat:le-c!ealet, vest-

Nical, annew, merchant in Aberdeen inains of Baldoon, parish of kirkinner.

Rennie, John Wil, distiller near Allan Borthwick & Gowilie, Beharen; George Gowle

Rhin, William, mercliant, Drumlithie, Kings& Co. Belhaven; Borthwicks & Car Duhar,

nelie. and Bruce,, & Co. homgsburg,

Waters, haine, merchant, Thurso. Prussia, co-partiers.

Wingate, Jehn di James, merchants and manca Lrown, Wiliam, maltster & grain-dealer, Broom lurer, lila-30..

age mains, near Falkirk.
Dariuson, James, haberdasher in Edinburgh.

Hughes & Willians, canal contractors, Lin!ithgow.
Slutton, Robert, cattle-dealer, Wester Bablisk,

Carssell, Duncan, shoomaket & leather-merat parish of Murklart.

in l'aisly; by Thomas Biskop katter-DetJamieson, Thomas & William, merchants, Kirk chant tere. intilloch.

Edie, Jas. merchant, ('uzxr-Fife; by 11. DI King, George Waly, merchant in Glasgow.

monu, writer there. M.catum, Duncan, vintnit & stabler in Glasgow. Forcroen, George ('n, met hente in St Ingi Backenzie, Alexan tcr, grazier, Glasgow.

Ly George Sandle, Khalt m (136*. Ni hisock, Mew & Co. merchants in yr.

Gillespi, Coin, 11 TC ant in Glasgon, ti . Mólauchian, Alexander & Co. merchants in Glas Diusk, lienchrut there. gow.

M'Nair, Janes, merkant & qug23-Tedet, Glam Malcolm, John, grocer & builder, (i!asgow.

FOw; by Alexander Mein, aircutstr. Mathison & Co. merchants in Edinburgh.

Smith, the late (scorge', manufatuiet il Teth: Muir, James, shore-manufacturer, &c. Kilmaurs

in the Towe-cake' udirt thert.


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BIRTH 18?3 Marc» ll. At Mangalore, the Lady of licut.-t'olonel Robert M.Dowall, a SOX!.

24. At Asseerghur, the Lady of Captain C. J. C. Davidson, garrison engineer, a soli.

Apill. rit llansee, the lady of Lieut. Ramsay, Sth NI. a son.

17. At Bengal, MIS A. G. Balfour, a daughter.

21). At Masulipatam, the Ladly of Captain J. Ogilvie, of the ist battalion 17th reginent, a son.

May 25. At Ma:!ras, the Lady of Capt. Osborn, %d native regiment, a son.

29. At Madras, the Lady of Lieut. Col. Limond, of the native artiery, a daughter.

Aug. 31. Nt Fort Augu ta, Jamaian. the Lady ci Major Stewart, 91st regimont, a daughter.

Sept. 15. At Limerick, beland, the Lady of Dr Macjiherson, 42 regiment, a son.

Oct. 5. At Arugowan, Mes tiouston Stewart, a daughter.

8. At Quebec, the Lady of Caplain D. Mackay, 70th regiment, 2 son.

15. At Paris, the Lady of Thomson Bonar, Esq. of Camden Place, Kent, a daughter.

17. At Madeira, the Lady of Thomas Wallas, Esq. a daughter.

21. In st Jaines's Place, London, Viscountegg Cranbourn, a daughter.

- At Viewtield, the Lady of J. A. Grant, Esq. a daughter.

28. At Cromarty, the Lady of George Maalo nald, Esq. M.D. a daughter.

- At 1!, York Placc, Edinburgh, the Lady of John Blackwell, Esq. advocate, of twin sons, who survived but a short time. 51. Lady Dunbar, of Boath, a son.

At Edinburgh, Mrs W. Buchanan, 21, Drummood Place, a son.

Nov. 1. In Cadogan Place, London, the Counte of Bective, a son and heir.

