The Punjaub: Being a Brief Account of the Country of the Sikhs : Its Extent, History, Commerce, Productions, Government, Manufactures, Laws, Religion, Etc

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Smith, Elder, 1845 - Punjab (India) - 145 pages

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Page 91 - MODERN PAINTERS: Their Superiority In the Art of Landscape Painting To all The Ancient Masters proved by examples of The True, the Beautiful, and the Intellectual, From the Works of Modern Artists, especially From those of JMW Turner, Esq., RA By a Graduate of Oxford (Quotation from Wordsworth) London: Smith, Elder & Co., 65 Cornhill.
Page 93 - THE NATURE AND PROPERTIES OF THE SUGAR CANE; With Practical Directions for the Improvement of its Culture, and the Manufacture of its Products. To which is added an additional Chapter on the Manufacture of Sugar from Beet-root.
Page 72 - Perpetual friendship shall subsist between the British Government and the State of Lahore. The latter shall be considered, with respect to the former, to be on the footing of the most favoured powers ; and the British Government will have no concern with the territories and subjects of the Rajah to the northward of the River Sutlej.
Page 103 - Universally and cordially do we recommend this delightful volume. We believe no person could read this work and not be the better for its pious and touching lessons. It is a page taken from the book of life, and eloquent with all the instruction of an excellent pattern: it is a commentary on the affectionate warning, ' Remember thy Creator in the days of thy youth.
Page 93 - ... Cultivation and Management of various Productions suited to Tropical Climates, and capable of advantageous production in our Colonies, &c. "These two valuable volumes open to colonial residents such a mine of hitherto concealed wealth, that every proprietor, emigrant, or person interested in the success of an emigrant friend, ought to procure a copy as their surest guide to fortune.
Page 102 - Each volume of this useful and instructive little work comprises a variety of information on different subjects: — Natural History, Biography, Travels, &c. ; Tales, original and selected ; and animated Conversations on the objects that daily surround young people. The various tales and subjects are illustrated with Woodcuts. Each volume is complete in itself, and may be purchased separately.
Page 103 - The intention of this book is not less admirable than the manner in which it is written. It is most instructive, and the tone of its contents is in the highest degree pious, without the least tinge of puritanism. The information...
Page 95 - The object of the writer has been to show the services rendered by the mothers of England to religion and the state, and to science and learning generally ; and the examples adduced display considerable knowledge and research, and are always happily selected and placed in the most attractive point of view.
Page 110 - In conclusion we would strongly recommend ' Griselda' to our readers ; assuring them that, in our opinion, they will not easily meet with anything so deserving of popularity, either from the purity of the style, the interest of the story, the fidelity of the translation, the easy flow of the rhyme, or the elegance of the language.
Page 96 - The object of this undertaking is to supply what has long been felt to be a desideratum ; namely, Graphic Illustrations of the Scenery, Antiquities, Architecture, Manners, Costumes, &c. of the East, which, as the theatre of so many brilliant military achievements, and such extensive commercial enterprize, is daily increasing in interest with the British Public.

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