Ama Alchemy of Love

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Artof4Elements, Feb 14, 2017 - Philosophy - 243 pages

“Its miracle and its enigma are within the worlds of inner alchemy of the Age of Enlightenment.” Sunday Times

“A bridge builder between East and West, following ancient archaeological findings, she often dives into the historic settings more than 2,000 years back in time. In her novel, Ama: Playing the Glass Bead Game with Pythagoras, the 53-year-old author makes a bold swerve into less traveled territory. She chooses for her protagonists: Ama, an African Priestess, living in the China's 17th century's Macao with Ruben who is a Portuguese Jesuit priest, Father Benedict, an Orthodox Christian with home in Balkans, and the book’s perspective on China’s rapidly growing Macao, changing sights and sounds, smells and perspective, from a bat to a goddess to a spirit. Its miracle and its enigma, is within the worlds of inner alchemy at the Age of Enlightenment.” Sunday Times A-Ma’s 5 stars review

“I started writing this as a 17th-century novel. In this novel, it was easy to write from the point of view of the main character, a priest or Ama's mother, or a man without a name, or a Goddess Lilith, I wanted to bring in the many first-person singular voices, starting with an animal, a bat who is a story teller, moving to Pythagoras, to people who meet Ama within the setting of her coffee house. This narrative framework is 50% inspired with the Yin mind-set, dreamy and emotional and 50% factual, male, mind driven.” Says the Author in this Interview.

“Holding up a mirror to society of ancient worlds can be fanatical or too obvious within the storytelling environment, so I had to break the rhythm with myths, with art, with dreams.” Sunday Times


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About the author (2017)

MSc (Master) Economics, Maltese Serbian Management Consultant, Adoptive Parent and Ancient Worlds’ Consciousness Researcher.

Using stories of ancient Greek and Egyptian philosophers and ancient artists, after being Head of Business Development, Consultant and Trainer of 4 largest consulting and IT companies in the UK, Holland, and Malta, Deloitte, KPMG, MEU - Government Consulting Agency, and Reeds Consulting, I inspire researchers to reach beyond their self-imposed boundaries. Volunteering, I have organized 6 large Body, Mind and Spirit Festivals, I have provided panels for the International Vegetarian Festival, 10 days Conference about Neolithic Temples, and have represented Malta’s IT outsourcing, all around the planet, including being on the Panel of Speakers within the Economist Mediterranean Business Summit in Marseille, France. Published author since 1991, with a legal book on Co-operatives, I have helped build a school in a remote village of Ethiopia, and have since adopted two kids, as a single mum: check out our unusual story! In the last five years, with Artof4Elements, have published 2 historical fictions and 7 non-fiction books. Speak English, Serbian, all Balkan Slavic languages, Maltese and Italian.

Born in 1968, in Belgrade, Serbia, worked for many years in Management Consultancy and Executive Management Training. With more than 25 years of experience working with large management consulting companies and consulting independently, major clients include Local Councils, Attorney General of Malta, Education Ministry, Government of Malta, Vodafone Malta, Barclays Kenya, and Safeway UK.

At the moment, I am fascinated by the research into Ancient Europe's Consciousness and Art. Applied Psychology and Philosophy from Tao to Jung, to deeper understand Intuitive Wisdom and Pure Ratio, through the Power of Mind. 

Nataša Pantović Personal Highlights or some weird and wonderful things about me:

- MSc Economics, Belgrade

- I've never had a TV or a mobile phone.

- I've read 1,000s of books exploring the subjects of creativity, marketing, management and spirituality. I learned from many Wise Men of our past and present

- in 1991 published my first book: Contracts for Companies and Individuals, in Serbia.

- my life story book has many pages within the world of IT Marketing and Management Consultancy, in the UK, Holland and Malta. Many years of experience working with the large 'blue chip' companies projects, and as Public Speaker promoting subcontracting of IT operations to Malta.

- my soul is the one of a nomad and during my life-time I visited more than 50 countries, set foot on all the continents, and lived in five. My friends are from all around the globe. My home is in Amsterdam, London, Belgrade, Sliema, Rome, Sydney, Lisbon wherever I find my heart beating the same rhythm.

- some of the more intriguing pages talk about 25 years of exploring Ancient Worlds through Applied Psychology and Comparative Religion Studies, Yoga and my vegetarian life-style where I danced barefoot in the rain, meditated for hours in search of God, organized 6 Body, Mind and Spirit Festivals, explored Megalithic Temples and was one of the organizers of a 10 days Megalithic Conference in Malta

- On a large project scale we wish to empower each individual to share the best of its potentials with the group without inhibitions of hierarchy, stress of competition, and constant attachment to the stereotypical behaviors.

- The AoL Series of 9 books published by Artof4elements, by 7 Authors, offers tools that explore the power of mind, creativity, consciousness, mindfulness, and unconditional love. Through poetry, novels, fiction and non fiction books, the focus is on developing the qualities of both heart and intellect, exploring virtues, inspiring the inner growth. A spectrum of mystical exercises used enhances both cognitive and emotional development and enhance Divergent Thinking. The series is inspired by yin and yang, by mythology, alchemy, and within the parenting world by simplicity parenting, and alternative teaching educational models.