1. At St Andrew's, Mrs Thomson, nf Priorlethan, a son.

Nov, A. Mr Leslie, oWarthill, thout
9. At Elinburgh, Dir. Macdonald, of Palystet,

10. At Chelter ham, the Lady of the Rer. (. Capel, a son.

- At Alucheniiar:1, the Lady o je Alster, a daughter.

11. At Norar l!cnec, Roseshire, e isso Hugh Rose, Esc. cf Glasíulich, a reuchter

12. At Stewartfield, Ain Elliot, oftica AEL - At lenton Marbe, Mrs B. (lar, 20h.

- At Parkhill, the Lady of Rob Marleti, Esq. of Parkhill, a son.

11. At Styre, Lady G. G. ('umming, a

-- In: Somere Street, Portmar que, Irodon, the Lady of Tiros. Mackenzie, Esra cirottet. 13. åt Sweethope, Mrs L). Hunter, a tutte.

The Lady of Warren Hastings #s, Esq. W. S. a daughter.

Jl. In London, the Lady of Captain Pate:300, of the Hon. Company's ship Conang, st

-- At Douglas, Isle of Man, the Lady of Capt. Muter, of the Royal Fusileers, a son.

28. 'The Countess Brownlow, a daughter. 20. Mrs Rcbinson, Coates (resunt, Elvgl. 22. At Wauchope, Roxbury hsdire, Yn Scot, of Weuchope, a son.

25. Mrs Gillespie, York Place, Edinbergh, 3 daughter.

24. Mrs Pallirgall, Howe Street, Edinburgh, : daughter.

25. At Bemersyde, the Hon. Mrs George Fuerho!mc, a son.

At Edinburgh, the Lady of Yajor James Harvey, of (astle simple, a daughter.

2. The Laay 01 Jcbn Foxe, Esq. W. Sa daughter.

27. At Dublin-ftreti, Ellinlurgh, Mr Richard son, a daughter,

- Mrs Tumbu'l, Turcas Street. Er with a daughter

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Nov. 25. AC Arbroath, D. Loukon, Esqof Spring1972. May 30. At Bombay, John Shepherd Day field, Town Clerk of Arbroath, to Anne borbus, Coininander of the Hon. East India Coinpany's youngest daughter of the Rev. George Gleg, miship Berwicksnire, to Anne, daughter of James nister of the gospel there. Stevens, Esq. senior Judge of the Courts of Ap The Rev. David Barker, Newcastle under. pea, and Cirrut for the provinces of Malabar. Lyne, to Jean, eldest danghter of the late Mr Da

Ang. 3. At Naples, A. W. Heyinan, Esq. of the vid Davidson, merchant, Glasgow. Scots Greys, to Aliss Cockburn, daughter of Gen. - At Kier-Street, Edinburgh, the Rev. James Lookburu.

Mitchell, to Jessie, youngest daughter of the late Sept. -2. At Naples, Daron Lord Wallscourt to Mr Wilham Kinnaird, chemist, Edinburgh. Miss Lock, uniy daughter of William Lock, Esq. 28. At Dalbeth Cottage, Mr Robert Black, mer

Oct. 21. At Carriagerull, Paisley, Wm. Macart chant, to Sarah, youngest daughter of George n-y Ross, Esq. surgeon, Leith, tu Elizabeth, third Park, Esq. of Water Siue. daugater of Johu risher, Esg. oi Carriagehill. Lately, At Achindarroch, in Argyleshire, Major

Ac Antorinso, Argylesaire, Donald Camp George Germainc Cochrane, hali pay 5 th regiEsq. Balach acha, islan loi Coil, to Jane, daughter ment, to Susani, eldest daughter of the Rev. Loof us deceased Angus Gregorson, esq. of Antto nald M Cou, rinish. 2. At Nair, Lieutenant Lewis D. Mitchell,

DEATHS. R. N. to Ameua, enest unnghter of tne sate Ro 1822, June 28. At Bombay, John Alves Ingiis, of bert Falconer, Esq. Sherat-substitute of Nairn the Hon. East India Conipany's Military Estat nire.

lishment, and second son of George Ingis, Esq. 23. It London, the llon Edward Gore (brother of Kingsmills. of the Earl of Arran, and of Lady Isabella Dou July 8. At Calcutta, the Right Rev. Thoznas gias of Rippingale), to Miss Mary Anne Douglas. Fanshaw Middleton, D.D. Lord Bishop of that als Royal Highness the Duke of Sussex gavo Presidency, after a short but severe illness. away the bride.

