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Lost, like that of Ægeon in the first scene of the Com first work almost always bespeaks his recent pursuits, EDY OF ERRORS, and of the Soldier in the second scene and his first observations of life are either drawn from of MACBETH, seems imitated with its defects and its | the immediate employments of his youth, and from the beauties from Sir Philip Sidney; whose “Arcadia,' || characters and images most deeply impressed on his though not then published, was already well known in mind in the situations in which those employments had manuscript copies, and could hardly have escaped the placed him; or else they are fixed on such objects and notice and admiration of Shakespeare, as the friend and occurrences in the world, as are easily connected with, client of the Earl of Southampton. The chief defect and seem to bear upon, his studies and the hitherto excousists in the parentheses and parenthetic thoughts and clusive subjects of his meditation. Just as Ben Jonson. descriptions, suited neither to the passion of the speaker, who applied himself to the drama after having served nor the purpose of the person to whom the information in Flanders, fills his earliest plays with true or pretended is to be given, but manifestly betraying the author him- soldiers, the wrongs and neglects of the former, and the self—not by way of continuous undersong, but palpably, absurd boasts and knavery of their counterfeits. So and so as to show themselves addressed to the general Lessing's first comedies are placed in the universities, reader. However, it is not unimportant to notice how and consist of events and characters conceivable in an strong a presumption the diction and allusions of this academic life. play afford, that, though Shakespeare's acquirements in “I will only further remark the sweet and tempered the dead languages might not be such as we suppose in gravity with which Shakespeare, in the end, draws the a learned education, his habits had, nevertheless, been only fitting moral which such a drama afforded. Here scholastic, and those of a student. For a young author's || Rosaline rises up to the full height of Beatrice.”

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