The Life of David Roberts, R.A.: Compiled from His Journals and Other Sources

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Adam and Charles Black, 1866 - Architecture - 255 pages

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Page 174 - Never for a moment forget that you have carried our hearts and souls to those holy fields over whose acres walked ' those blessed feet which eighteen hundred years ago were nailed for our advantage on the bitter cross.
Page 244 - Seven years before that awful day When time shall be no more, A watery deluge shall o'ersweep Hibernia's mossy shore ; The green-clad Isla, too, shall sink, While with the great and good, Columba's happier isle shall rear Her towers above the flood.
Page 160 - Alexander, aged 7 years ; and John, aged 9 years. " This stone is erected to their memory, by their only surviving son, David Roberts, Member of' the Royal Academy of Arts, London, who gratefully attributes much of his happiness and success in life to their parental care and solicitude, combined with the virtuous example which in their own conduct they placed before him during his oarly years.
Page 243 - O sacred dome and my beloved abode, Whose walls now echo to the praise of God ; The time shall come, when lauding monks shall cease, And lowing herds here occupy their place ; But better ages shall hereafter come, And praise re-echo in the sacred dome.
Page 246 - The monks of Melrose made gude kail On Fridays when they fasted ; Nor wanted they gude beef and ale As long 's their neighbor's lasted.
Page 105 - splendid cities, once teeming with a busy population and embellished with . . . edifices, the wonder of the world, now deserted and lonely, or reduced by mismanagement and the barbarism of the Moslem creed; to a state as savage as the wild animals by which they are surrounded.
Page 192 - Roberts," quotes a letter of the artist, dated September, 1858, in which he writes of himself and Clarkson Stanfield, who accompanied him : — " Yesterday we went to see a fine young fellow, a member of the RSA His studio is at Canonmills, near to my dear old Stockbridge, and we strolled along the old road, and crossed the burn I had so often paddled in ; after which, in passing through the village, I pointed out to Stanny an early effort of mine in sign — not scene — painting, done when I was...
Page 73 - ... beyond the power of imagination itself to surpass. By a series of rapid sketches as varied, interesting, and amusing, as abundant materials and close research could supply, he has anxiously sought to give additional zest to the pictorial charm conferred upon his book by the enthusiasm and talent of an Artist, who studied carefully on the spot every subject which he has here delineated. It may be proper further to state, that for much of the information comprised in the Notes descriptive of the...
Page 231 - He seemed to be able to photograph objects on his eye, for I have again and again been with him while he was sketching very elaborate structures, or very extensive views, and he took in a large mass at one glance, not requiring to look again at the portion until he had completed it in his sketch.
Page 2 - These were sources of great attraction to me, and I was wont, on going home, to attempt to give my mother an idea of what they were by scratches on the whitewashed kitchen-wall, made with the end of a burned stick and a bit of keel...

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