Aug. 20. At sea, oft St Helena, on his return 5. At Norton, in the county of Raunor, John from Java to Europe, for the recovery of his Lucy Scuda:nore, Esq. of lenit Church Park, in health, John, son of the late John Mackenzie, Esq. tiral county, to Sarai laura, eldest daughter of Kineraig, Ross-shire. Sir Hartoni Jones, Bart. or Bouitbrook.

Sept. J. At Kingston, Jamaica, the Rev. James -- \ Dura, Robert Dalgleish, Esq. younger of Steele, of the Presbyterian church, aged 25. Sontstaig, to Mary, only waughter of Alexander 18. In Kingston, Jamaica, James Moffat, Esq. of Bayne, Esq. of Rures.

the house of James Motfat and Co. of Glasgow. -- At Kiinsdale, William Macleod, Esq.surgeon 21. On Providence Estate, island of Jainaica, in Dingwall, to Mary, second daughter oi Kenneth Thomas Jones, Esq. after three days illness. Ajackenze, E34. of irriscale.

22. At New Orleans, Mr Thos. Bügie, merchant, 31. At Kensington, Caparin David Raa Newall, formerly of Glasgow. of the ton. East India Company's ship Scalesby 30. At sza, of the Cape de Verde islands, on his Castle, to Charlotte Janetta, omy surviving daugh passage froin Bahia to Hamburgh, Mr John Skeen, ter or the late James l'alconer, Esq. of Boinbay. merchant in Leith, son of alr Laurence Skeen,

Nov. I. in Chariotte Squire, Ellinburgh, tm. ship-owner there. Alunison, Esq. younger of Drummore, w Anne, Oct. 10. Mrs Agnes Beck, of Greyabby, aged 104 sewad (aughter oi lex. Alian, Esq. of Hillside. years. She lived in the saine house in which she

- At Scarborough, Yorkshire, George Swaby, was married, and within fifty yards of where she E4. M.D. second son of John Swaby, Esti. of was born, until she died. Pleasant Prospect, St Elizabeth, Jamaica, to Anne, 13. At Filleigh, Devonshire, aged 78, the Rev. ciles daughter of the late John Robertson, Esq. John Burges Karslake. This gentleman, when oilselmat, in the sanie parish, Jamaica.

an infant, was saved by his nurse-maid jumping 4. Audinburgh, George Forbes, Esq. of Spring out of the window with him in her arms, when hill, Aberueensture, to lynhelmina, daughter of his father, mother, and two brothers, were dethe late Captain Jaines Walker, of the Hon, East stroyed by fire at South Molton, Jan. 30. 1719. India Compacy's service.

- At Venice, M. Canova, the celebrated sculptor. .It Biecina, Waliam Ferrier, Esq. late of 14. At Cuiblair, Colin Shaw, Esq. an acting De Gregada, to iss Black.

puty Lieutenant, and one of the oldest Magistrates -- Al Hawick, Thomas Grieve, Esq. of Skelf of the county of Inverness. hill, to Marion M. Dickson, youngest uaughter of ly. In Great Coram Street, London, on his way Archibald Dickson, Es. of Housebyres.

from Scotland to Genova, Dr Alexander Marcet. 5. At Arbroath, the kiev. Mr Thomas Doig, to -- At Carlisle, aged 71, the Lady of Sir J. D. A. Ann, youngest daughter of the deceased John Gilpin, knt. one or the Aldermen of Carlisle, and Anderson, Esq. late Provost of Arbroath.

sister to Sir E. Irving, Bart. of Robgill Tower. 6. At Edmurg, John Williams, Esq. of tho - At Edinburgh, Mrs Elizabeth Henderson, Hlon. East India Cainpany's civil service, to Sophia, many years matron of the Charity Workhouse of daughter of the late Dr Williain Roxburgh, also this city. Among other legacies, she has left one of the rhonourable East India Company's service. of t.50 to that lastitution.

9. At St Andrew's, Major P. Dunbar, of the Hon. 21. At Exeter, in the 66th year of his age, Thothe kasi ludia Company's service, to Jessy, daugh mas Caird, Esq. 15 years a surgeon in the Royal ter of the Rey. Iyilliam Leslie, of talnageich, Navy, and a native of Montrose. culinty of Moray.

- In Dublin, aged 24, Lady Ann Jocelyn, only 12. At Leith, James Scarth, Esq. merchant, sister of the Farl of Roden. Leith, to Enza, daughter of Jolin Dungeon, Esq. 29. At his house, Walthamstow, Essex, George

16. At ti zgow, James Anderson, Esq. solicitor, Ballantyne, Esq. Edinburgh, to Margaret, eldest daughter of Wir - At Southtod, Mrs Stenhouse, senior, in the l'obert lovand, Hutchesonton.

80th year of her age. 18. At Montrose, Alexander Melville, M.D. sur 25. 'At No. 55, Gilmore Place, Edinburg?, Mrs geon of the 25th regiment, to Elizabeth, youngest Margaret Lisle, aged 85. caughor of Capt. George Sutherland of that port - At Hardwick, Shropshire, Sir John Kynaston

- At Picwianis, Johu Meiklejohn, Esq. W. 8. Powell, Bart. who represented that county in Par. to Catherine, youngest daughter of Mr Alexander liament 40 years, leaving no issue; his title and Al'Callum, taimer, Plewlands.

estates devolve to his only brother, the Rev. E. - At Edinburgh, Mr John Croley, surgeon, lato Kynaston, Rector of Risby and llornham, Suffolk. ti the Canadian North West Company's service, - At Stirling, Dr John Forrest, pysician there. w telen, et lest daughter of Mr John Mein, sur 27. At Moor Park, ncar Kilworth, Stephen, Earl geon, Pitt Street.

of Mountcashel. 19. At Edinburgh, Mr John Gilchrist, to Jane, - At her house , Edinburgh, Lady Gordon, reonly daughter of the late Alexander Muirhead, lict of the late Sir John Gordon, of Earlston, Bart. Esq. Castle Rankin, Stirlingshire.

28. At Edinburgh, Mrs Ann Chalmers, relict of At Aberdeen, Chas. Macdonald, Esq. Huntly, the late David Darling, Esq. Assistant-Surgeon, to Miss lfelen Hunter, Union Street, Aberdeen. Hon. East India Company's service, Rungpore.

24. At Wester Elchics, Morayshire, Lieui. C. G. At Dunbar, Alexander Johnston, Esq. for Macgregor Skinner, 24th light dragoons, half pay, many years surgeon in that place. to Chrsuna, youngest daughter of the late Robert - At Kincardine Lodge, Mrs Gordon of kin(irant, For



1899. Oct. 30, At I Lallwell, near Bolton, at the Nov. 11. At Lebanon, near Curar, Fife, Mr Ala. advanced age of 103 years, Mrs Ann Macdonald. Brown, land-surveyor, at the advanxed age of su.

- It Shandwick Place, Edinburgh, Mrs Anne 12. At Aberdeen, after twelve months illness, Swinton, widow of Lieut. Col. Robert Swinton. John Brine, ul.D. of Teignmouth, Devon, ani - At London, Asler Goldsmit, Esq. age:1 71. late of Cavendish Square, London,

31. At Crieff, Captain R. Macdonald, late of the --- At Kirkaldy, strs Reid, relict of the Re. 19th regimeut cf foot.

James Reid, some time minister of the parish of -- At the Manse of Biggar, the Rev. William Kinglassie, Fifeshire. Watson, in the 750 year of his age, an: 35th of - It his house in Sloane Street, London, in his his ministry,

82d year, the Right Hon. Willian, Lord Grant. It his house in Grosvenor Place, Bath, after ley, Baron Markinfield, in the county of York, a long and painful illness, Rear-Actiniral Puget, Lord High Steward of Guildiord, Colonel of the Companion of the Most Honourable Order of the 1st Royal Survey milita, F.S.A. &C. His Lord Bath.

ship is sucecled in his titles and estates by Flet. - 10 10, York Place, Elinburgh, Mrs Rachel cher Norton, Esq. the eldest son of the late Hon. Hay, spoue of John Blackwell, Esq. advocate. Fletcher Norton, senior Baron of his Majes She was youngest daughter of James Bay of Bel Court of Exchequer in Scotland, who was second ton, son of Lord David Hay, and of Dorothea brother to the late Lord. Hay, sister of the late Marquis of Twocidale. 13. At Leicester, Mrs Bisset, relict of Commis

Nov. I. At Kirkalily, age 1 ss, Mrs Douglas, sen. sary-General Robert Bisset. relict of John Douglas of Pinkerton.

- J. S. Rainier, Esq. Rear-Admiral of the Biue. - At Flanilton, Robert Burns, Esq. of West At Barachny, William Hamilton, Esą. Nr port, Bothwell, in the 5th year of his age, after a Hamilton was the last representative of the anilung illness, which he bore with great fortitude cient House of Monklant. and re ignition. This gentleman was the fourth 14. Dr Jones (assels, physician in Lanarte, pupil of the celebrated Sir Brailwood, of the din. eldest son of the late Indrew (2.els, Esq. Leen burgh Deaf and Dumb Institution, where, at an 15. At Paris, Madarue the archiones de la early period of life, he marie such astonishing pro lett, the adoptoil daughter of Voltaire', who sai fisieny, that he felt but comparatively little in alled by hin the slentiful and good" consenience from the want of hearing, being ra -- At Paris, Milanne the Countess de Parti turally a genius of quick perception. So sensible gaux, of the family of Maulonilt. The Marshal was the deceased of the advantage he derived from Duke of Tarentum never quitted her during the the Deaf and Dunb Institution at Edinburgh,

three weeks which her illness lastet. that he left 4.100 to be applied for its support. - It Paisley, Captain Alexander M.Dougl, of

9. At Chelsea, Patrick Paterson, Esq. late sur the Renfrew militia, late Major in the 121 12 gcon of the 25th roginent of light dragoons.

ment. -- At Edinburgh, James Mokinnon Campbell, At Glasgor, Mrs Stirling, relict of the ke Esq. of Ormaig.

John Stirlin, E:2. 3. At My Place, Stockbridge, Edinburgh,

- At London, Nir John Debrett, formerly aa Alexander Mitbell, senior, Esq.

eminent bookseller in Piccadilly, and editor of the 3 Clifton, Bristol, in the 55th 'year of his works entitled “Debrett's Perage and Barvoisage, John Orasby Vandeleur, of the county of Limerick, late Colonel in the arny, and Lieut 18. In Edinburgh, at the great age of 105 years, Colonel of the 5th dragoon guaris. He was le Mrs Agnies Anderson, plict of the late Mr George phew of the late Earl of Longford, and of the pre Macheive of Stxchbrie Fernsons has e esent l'miral the Hon. Sir Thos. Pakenham, Bart. joyed such a length of happy days in this Forli,

- it Sandfort Hall, Shropshire, Thomas Klugh and fou have icen so well prepared for receiving Sandford, E o. of Sandford.

an everduring inheritance in learun, thaa this 4. At Tain, Viss Isabella D.T. Balfour, eldest amiable and excellent woman. She died in the daughter of the late Rev. Geo. Balfour, minister most calm and collected manner, rtaining the of Tarbat. Ross-shire.

enjoyment of her mental faculties almost to the - 1! St Andrew'., Mrs Tullideph, relict of John vory last. It is believed she was the oldest inh3. Tullidcph, Ext. of Kilinux.

bitint of Edinbnrgh, and was bom and brought At Daugh, birs Anne Gordoa, relict of the up here, as well as her ancestors for many gente late George Davidson, Era. Huntly, aged 69 years.

ration. In 1715, aftor witnessing the razidano 5. At Interne, 'm. Macinto h, Esq. of Geddes. thie Pretender at Holyro at House, she was struck 6. It Cork, William Augustus Kellett, Esq. with a musket ball tired from the Castle, while

- At Paris, M. Bertholet, the cclebrated che. carryiag ler elicot son, who bore her head to toe Inist.

grave, and who is now one of our oldest, ani, se 7. At Ruthven Manse, the Rev. Patrick M'La. may ada, mait intelligent and respected citiu ren, minister of that parish).

20. Suddenly, at Dunbar House, Mr Joan Bal - At St Mary's Isle, after an inflammatory ill four, eldest son of James Balfour, Esp. of Whitness of nearly three weeks duration, James Wed tinghame. derburn), Esq. his Majesty's Solicitor-General for - At Edrom Manse, Berwickshire, saddenly, Scotland.

the Rev. John Hastie, minister of that parish, in - At Animore, Dumbartonshire, Colin M'Lach the guth year of his age. lan, Esq. merchant in Glasgow.

21. At Stranraer, vir Thomas Baird, merchant, 8. At Glasgow, Margaret M*Kinlay, relict of the age! 8? years. decensed Mr Davin Beggs, aged 99 years and some Lately, Captain C Johnston, of Greedoek. months

He crossed the Atlan no less than 172 times; -- In Charles Street, Edinburgh. Mrs Anne and that not merely without once being steckel Traill, relict of James Traill, Esq. of Westove. or captured, but also without having met with a

- At kersewell, Mrs Jean Luckart, widow of csualty of any kind, so as to have ocasional a William Bertram. Esq. of Nisbet.

loss to the underwriters on the ships under his 9. At Pitfour House, Fifeshire, Mrs Lucy Hay, command. widow of Patrick Moncrieft, of Reidie, Esq.

- 3t Aonnchan, Lochaber. Mr William Macin. - In Albany-Street, Edinburgh, Mrs Warrand. tyre, late tack man of Druimfour, aged 101 years.

10. At Aberdeen, in the 74th year of his age, Ile exhibited, in manner and language, a striking Patrick Coplan:1, LL.D. Professor of Natural Phi specimen of the patriarchal dignity of the Highlosophy in the Marischal College and University, landers of the preceding age; he always Fore the in which helas tiught, with great reputation and mountain garb, and was a living history of the success, for upwards of fifty years.

feuds of the last century. He was a superior deer. --- 1 Leith, George Gillon, aged 26, second son stalker, and killed his yoc at the age of ninety. His of the late John Gillon, shipmaster, Leith.

mind retained its vigour to the last. His remains -- At Bankfoot, Miss Hay, only surviving daugh were conveyel to the grave by a number of hi. ter of the deceasent James Hay, Esq. of Pitfour. clan, of which there was present of his own de

11. In Portland Street, near Port Eglinton, the scendants, a number more than suficient for that Rev. Johnlerc, (formerly of Largs) teacher of purpose. Tlebrew and Lecturer on Sacred Criticism, in - At Bath, Sir Henry White, K.C.B. Major Ge Glasgow, in the 58th year of laje age.

neral in the Bengal army.

Ruthren & Sons, Printers.

ABERCROMBY, Mr, and Messrs Hope and British Revenue, state of the, 742

Menzies, proceedings of the House of Burglary, daring one in Edinburgh, 620
Commons regarding, 385

Byron, Lord, review of his tragedy of
Adventures of Cassanova in Warsaw, 1, Werner, 688

Caledonian Canal, completion of the, 741
Adventures, Gallant, of Francis Corkin. Campaign of 1805, account of the, 399
cap, Esq. 198

Surrender of Ulm, 403_Particulars of
Advocates' Library, Edinburgh, decora General Mack, 405
tion of the, 619

Canal, the Union, between Edinburgh and
Aeronaut, the, 535

Glasgow, completed, 125
Aeronautics, -ascent of Mr Green, 387 Canal, Caledonian, completed, 741
Agricultural Reports, 263, 393, 516, 623, Caraccas, accounts from, 124, 617

Cassanova's adventures in Warsaw, 1,174
American Land Expedition, return of, Characters omitted in Crabbe's Parish Re-

gister— The Surgeon's apprentice, 10-
Amsterdam, destruction of the Lutheran Andrew Darling, 16 - John Martin,
Church there by fire, 497

330-George Middleton, 333 - Mary
Anathemas, Clerical, against theatrical Gordon, 336– Tom Weston, 457-
amusements, 668

Frank Dickson, 461-Emma Stirling,
Anderson, Eben. his account of the Royal 465_Kitty Clark, 551-Samuel Rowe,
Landing, 237

555_ Edmund Gray, 558
Anonymous Literature, No. I.-Charlie Chili and Peru, accounts from, 254,
Borthwick's Rade, 712

China, settlement of the differences be-
Appointments, Promotions, &c. 134, 261, tween the British and Chinese, 124
390, 514, 744

Chippenham desperate affray there, 620
Arbuthnot, Right Hon. Wm. Lord Provost Christian Religion, observations on the

of Edinburgh, made a Baronet by the internal and external evidences of the,
King, 510

Arts, Fine, in London, the, 20

Circuit Intelligence, 620
Assembly General, of the Church of Scot. Clerical anathemas against theatrical a.
land's proceedings of the, 125

musements, 668
Astronomical Systems, remarks on, 423 Commons, House of, proceedings in, 255
Atmospheres of the Planets, remarks on -Mr Weston's motion regarding the
the, 60

currency rejected, 256_Discussions on
Auld Langsyne, reminiscences of, 209, the state of Ireland, ib-Mr Abercrom-

by's motion regarding the press of Scot.
Balachan, the bride of (continued), 44, land rejected, 257—The Budget, 384
305, 436

- Proceedings in the case of Messrs
Ballad Poetry, illustrations of Scottish, Abercromby, Hope, and Menzies, 385
No. I. 183

Congress of Verona, proceedings of, 737
Ballad, from a MS. poem, 444

Convention of Royal Burghs, proceedings
Bankrupts, list of English and Scottish,

of, 386
139, 266, 396, 518, 625, 750

Corkincap Francis, Esq. gallant adven-
Beggar's marriage-gift, the, 409

tures of, 198
Belshazzar, a dramatic poem, review of, Corn Markets, 137, 264, 394, 517, 624,

Belshazzar's Feast, remarks on Mr Mar. Cotton, Dr. his reply to the review of his
tin's picture of, 292.

List of Editions of the Bible, 431
Births, 140, 267, 397, 519, 630, 750 Covenant, scraps of the, No. I. 695
Blasphemous publications, trials for, 258, Crabbe's Parish Register, characters omit-

ted in, 10, 330, 457, 551
Bohemia, a scene in, 649

Crusoe, Robinson, in England, review of
Botany of the King's Park, Edinburgh, Oehlenschlaeger's, 537

388_Seeds sown on Calton hill and Curve Lines, Leslie's geometry of, review
Salisbury Crags, 392

of, 106
Bracebridge Hall, or the Humorists, re. Darling, Andrew, 16
view of, 91

Dartmoor, a prize poem, extracts from, 56
Brazils, Prince Regent of, proclaims these Deaths, 140, 268, 398, 520, 631, 751

provinces independent of Portugal, 617 Deistical Society in Edinburgh, disper-
-Takes the title of Emperor of the sion of a, 743
Brazil, 739

Dramatists, on the Early English, No I.
British Navy, state of the, 740


5 F


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